Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol,Shopping, Tantrums

Went to Shangrila last Sunday. We don't have Christmas long vacation or leave,  Dec 26 back to work so we decided to have an early Christmas date, very early XD

From Meralco Ave to Shang? 1 hr? that was around 3PM
And then finally reaching Shang but you have to wait like this:


Went first to Rustans to help my bunchkin shop for his gifts.
He bought my wishlist #1 =D thankuuuu much!

Then watched Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.
There were good reviews especially in Rotten.com and we need to see that for ourselves.
Once again my non spoiler review lolz! :

It's a good movie. Thumbs up! Breath-taking!!!! I remember myself exclaiming OH.MY.GASHHHH! all the time. Must watch movie!!!! (hanep lupet asteg! Sulit ang pagttiyaga sa twapik!)
Period. ;p

And then afterwards, I thought we're going to dine in a restaurant to complete our early Christmas date..
but bf suggested McDo

I tried my best to hide my "baket mcdo lang" feeling but I'm not successful haha! He started to ask what's wrong and ayaw mo ba ng inorder ko sa mcdo? (hayyy ang clueless naman niya lolz)

After he make pilit, I finally told him my reason...
me: di ba kasi this is our christmas celebration tapos...tapos... di naman tayo kumain sa labas!
him: ahhh... Eh sino ba nagsabi sayo na Christmas celebration na natin ito

Lolz hay neko!

But but but I felt guilty for my paguumarteh, because I received the gift I want from him  and knowing that other part of the country will not be able to celebrate their Christmas happily -_-  gomene

Here's a link on how to help typhoon victims. Plus http://gk1world.com/typhoon-sendong-operation-walang-iwanan and http://worldvision.org.ph/ and I found this blogpost helpful too

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