Life Lately: June Celebrations

It's been a while for my Life Lately post.. it's hard to squeeze some blogging time, but this serve as my online diary and updates for my mom and aunt whom I forcefully subscribe to my blog hehehe.... anyway here's some happening for the month of June.

We were in Laguna for the Father's day sunday. M and I just ordered pizza from SnR. We applied for membership in their Alabang branch sometime in March but it was only our 2nd time since then. 

Our cat family is growing.. rapidly! 
Apparently, our original cat Nyu is kitnapping all the kittens in the neighborhood!
Tabi tabi po, pwede makiraan? ;p
 We surprised someone with a yummy moist chocolate cake for her birthday from The Cakery
which is a newly opened stall in Megamall, near National Bookstore and during it's first week of opening, the beautiful owner was managing the stall :)) check out their instagram:  https://instagram.com/the_cakery_manila/

The birthday celebrant treated us to a hearty lunch at Madeca Podium.
 It's been a while since I last ate here which I blogged about here
I ordered their chicken burrito which comes with chips and salsa. 
I already got full after finishing half of the burrito.

Birthday Cupcakes

Another cake, this time from Caramia, and I also love this, dark chocolate with Pistachio for our sending off a dear friend. I will terribly miss her.  

Many life celebrations and obviously the month of June is making me gain some weights :/

I'm loving this quote,  I used to snub celebrations but now I have a deeper sense and changed belief about it. 


Dapitan Arcade

Went to dapitan arcade to buy some storage baskets and I also got a jewelry box :))
huge basket we got cost P500 and the smaller ones around P100-200 and the jewelry box at P500

I wish I went here before our wedding, there are lots of items for props, mason jars, frames etc And also wall quotes which are a bit pricey so that's my next project = DIY wood wall quotes 
We're starting to transform our "hide out" to "home" hehehehe. After pinning wedding inspirations in Pinterest, now I'm looking under "Home Decoration". :)))))))))


Zark's Burger and Go Salad Eastwood

During our last visit in Eastwood, we passed by Zark's Burger and wondering why there were a lot of customers. Curious about this resto, we dine here after doing our grocery from  Robinsons supermarket.


He got excited when he saw the Breakfast Burger on the menu.
 Half-pound patty with bacon and egg.

Mine: Strikeout Burger, Mushroom Cheeseburger in a bed of lettuce and tomatoes.

It's affordable for it's big size and worth stretching your mouth.

But me, I cut mine in half, attacked it with knife and fork and then got full already after finishing a half. The other half was for snowbell hehe.

As for the taste, hmm the patty was not juicy and tasted bland plus the tomatoes didn't taste fresh. 
So what I did, I put a lot of their condiments. It also has a lot of pink that I gave to M.

We were amazed by the price and serving size for just less than P200.
Maybe we can give this another chance. M suggested we should try their flame-grilled next time.

M had a lemonade  drink to washed it down which comes with his burger meal.
While me,  hoping to keep the balance with this green smoothie from Go Salad! near the supermarket.

Before going to Zark, we bought this first, near the supermarket. I chose "The Jeepney" P100 from their menu: Pineapple, mango, malunggay, coco sugar and coconut water. 
 Haven't thought of using coconut water for my smoothies.
Tasted good.
Peace of mind- checked.
Of couse, I also forced M to drink some. :)))

Go Salad! 
Second Floor, Techno Plaza 2, Libis, Quezon City

Zark's Burger
Ground Level, Eastwood Citywalk 


Subspace Coffee Shop

We were supposed to have our breakfast in this place that day but we woke up late ;p
This small coffee shop, located in the ground floor building of emerald tower,
is gaining popularity because of their purple potato latte with coffee art that you can request. 
But M forgot to request Totoro so I got this kitty.

Hmmm tasted like a dark chocolate with coffee :)

He ordered green tea which cost only P50 when you order a main dish.

His Italian Sausage plate P200. A breakfast meal in the afternoon. 
The sausage tasted good with the onion, tomato and vinegar dip.

I ordered the Cucumber Kani Sandwich P150, with a sides of crunchy slaw and potato chips.
The crabstick, lettuce, cucumber, mayo and cheese makes a great combo and very filling too.

The place is small with creative wall decors, mismatched tables and chairs, a bit of industrial too.
Nice hangout place, to chill and unwind. Kpop fans will love it here as they play korean songs in the background. :)

Afterwards, we checked out the korean mart "Ha Neul Mart" in the same building :)

Happy Saturday! 


Movies and Eats: Potts Point Cafe, Mad Max

Potts Point Cafe

Sunday afternoon eats in Eastwood Mall :)

Pasta for me. Yummy roasted eggplant, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese with creamy organic tomato sauce linguine P310

For him, organic roasted chicken in Quinoa Red Rice salad P355

Both dishes have very strong, wonderful flavor and were very tasty that I wanted to recreate them at home (nagfi-feeling)  Both with roasted ingredients so they have a hint of smoke and that distinctive juicy, grilled taste :) 
The price as you know is very steep and the serving for that rice is few. 
But we have a metrodeal voucher yasss! and also I wanted to try different take on healthy dishes and some food inspiration too so that's ok. :))))

I love the interior, somewhat homey feel, love the rustic shelves with knick knacks :)

Afterwards, we strolled around, it's been a while since we visited this place. 
There are already new stores and restaurants that I wanted to try. 

For our latest movie trip, we watched Mad Max: Fury Road
This movie was so intensed, fast- paced and has a lot of breath-taking scenes. 
I recommended it to a friend, told him he should watch than Perfect Pitch and he too said it was breath-taking and awesome. And the best of all, wholesome ;p

Waiting for Arnold's Terminator for our next movie trip :)))) 


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