Movie: Real Steel

Last week of showing?
I knew this movie has a lot of good reviews but I'm not excited to watch this because I don't like Hugh Jackman in The Prestige

*Rolled eyes*

Friday = stressful in work.. depressing too.
Thanks to my honeybunch who insisted to watch, a quick escape to reality.

This is the movie that you'll feel all the emotion 
- roll your eyes on corny scene
- drop jaw on cool scene
- laugh
- smile
- ahhh sad 
- as expected
- what will happen? 
- sheeeeshhh
- wow
- hangkyutt!

May i share the cutest?

I'm glad we watched this awesome movie, I'm back to normal.  ;))))))


Dr. Tam Live Green

Just wanted to share this Live Green from Dr. Tam. I used to eat apples and orange every single day for years that I no longer want to see them lolz (I'm not kidding!)

I knew this product since 2009,  I thought of giving this a try just recently so i won't be depleted in essential nutrients (Note: I don't take any vitamin supplement)

And this is an alkaline drink, good for balancing acid in our body.
If you're not feeling good, maybe your body is high in acid.

I started drinking last July. I finished 3 bottles already.
It cost Php1495, 1 bottle is good for 1 month. Yeah I know that pricey. But they usually have it on sale - Buy 1 Take 1, cash only XD (I only buy when there's a sale)

-Same taste as wheat grass.

Live green is composed of Green Kamut(Egyptian WheatGrass), Alfalfa and Barley.
-rich source of Vitamins A,B, C and E
-contains high amount of minerals like calcium, phosporus ,magnesium and more
-enzyme that is rich in digestion and metabolic enzyme
-has amino acids

This is an alkaline drink best consumed an hour before meal or 2 hours after meal.

For those who doesn't know Dr. Tam, he is a naturapathic doctor, his wife is a cancer survivor and he usually appears in Salamt Doc.
More info on http://www.drtam.org/
Available in Dr Tams Vegan Haus F.Legaspi Maybunga Pasig (before Pasig Rainforest Park)
They have branches in Tiendesitas and Metrowalk - am not sure if sale is also available in these branches.
Opens everyday except Saturdays

PS: They have SALE until Oct30.

Keep healthy! :))))))))))))))))


Human Nature Love Minerals Lipstick in Earth Angel

I planned to change my FB's profile pic but decided to retain the old one.
I'm lazy to edit the pic and as you can notice, I still have pimple scars (after a month of using BB cream) huhuhu ;( hence  I won't use that na.
I reread the label it contains parabens ;(
Now I'm in search of a good mineral concealer to hide those pimple marks.

I used Human Nature's Lipstick in Pink Skies (pic on the left)
I also reviewed it here eh who's that girlush eeeek! lolz
Then on the right pic the Earth Angel shade.
This is the lipstick I wear in the office as it gives me a formal look.

And also, Human Nature has ongoing promo, they have launched the Read the Label app! Click the picture for the detailed mechanics ;)
It's my habit to check the label of the products I'm using ;) 
Human Nature also came up with online look-up of ingredients. Click the picture below to try it out ;)))


Army Navy Ortigas

Last week I stayed away online esp. from  FB so as to not get updates on some bad news. It sunk to me deeply that I don't have the heart to surf. I also got sick - fever and had a battle with my tummy! Mall sales did not appeal to me that much to get out of the house.  I even changed my mind for the last minute from attending the BDJ fair.

If not for some errands to attend to last Saturday, I would have just stay at home.

Well I'm OK now and back to my online space.

Last Saturday, we had lunch at  Army Navy, Ortigas

 Actually, we walked out  unhappy. What we ate are just so-so.
Steak tacos has the hardest meat you can chew, burrito on the other hand is kinda bland.
Steak Tacos Php155

Burrito Php145

After that, we went to Echo store, Podium. Mike bought waterless carwash thingy.
I will purchase our household cleaning materials here next time.
MessyBessy, Victoria, HumanNature , IlogMaria are just some of the products they sell.


Human Nature Sunflower Oil for Nails

Aside from makeup remover, Human Nature Sunflower oil can also be used for the nails.

My nails are now brittle and yellowish because I'm not giving it a rest from nail polish ...

I can just maintain this length

I miss the old days when they could grow loooong...

I have the sunflower beauty oil for some time now (for removing eyeliner makeup) but just read recently from their catalog that it can also be used for the nails.

Aside from that, it also:
-Soften and Lightens underarms
-Lightens dark under eye circle
-Lightens dark spots and pimple marks
-Lightens dark lips
-Under eye moisturizer
-Diminishes stretch marks
-Soften feet soles, knees and elbows
-Makeup remover
-Body moisturizer
-Softens cuticles
-De-frizzes hair
-Nourishes eyelashes

Amazing eh?

So there, cut it short now and  no nail polish for the week -_-



Good Burgers

Bf and I had a lunch here after attending the HumanNature magalogue turnover.
Finally we were able to taste their burgers. We never had a chance to stop by their branch along C5 even we pass at that store everyday from work. 

I chose vegetarian pattie for both of us. They only have chicken and vegetarian pattie btw

Persian burger for me

BLT for him


Human Nature Magalogue Turnover and New Products

My first time to attend the magalogue turnover last weekend w/ bf .
Went there for the 10AM schedule. The room was jam packed. =D

Campaign for this month is to READ THE LABEL
It's not only applicable to the food you buy but also to the products you put in your skin.
Did you know that up to 60% of what you put onto your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream?

Video presented to us, watch this if you love your skin ;)
Share to your love ones too "Sharing is caring" ;)

 I was able to swatched new products =D Will review soon.
 LipGloss, Tinted Lip Balm, New shampoo =D


Bar-B-King Megamall

Friday dine out w/ BF

New Charcoal Grilled BBQ in town

I missed Monngo dish like this, when I saw this on their menu, I immediately changed my plan of ordering grilled dishes

Monggo Php29 = Yummy!

Okay so here's the BBQ hehe BF won't be happy with just monggo ;p
Pok BBQ with drinks P95 - Unlimited Rice
You have a choice of Sweet or spicy for the Pok BBQ

Total bill is P144 ;)
Food is ok, I think they have same concept like Mang Inasal.

We just don't like the service, slow and crew were not attentive >< 
Hmm maybe because there were lots of customers. BUT nice to go back in here... off peak hours

Located at Megamall, near TimeZone, Basement level. 


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