Saturdate: Sebastians, Pasto, Gravity

Finally weekend! Saturday plan was to buy from Human Nature Pasig (they have some discounted items and promo!), then to Podium, lunch, watch movie and just grocery.

We were early in Podium after we passed by Human Nature to stock up on essential things. We thought of trying out Sebastian's Ice Cream.

They were known for that unusual ice cream flavor like Green Mango with real bagoong and Sapin-Sapin. But we chose not to be adventurous and just ordered the surely good tasting flavor - Chocoholics Anonymous (P100/cup).

Dark chocolate ice cream with Dark chocolate chunks and fudge!

Then lunch @ Pasto, we shared that thin crust pizza topped with salad and one pasta, very filling and so good, yummy, tasty lunch :) (a steal from Deal grocer 50% off (P250 instead of P500)wee!)

Mango Fruilatti

Maria Pizza topped with Salad


We really have no plan to watch this movie, we saw the trailer when we watched Elysium, Sandra Bullock was there and I thought it'll be just her usual feel-good movie, but M said it got high ratings from Rotten.com so taralets.


Let's say I'll rate this 6/10. Slow paced movie, something I can just watch at home and won't regret that I didn't watch it in big screen. M said there are "nakakaantok" scenes while I am distracted by Sandra Bullock's breathing.

But wait! it made me feel uneasy on my chair not only bec. of the slow pacing but because it also gave suspense and made me curious how the story will unfold. Overall, they successfully conveyed the risk of working in space. I always marvel and thought it must be really cool working out there but that changed now. :)

And also, we saw the trailer of Escape Plan, I am excited to see Arnold and Stallone next week weee!


  1. i can see some parma ham on your pizza salad, tama ba? oh, i have plans of visiting human nature in commonwealth this weekend, sana matuloy :D

  2. di ko naisip na parma ham, I thought salmon haha



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