Christmas Gift Ideas: Animal Welfare Groups Merchandise

If you also love giving gifts that give back, check out these animal welfare groups merchandise, proceeds will go to their rescued animals. 💓

I ordered shirts from here and the seller is very accommodating :)
Available items are shirts, bags, wallets, notebooks and planners

Available items: Shirts, mugs, bags, umbrellas, wallclock etc

If you are near Elbi, you can order and pick up these cute mugs from LB Advocates of Animal Welfare group
how cute is this!your dog on your shirt 😁
 maybe this is something you want to gift for yourself 😋

We have supported a campaign from TeeTalk before and I'm happy with the quality of the shirts.
It comes with a pouch and notes about TeeTalk's advocacy.

Let me know if there are other animal welfare groups that have items for sale this Christmas 

Happy Shopping!


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