Prince of Persia

We were very excited for this! Friday night @ Podium (cinema is much better than EastwoodCitywalk I think, sitting in front is comfy!).
Movie is great!!! We're familiar with the games. Mike played all 4 and he played it smoothly that it seems I'm watching a movie.

Fast-paced movie, breath-taking, intense!!! I could hardly remember the details...
soo fast that my brain took time to process and remember.

the scene of imbaka vs sands assassin(dunno the spelling) is a nice one... emotion filled which is lacking in

"Clash of Titans"

The prince we knew in the 3 games (Sands of Time, Warrior Within, Two Thrones) has a serious character. But in Prince of Persia 2008 (with Elika), the prince has sense of humor just like the movie adaptation.

I like first person games but when I saw this game, I was amazed by the concept, the Prince can run on the wall, jump on roofs, I like the acrobatic skills used in escaping and battles. My fave is that speed kill in 3rd (Two Thrones). It was a really nice game.

But ratings in rotten tomatoes were low 41% when we checked last thursday hmmm? (Well if reviewers did not play the game.... & some really don't like movie adaptation of games...)
Should I register at rotten tomatoes and give my review?? ;p


Ironman 2 movie

Ganda ng movie (^_^)
Enjoy.. Excited kami hehe nagenjoy ako kay Robert Downey sa Sherlock masyado. Buti na lang nakabili kami ng tix ng maaga or else di na
kami makakaupo sa front seat...

Don't leave early guys!!! Wait for the end credits!!!! Ang tagal ng credits haha... parang madami may alam na may easter egg at madami kaming nagantay... Ako di ko naintindihan ung after credit scene nagpaexplain pa ko sa kasama kong si "Tony Stark" ;p
I dunno if Galleria show it but to make sure we watched it in Podium.
Baka kasi wala na kami abutan pa na front seat saEastwood so first time in Podium and ok pala ang screen dun and sounds.

Btw, Podium Ticket price @ P180 reserved seating


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