Pan de Amerikana, Fast6

Last weekend late post...

We saw Fast6, and loved it. Fast paced and jawdropping stunts :)
It was nostalgic when they show some scenes  from the past movies.
I suggest watching first the previous installments to relate with the characters, where their feelings are coming from.
  As much as I don't want to spoil, I'm a Jason Statham fan so to see him in the next Fast7 will be super coooool!!!! But we hope it won't turn into adult movie ><

The next day, we visited PandeAmerikana in WhitePlains.

Refreshing Calamansi juice

Pork and chicken Adobo Php75

Pinakbet Php40

 We missed home cooked meals! I liked their pinakbet :) and the prices are very affordable!

We like to go back here the soonest!

Happy Weekend!



Salcedo Market, Star Trek

Last Saturday, we have some errands in Makati and then afterwards we went to Salcedo Market :)

We bought Greek Yogurt from Rizal's dairy farm stall, Php120 (350 grams)
The consistency is thick compared to normal yogurt and this is less sour.

And also this thinly sliced Pugon Baked Banana Chips, Php45

Then we drove to Eastwood and we ate at Bigoli (previous Fazolis)  they still had the same menu and we ordered our fave. Unfortunately, I dunno why their pesto doesn't taste the same 

And then we watched Star Trek (^___^)

It was brilliant and as a non Star Trek fan, the reason to watch it of course is Cumberbatch :)
The movie was really good but I felt like it sooo bitin!?
And also Simon Pegg as Scotty is again funny as ever, hopefully his new movie The World's End can be shown here. I can't wait to see the 3rd season of Sherlock too.

What's next? hopefully, we can see Fast and Furious 6 this Friday (^___^)

Hope we're all having a lovely week!



Mother's Day, Election

The weekend before last...

for mother's day, we had a mousse cake from red ribbon that mom bought
and  Penne Pasta in Creamy Mushroom and Cheese that I cooked ;p
I got the idea when I had a sleepover with a colleague and they served it baked.

The recipe is very simple. I just reheat 3 cans of Campbell's Cream Mushroom for the sauce and a block of cheese for toppings :)

I spent the night surfing the net for the background of the candidates that I'll vote. 
Sadly, not enough choices in our town, very little or no background related to politics, economics and the like. Even a culinary chef was running for a vice mayor. O_o
The next day, we were up early and while we were getting ready to go to my elem school nearby, my father was there already to checked all our designated precint - less hassle for us ;p

There are about 30+ persons ahead of me in line, good thing I brought something to read :)
But I should've brought some water and fan (next time!)

In other news, my father decided to adopt this homeless dog, our new furry friend :)


Cafe de Bonifacio

We dine here with mike's mom last Saturday. 
We don't want to be adventurous so we just chose to dine in a resto that served dishes that we are all  familiar with.

Cafe de Bonificio is located in Podium 5/F.
I'm not setting a high expectation when it comes to pinoy foods because we are familiar with the taste already but we were surprised that the foods here were really good (may isasarap pa pala ;p) and his mom liked them all.

Mango and Basil cooler P90

Pinakbet P195

Fried Chicken P285

Mango and Latik Roti P145

 Thumbs up to their pinakbet! I grew up eating pinakbet so I know what a good tasting pinakbet should taste ;p Mike ordered half fried chicken and it comes with  2 dips, sweet soysauce and ketchup.
Their servings are big enough to share. The three of us were trying to finish everything and we are so full. 
Our dessert was also good, it was like a warm mango crepe. The latik sauce goes very well with it.

Overall, Cafe de Bonifacio did not disappoint and I would love to come back here again.



Cafe De Sug, Kape Maria

 Though I'm trying not to drink coffee, because it inhibits iron absorption, which is not good for my iron deficiency problem, I think sipping half a cup every morning is not that bad ;p

I bought these coffees together with my HumanNature goodies, the last time we went in their main branch.
They costs Php295 each but because I have discounts I only got them for less Php250 if i remember.
They come with really great packaging which is nice when you're giving them out as gifts.

Cafe De Sug

I loved the quirky notes on their packaging.

"Mulat Magdamag" - :)

 We were expecting it to taste bold and strong but, compared to Folgers, it was not.
I'm thinking maybe we should brew it longer but I don't know how to do it in a drip coffee maker. Maybe boiling it with water and then filter the coffee beans afterwards is worth a try.

"CafĂ© de Sug is a social enterprise founded by Xilca Alvarez with the vision of providing a sustainable means of livelihood for farmers in Sulu. They hope to bring a radical change in our perception of Sulu, while uplifting young minds from the trauma of war, one cup at a time."


We tried the Sierra Madre Organika Blend. It is more powderized/ground compared to Cafe De Sug.  
It is brown in color when brewed. I think I like this better bec it taste stronger than Cafe de Sug. 

I love the simplicity, eco-look of the packaging

"Kape Maria is a social enterprise founded by Julia Sevilla that believes in cultivating our local coffee industry through fair trade practices. With every cup you drink, you're not only supporting our local coffee farmers and roasters so that they receive fair wages – you’re uplifting our entire coffee industry! So drink up!"

It feels good to wake up in the morning with coffee aroma filling up the room and at the same time helping the farmers community (^_^)



Banapple ATC

bff chel visited the country for a short vacation so we scheduled a meetup last saturday together with bff len, haven't seen them for ages! 

We went to ATC and ate at Banapple, taking our time to catch up with each other.
I had the mushroom pie (left most php75) and they ordered the best seller chicken parmigiana and hickory steak (php180++ea).

The mushroom pie is huge that I cannot finish it alone. It has a creamy and sweet mushroom fillings.

The other two plates are good for sharing.

We also made a round inside and outside the mall and had DQ for desserts. 

good food and good times with HS bffs 

I hope to see all of them again (with bff she) soon.




IronMan 3 and Downton Abbey

It's May 1 hoilday today, finally i can sit down and update my blog.
 I chose to stay at home today and maybe just go out on weekend. It is sooo hot outside!  

Last Thursday, mike and I were in Eastwood to see Ironman 3.


I think almost everyone already saw this awesome movie and had the Iron Man hangover.
I  just let myself be amazed, forgot critic views and everything else, even the fact that it was late at night and there I was, eating a large Mcdo fries.

It felt good seeing a light movie like this as compared to Oblivion that we saw last week which left me that heavy feeling. The IM3 trailer looked dark and stressful but it was not actually (IM2 is more stressful), maybe because of the humor, unexpected twist and Robert Downey dancing is just soo adorable and also maybe bec I saw this funny homemade IM3 trailer a month ago.

After credits scene? Yes we stayed and waited for it but it doesn't look exciting hmmm

I don't know if Downton Abbey fans will be delighted on its short appearance on the IM3 movie. I only saw it a few weeks ago (can relate), just a few episodes when I was having a sleepover. Not really my type of series but it was an old English setting (which made me looked at the tv once in a while). It was a fast-paced drama with scandals and politics issue. It was interesting, I have to say. I thought my dear auntie will like it so I bought her a DVD, season 1 where she finished watching in just a few hours ;p

The month of April has a lot of really good movies.
For May, we are really excited to see Fast and Furious (I already forgot what happened in its 1-4th installment) and of course, Star Trek. (i'm excited to see Cumberbatch!)


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