Furry Love: PART Donation Collection Day in Quezon City Memorial Circle

Snowbell's day out as part of her birthday weekend :)))

Our first time to be here and this park is huge that we were so tired walking around. 
There are picnic areas, playground, lots of group doing their exercise, project or filming around.
There should be a lot of place like this in the metro instead of malls.

We stopped by at the Coconut House for their coco ice cream :)) 

Coco Kape @ Php30 

Plain coconut @ Php25

Mas masarap yung plain 

They also sells a lot of coconut related products. I bought the CocoNot Soy for Php100

And then to our real agenda of the day @ the PART donation  collection day  to drop off our goodies: of dog food, dentastix, dishwashing liquid, sponge and old clothes for their rummage sale.

We also met their adoptables Popeye and Merry :))


Some donations from other kind hearted donors.

PART Donation Collection day happens every 2nd sunday of the month.
So if you want to take your doggie out for a walk and at the same time donate to PART, save the  date = next one will be on October 11. :)))

There are also other ways to help PART. They have a lot of rescues that needs our help.  
Check out their fb page and website:


Furry Love: Snowbell's 2nd birthday

Last year , she had a homemade "cake", this time, we bought her a small paw cake from Whole Pet Kitchen. The ingredients are pet-friendly, high-quality and nutritious that furparents will have a peace of mind.

I thought I can have it delivered but the fee costs Php200 so we just dropped by their store and wished that the traffic is light. We thought it was not a good time to bring Snowbell with us, only an hour left before the cafe closes. I called first to check the cake's availability. We were at the cafe at around 8PM, I chose the one with pink icings, paid for the cake and rushed home. I saw the adorable and calm golden retriever, Jack. Next time for sure, we'll bring Snowbell with us.

The paw cake costs Php288, I thought it was a bit pricey for the size but it was dense and packed, snowbell had it for 4 meals.

"Happy barkday to you 2x
 happy barkday, happy bark...day, happy barkday to you!!!!"

"Okay I will eat first the PINK icings"

Snowbell is a slow eater, she ate first the icings and we need to tear the bread to feed her tiny servings. She easily gets full so she had this until Saturday evening, She normally refuses eating same food served consecutively except for this one :)

Amazing 2 years with this maarte but malambing furbaby. We discovered she loves pasta, white part of the balut, skyflakes  (but skyflakes is not good for her health so we stopped giving that to her), will stick to lettuce or ice cubes for her treat. She always wakes us up in the morning, always curious, loves affection and she loves to stay under the bed :)

My instagram photos are mostly her, maybe I should create her a separate account ;p


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