House of Lasagna and my homecooked pasta

We just stayed at home for the weekend and here's our merienda.

Saturday: Pasta with basil, mint leaves and garlic bits 

Sunday: Spinach and spanish sardines pasta :)

We ate a lot that we were both sleepy afterwards. Too much carbs hehehe

The next day, we were at megamall and before doing our grocery, we had our brunch in 
House of Lasagna 

We were told to wait for 15 mins and they first served us with a complimentary basket of garlic bread. 
Wow ang dami
Then our order came, sizzling hot. Pesto lasagna for me. 
I requested not to add the cheese topping so it tasted a bit bland.

Classic simple pesto made with fresh basil leaves, pine nuts, crushed garlic and extra virgin oilive oil

Beef Lasagna for M
100% ground beef and bechamel sauce

Both dishes costs P280 and were very filling that we were not able to finished it.
The generous servings of their garlic bread also added factor to our kabusugan
(We didn't know it was unlimited). We can't help but dip the bread in the lasagna sauce.

Pasta overload :))))


Weekend Eats: Buddys, Tom Sawyer's Chicken

@ Buddy's, Pearl Drive Ortigas

#justbeacause  We're craving of Pancit Lucban :)))

Lots of meat eh? I gave all that to M. 
This is just so yummy with lots of vinegar. I should start learning how to cook this dish.
Good for 2 (P198)

Sunday at Tiendesitas

We tried Tom Sawyer's old fashioned fried chicken

Free platter of chicken neck ( we have pasalubong for snowbell)

1 pc for P88, 2 pcs for P138

parang chowking fried chicken

The paper easily tore up because of the oil. I hope they change to ceramic plates.


via their FB page


Saturday breakfast at Milky and Sunny Kapitolyo

We made our Saturdays (werk) exciting by eating out for breakfast :)
Our previous breakfast place for the past Saturdays - Chowking, Jollibee and Mcdo.
So now, I started to look for breakfast place near Ortigas and finally ticked one off my list :)

First time at Milky and Sunny Kapitolyo. :) 
The place is cute but a bit small, can seat up to 20 guest I think.

Garlic Longganisa (P160) for me :)
It was served with garlic rice, scrambled egg(my request), vinegar, a slice of cucumber and tomato.
The longganisa were "garlicky" yummy especially when dipped in the vinegar with onion :)

Beef Tapa(P200) for him
He requested a sunny side up egg and served with items similar to mine. 
The tapa beef were not that soft but still good with lots of vinegar. :)

And because I have a big breakfast like that, this was my lunch (boiled okra, fruit platter)
back to healthy healthyhan ;p

So now whenever we feel lazy to go out on weekends, we just need to start our day at some nice breakfast place out there.  :) 

Enjoy your day :)


Tim Ho Wan @ Megamall

Finally tried Tim Ho Wan with friends.
I'm very hesitant to try this during it's opening as I've heard that the queue was very long.
I got curious what's all about the buzz about this place.

Glutinous rice in Lotus leaf 190

Pork Ribs Rice 170

their famous bun,  di ko maxado type, so I just ate the outer bun :/

Baked Bun with BBQ Pork 145

 Pork Dumpling with Shrimp 150

Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp (3pcs) 190

Here's what I suggested to order: Veggies ;p

Poached Veggies 90

and this, no fillings just the roll and sesame sauce

Well to be honest, for me I didn't find anything stellar about the food that is worth the long line
but would like to go back again to try the other items on the menu to know more why this resto is famous. Or maybe it is just me because I only ate the veggies, the sesame roll, the glutinous rice , oily sabaw of the pork ribs and the bun :/

The good thing about this place is the customer check the items in the order slip which saves time for their crew. And we also didn't wait long for our orders to arrive :)


Movie and Eats: Kingsman, Teppanyaki Brothers

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Very entertaining, classic and brilliant spy movie :)))
We super love it but of course it was not perfect. The soundtrack were not very good, poor choices of songs that it made some scenes less cool. Towards the end, there were some annoying scenes that it made the movie look cheap.  I wish they made it wholesome all throughout.
But all of those are forgivable when you think again of how the story started well and how cool Colin Firth was :)))) Must watch!

Teppanyaki Brothers

When we were in Megamall, we dined in Teppanyaki Brothers for lunch.
It is located in the food court and they have an open kitchen.

We tried their Chicken Teriyaki and Pork Teriyaki.
For just Php99 , it comes with a miso soup too :)))) 

Happy Weekend!


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