In Between

I am spending my holidays dec24-jan1 (9 days straight) at my parent's house this time as compared to previous years where I usually goes back to manila in between Christmas and New Year.

Last friday, I prepared potato salad :)

 I am conscious on what I eat but also allow myself to indulge on some biscuits, brownies and other sweet treats :)

I'm also doing a cleansing/detox for the past few days, I'll be sharing about it soon.

My bro and his family came from Baguio so we have some fresh produce yey!
So I cooked Adobong Broccoli, steamed cauli and snacked on strawberries

My younger cousins (all boys) are helping in household chores so I don't do too much house errands except from feeding our pets, cleaning their mess and keeping an eye on what our 3 puppies are chewing. (seriously, it is very tiring)

I have no plan to go out malling, I don't like to brave the traffic :/ would rather watch movies that I miss on big screen. So far we've only watched The Internship and Olympus Has Fallen :)

And early this morning, Wang gave birth to 4 pups! (Last year  we also have 4 puppies!)

It's a first time to have a black pup!  Expect to see some cuteness photo ;p

Hope y'all having a fab holiday :)



Christmas 2013

Simple Christmas celebration with the family :)

This year we opened our gifts as early as 10PM 
I made some coins-in-a-jar as a gift for my younger cousins ;p

Our 3 snows first Christmas :) 

Merry Christmas!


Simple Celebration

Dec 16 - start of simbang gabi and Mom's bday! =D

Cheese Rolls and yummy Cream Puffs from Cakeland :)

Happy 50th Birthday!


Movies and Eats

The Hobbit, with BK chicken for our movie food :)

After we watched, we chanced upon BreadStory's Buy1Take1 just before mall closing time

Garlic and Sausage bread

Chili's Megamall with colleagues  :)

Grilled Chicken Salad

Some healthy eats at Pho Hoa :)

Chicken Noodles

One weekend we rented Turbo :) luvit!

Just a few dine out for the past few weeks, we chose to stay at home and eat simple foods most of the time  =)


Shop for a Cause

I already started wrapping Christmas gifts last month.
Last year, I shopped up to the last minute! So this time, I am feeling organized and started shopping early.

In case you still need to buy gifts, consider shopping for a cause :)

I already bought some of my gifts from Domesticity .

I still need to buy some of my gifts and personal stash from Human Nature. 

DECEMBER 7: Goodness Rising Launch

10AM and 2PM, Human Nature Flagship Store in Commonwealth 

To launch the Goodness Rising project, on this day, 100% of the profits from the sales of all Human Nature products will fund the building of the Human Nature GK Village.

There are many shops out there that we can support because part of their sales will go to the victims of typhoon or will help the marginalized sector.

 December is the busiest and stressful month for me for the past years as there are meetups to attend, mall/bazaar hopping for gifts, year end deadlines, traffic etc., so I have to think of ways to eliminate stress such as preparing gifts early, buying online if possible, have something to read during traffic /waiting lines, enjoy Christmas treats and sweets while being conscious; in other words, "Don't sweat it!", after all that is the fun of Christmas rush ^_^

 In other news, showbizbalita, how sad that one of our fave movies Fast and Furious star passed away after a charity event for our country (hmmm what will happen to Fast7? T_T )

 Life is indeed fragile and we must live every moment of it...


Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe, Bazaar

We had a quick breakfast at Mom and Tina's bakery cafe along C5 yesterday before going south at St. James Bazaar.  I ordered an apple pie P130 and M had US Beef Tapa P250, it looked like a bacon. Is that why it's called US tapa?

I requested the pie to be reheated but I think I like it cold ;p It gets a bit sour halfway 

Christmas Goodies starts at P100

I don't have a photo at the bazaar yesterday. I was overwhelmed by lots of stores, it was extremely hot at noon. By the time we got there, we were parked far from the bazaar. So I suggest if you are going there next year, be early as it is open by 9AM.  If you know a store that will participate, know their booth/stall location. I did a research the day before but I forgot the exact location of Props Tool and Makeup, they were at Gym Row 7 and I'm looking for them in ParkingLot Row 7 :/ Anyway I was able to buy what I need :)

Our Christmas tree was up since October!
Just few more days aaand it's the time of the year once again. Are you feeling festive yet? ;p



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