Furry Love: Boni

When Snowbell came into our life, I became aware of things that are related to dogs including facebook groups/sites of animal welfares. I didnt realize that there are animals in need every single day.

In one of the fb groups I follow, I stumbled upon "Mandy's" photo and I felt uneasy. He was named Mandy bec he was found in Boni Mandaluyong, later on he was renamed to Boni.

I contacted Ronald De Castro of Deparo Shelter and also Renz whom we met up to get Boni.

We first took him to a vet (Pet Society) in pasig. But they were not very gentle in handling him so Boni was not cooperating. I really don't recommend that vet clinic. 

He was clearly emaciated and infested with tick and fleas. 
We keep a bottle of Fipronil that we use for snowbell's maintenance so we used that to spray on him.
We also sprayed Iozin that the vet recommended.

I really hope to nurse him back to health by giving him natural and healthy food.
 I prepared the same food that I feed to snowbell: liver or chicken with carrots, turmeric and malunggay powder. (I started to buy malunggay powder bec julia spit outs veggies :/)

2nd week, his skin condition improved and we were able to gave him a bath.
We used the Madre de Cacao soap that I purchased from PGAP

Just a lot of TLC and healthy food, I'm sure he'll be okay soon :)

UPDATE: as of June 26, 2016

UPDATE: as of July 24, 2016 ( No more bald spots!)

If you have android phone, please download the PAWer Heroes App wherein you can
donate and follow animal welfare groups here in the PH
Available on Google Play http://bit.ly/259jrak

"If you can’t adopt, FOSTER. 
If you can’t foster, SPONSOR. 
If you can’t sponsor, VOLUNTEER. 
If you can’t volunteer, DONATE. 
If you can’t donate, EDUCATE. 
Everyone can do something, large or small, to help save a life!" 


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