Pipino @ Malingap St

 We dined here with the lil bro when we were in QC :)

The resto is small and intimate with just around 6 tables and located just above Pino restaurant  (2nd floor) along Malingap St.

Interior is very simple but catchy, DIY and rustic always captivates me

Hanging plants in burlap 😍

M started off with a coffee and fries

I'm not in the mood to eat rice so I ordered something new, something hard for me to replicate at home, so I chose Kalabasa Arrabiata

It was kinda spicy for my taste, the kalabasa noodles was half cooked maybe so it was a bit crunchy 

Garlic noodles for M, a bit dry and bland, but at least you have option to add more as you like

When I saw my brother's order, I regret not ordering a rice :/

Sizzling Laing

Their desserts/take out corner 

Vegan cookies, cakes and cupcakes, chips 

The three of us were already full there was no room for desserts.

We bought assorted cupcakes for take out, cookies and a slice of their chocolate cake that I forgot to take a photo. 

Some items on the menu are familiar Pinoy food that  are "easy to convert to vegan" 
They also indicated if it is GlutenFree ;)

I would like to come back here for more food inspiration.

PS: As I started my vegan journey, many ask if it is difficult. 
I actually find it easy maybe because I always remember why I started. 
But I also need a lot of inspiration so I followed a lot of vegan accounts on Instagram and it helps a lot. The good thing is, there are also now a lot of stores that offer vegan alternatives, from cakes to pizzas. 
I feel thankful to business owners who keep innovating and making their products accessible to vegans. 👍

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