2010 Movies

Lots of nice movies for 2010. Thanks to some of my free movie pass and invites.

Here's my top list:
  1.  Inception
  2.  Prince of Persia
  3.  How to Train your Dragon
  4.  Sherlock
  5.  Ironman
  6.  Salt
  7.  Harry Potter
  8.  Legend of the Guardians
  9.  Despicable Me
  10.  Predators
  11.  Clash of the Titan
  12.  Social Network
  13.  Toy Story


House Blessing

House Blessing and Mom's Bday celebration.

I love the puto cake and dolors kakanin! Kalderetang kambing, papaitang kambing and sisig kambing!

Hokki Rice Pizza

Located at 3rd Floor Robinsons Galleria
We ordered their meaty pizza Php95.

The rice is flattened into thin layer.



We bought voucher from Ensogo so we only paid Php280 for this Php700 worth of food!
Clawdaddy at Shangrila

Seafood Pizza

Char grilled butter oyster


Globe MyFi

Grrr, we shifted to Globe MyFi from SunBro last September. Php999 subsciption plan + Php99.
Last month our bill was Php1032, but this month? a whopping Php2533.92!!!!!
I emailed talk@globetel.com.ph asking for explanation and they reply was: there's a top of bill charges when shared to other devices??? What??? 

I asked for the Terms and Conditions because I don't remember such thing. I'm still waiting for their response...


Tutti Frutti

Self service froyo shop where you get your own cup, fill it with yogurt, choose your toppings and weigh. Php20 per oz.

Our 2 small cups cost Php 202. Thanks to my CashCashPinoy voucher (Pay only 100 for 200 worth) so we only add php2 wee!

I chose Blueberry flavored yogurt and then topped with blueberry also, cherry, almonds.
The other cup is Taro flavored - tastes good than mine, with cherry, kiwi and jelly toppings.

Located at 3L Glorietta 4.


Mushroom Burger

After that car accident, we had our very late lunch at around 2PM. We thought of just having a drive thru in Mcdo/Jollibee but we always eat their burgers and we want something different this time. We stopped by Mushroom Burger in Katipunan. We ordered Mushroom Burger Steak Php46 and Pinoy Burger Php55. First time to eat 'Mushroom Burger'.

Car Accident, Again

It's been a while since my last post, I have been busy for the past days. And one of the stressful day is when we searched for QCPD to report a minor car accident. (Will post delicate details soon) Thank goodness, no major damage.

We went in Eastwood but they don't have Traffic Management Office so they referred us to QCPD. It took us time to get there, we don't have a map with us. We asked for directions, the other man said turn right on Sigmor --- which turns out SaveMore (honestly I heard S-i-g-m-o-r). Then he said look for Mapagbigay St. where after searching for such street and asking a stranger once again... it turns out it should be Madasalin St. Whew!

QCPD is big but the Traffic Management Office is small and they're using manual typewriter.

So there, for a week once again, we need to commute. ;( It's very difficult on our part because we always bring our laptop, water, food etc. Hope it won't rain...

How to go to QCPD or Camp Karingal:
1. Turn right to the first street after Anonas LRT Station if you're from Katipunan. Enter Sikatuna Village. Turn right on SaveMore. Turn right when you reached Madasalin Street.

2. The other way which is much faster, is via Katipunan (when you go to Circle/UP) passing by Ateneo and Miriam College.


Love Minerals by HumanNature

I attended the launching last Oct 9 at Henry Irwin Lee Theater Ateneo. I'm excited to have my mineral pressed powder from them. I used HumanNature products from head to toe.  

I asked the lady what shade is best for me. She asked if I'm acidic or not and since I don't know, she told me that if I apply makeup and it seems to disappear quickly then I'm acidic. I said yes, (I noticed that when using my previous mmu - it's a loose mineral powder and I apply it often because my face seems oily every now and then). She picked up the "Sand Dollar" shade. 

I've been using it for a week now and I love it. I don't need to reapply often as compare to my previous mineral powder.

Available by November. You can order from me because I signed up as a dealer. Most Mineral Makeup still contain toxic chemical preservatives, dyes or mineral oil which speeds up aging. Human Nature mineral makeup is 100% natural so you get only the good!

Mineral pressed powder foundation is at Php425
Mineral blush is at Php225

I hope it will be also available in refill pack.

*UPDATE: I'm now using the Island Shell shade even though I'm morena. One time, I forgot to bring my powder so I asked for my bf's powder (yeah he uses Island Shell ;p) I noticed that it is not very white for me and actually suits me. (^_^) Maybe because my skin is acidic and makeup oxidize immediately.

Buy your human nature products here(dealer): http://naturalove.multiply.com (ships nationwide and meetup in Ortigas/Pasig or laguna area)  

If you are interested in HumanNatureProducts, how to become a dealer, or just want to know the latest updates, discounts, promos. Enter your address in the form below:


Forever21 50% off sale

And this is the OA traffic in ADB Avenue, around 11AM, the sale schedule is 9:30AM-11:00PM. And I can also see the traffic in Julia Vargas and San Miguel Avenue.

About 1/8 of the line... I thought

I.T. Works SME TechSeries

Yesterday Mike and I attended the IT Works SME Techseries in Ayala.
Mike's name sticker is correct and mine? = "Jewellyn Catimog"
So it feel weird signing beside my "name" on the attendance sheet haha!

1PM-5:30PM at Ayala Office Bldg 6750 Makati

Topics: Core Infrastructure Optimazation, Microsoft Dynamics
They also showed us a video promoting


Eat,Pray,Love event

Special screening of Eat,Pray, Love @ SM MEgamall Cinema 6. (Sponsored by :Century Tuna, Goya and Selecta)
My review of the movie? Pretty boring... Nung andun pa lang sa Italy, we're like, "waahhh antagal meron pa sa India at Bali!!!!" Nung nasa India na, "arggg may Bali pa!" For the story, hmmm I think Liz problem is herself, divorcing while not giving her husband a chance nor telling him why she's feeling hurt... she's just the one making her life complicated for the rest of the story. 

But anyway, thanks for the snacks. Ice cream,

Ellana Kabuki brush

Its been a year when I bought from them online. I prefer their brush kesa sa barenaturals.
Soft yung brush and helps you apply your mmu evenly. Hindi masakit sa mukha, yung barenaturals ang sakit parang nakakatusok.
This baby kabuki brush cost


Jacob's Shawarma

I bought a deal from Buyanihan (FIRST group buying website in the Philippines!
Experience the best deals in the city at lowest discounts thru collective buying power!") and paid via Paypal. Php100 worth coupon for only Php60. Then I just add additional payment for the shawarma we ordered - Fish (Salmon) shawarma Php200 and Chicken shawarma Php160 + Php5 for wheat pita.

So BIG!!!

Menu Schedule: 


Part 2: CosplayMania X

Deo and Rochel's 1st time to attend a cosplay convention.

After my dentist appointment @ 8am in Calamba, went to Olivarez LB to meet mike's mom then to Pacita to meet Chel then to San Pedro to fetched my younger brother then to MOA! We left the event at around 730 and drive them to San Pedro and then back to Manila! What a longgg day!
Tickets @ Php150each (expensive!!! than usual Php100) More Pics...


My Citronella Bug Spray

Dengue is scary, for prevention I used Human Nature Citronella Bug Spray. Effective! 50ml =Php79.75, 100ml=129.75

"Shoo off mosquitoes, and other pesky bugs with an effective organic antidote! No dangerous chemicals mean this gentle formula is safe even for very young children."

Ingredients: organic virgin coconut oil, organic citronella oil, organic lemongrass essential oil, rosemary essential oil, lavender, vit. E

Cosplay Mania X

Oct 2-3 Saturday-Sunday SMX Function Hall

Day 1: Solo Cosplay competition
Meet Jesuke

Day 2: Group Cosplay Competition
Meet Clive

Cosplay Mania X Raffle Prizes:

Collecticon 2010

Oct 2-3 Robinsons MidTown Mall Manila 10AM-9PM
Admission is


Cure for Common Cold

My homemade remedy for common cold! Mike had high fever last night, but he's feeling well already today. But we opt not to go to the office, he still need a little rest. I think its time for me to take driving lesson. Thinking of it, T_T scarry!!!!Back to my concoction, I have tested this twice and it really works! About last month Mike got fever also. I wonder what he eats when I'm not around. >< Amazingly he was already ok the next morning after drinking this:Magic Ingredients:

Human Heart Nature

Bathroom Essentials
Here's a peek to what we are using… HumanNature Products! Yes both of us ni mike ;p
Shampoo, bodywash, facial wash, facial scrub, feminine wash (^_^)
I love their products! It has been months now since I started using HumanNature products
I started with their shampoo because of my hair fall problem.
I bought online,( I wish they accept Paypal also)
I ordered first the Baby shampoo, yes a baby shampoo , It has no scent for maximum gentleness.
Then eventually tried out their best seller peppermint strengthening shampoo. I love the


Legend of the Guardians

nice yung visual, details, details, details, esp. dun sa 2 scene na slow-mo at may ma-dramang background music - breath-taking indeed.

However it's Rated PG so what you can expect, no morbid scene and a not so bloody fighting scene, siya pa naman ang tipo na parang maganda pag may pagkabrutal hehe... considering how fierce-looking ng mga kalaban na owl... and so i'm bitin, make it R18! haha

Kahit na mas cool for me ang mga morbid at brutal scene, I still appreciate the fact that they make this a Rated PG movie, a different approach to war scene - un nga "gets mo na" - sa mga clashing armors, wings, natanggal na mask... making the war scene as "glorious" as possible. Thumbs up to that.

Tnx again to exclusive screening of clubzed with free snacks, And sa pagpapatry samin ng Winema. Sa uulitin!

@SM Digital Cinema


San Marino Tuna Paella

Di kc ako watch ng tv eh so nung sabi ni mike may rice yung san marino tuna paella di ako naniwala "cge pustahan tayo!" kahit di ako fan ng mga canned goods, so there meron nga ahihi! Salty nga lang...


Despicable Me

My favorite character: Agnes.

"Does this count as annoying? "(then tap her cheeks)

=How she make it sound like that? I have no chubby cheeks I can't try it ;p

She's so charming and funny, hyper when excited haha
Favorite line:
"It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!"

We watched in 3D at Glorietta. After scheduling it for Sep 4, hb can't wait and suggested Sep 1 (Opening day), after work we went to Makati, grocery for 30mins and then run to movie house for 9:30 schedule where we fattened ourselves with Burger King. We had Ayala privilege pass that's why we fly all the way from Pasig. 3D original price = Php300

3D Glasses in Glorietta were kinda small for honey coz he still needs to wear his eyeglasses.

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Happy Birthday Deo

Part 1 of Deo's Bday
Pizza Hut, (mas gusto daw niya ng pizza instead of cake), Buko salad, Spaghetti,
Then they spent the day playing computer games, playing PSP, videoke and watching dvds - Toy Story 3 and Tekken.
More Pics:


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