Mos Burger in Japan

Intrigued by the signage "Most Delicious Burger", Phippo and I entered the store and ordered for takeout.
Hmmm... taste like there's a lot of tomatoes and ketchup?Well the meat is thick and juicy.

Hanami Party in Japan

We gather under the Sakura tree. I think the place is a park and lot of groups are having their own gatherings. Hanami means cherry blossom viewing. It celebrated nowadays by having a "picnic" under the Sakura tree - eating, bbq, party held during Spring.

Eating Ramen in Japan

The place is  crowded that we need to wait outside. It was cold and raining. (I forgot the name of this ramen house ;(

I think I ordered a Misu Ramen for 650 Yen (around Php300~) .
The ramen was soo good, perfect for the cold weather. The noodles was cooked al dente and the soup is so tasty! (now I understand why Naruto likes ramen ;p) Their serving size is good enough for two.

It looks simple but the soup is so tasty, not salty, the pork toppings is tender.

After: we are so full that we cannot finish our ramen


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