Healthy Finds

Coco Natura
We usually buy muscovado sugar but when I learned about the difference of using it and coco sugar, I am now making a big switch to coconut sugar!

Coco Sugar from Coco Natura (available in leading supermarket)

In Robinsons Supermarket it is packed like the photo below, 
there is a note that this is  from the makers of Coco Natura

all 'Yes' at the column of coco natura below compared to Muscovado
Read full and clear description here

Binatog ni Juan
There's a stall in megamall that sells boiled white corn plain one cost only Php25.
A very cheap but healthy and filling snack! 

Chips from Echomarket (P30-P40)
I do love chips aka junk foods :/ (Piattos, VCut, Pringles, etc) but need to cut them down so I thought of trying these when I was in their branch in Podium. 

 Organic Malunggay leaf capsules. I'm taking this for a while now. A box of 100 capsules cost Php550

That's all for now. Do share your healthy finds too ^_^

-= jewel=-


Movie Review: The Last Stand, Jack Reacher

First 2 films we've watched this year thanks to honey's treat  :)
Ehem, I'm an Arnold fan, ;p
Too bad my bff Len (and my fellow Arnold fangirl) can't watch it with me. 
I missed Arnie's voice and witty one-liners (he looks old na).  Johnny Knoxville (of Jackass) is in here too, (he looks old na rin), giving the film some sense of humor. I didn't expect an amazing, jaw-dropping car chase. I hope to see more of Eduardo Noriega (the villain) films in the future. I didn't recognize that he was in Vantage Point. He really stands out in this movie I want to hug him ;p
via google images
one more ;)

Another movie we watched is Jack Reacher. The movie is not that extravagant compared to other Tom Cruise movies. It's a crime/thriller action film. I like that this one is very wholesome! no kissing scene yahoo! At first, I don't have any idea what the story is all about before.  mike told me about the Jack Reacher book series. hmmm I'm curious, we need to read them as we both have a thing for detective/action stories. After watching this, I felt like I want to enroll in martial art/self defense class.
So there, after I read The House of Silk, I'll read Jack Reacher. And I have to text Len to watch Arnie's film!

In other news:
1. I have some few snaps of healthy finds I hope to share
2. I ordered Shake n Take and can't wait to share smoothies as soon as I get my package from LBC Megamall. I was about to get it earlier when I go to megamall to buy dinner, but I was trying to do a "Sherlock Mode" (not eating because digestion exhaust the blood supply from brain chorva of course that may not be true ryt?)
So I decided to get it tom and then I heard about the megamall incident. These are the times I want to become an action star (in my dreams!)

Happy Weekend and Stay safe 



I won: Lady Satin PillowCases

My first winning of the year (*tambling*)
 One of the blogs I discovered early last year owned by a pretty, nice girl , Lovely of It's a Lovely Day.
Thank u so much gurl!

When I saw her giveaway, I joined right away and
made a wish to the universe "please let me win this one" ;p
Luckily I won! yey!

I'm excited about the benefits of using these Lady Satin pillowcases. I never thought satin pillowcases can help in reducing hair tangles, split ends and hair fall by minimizing  friction. It also means less sleep lines.

What I usually do  (even when my hair is uber long), is to wear it in ponytail while sleeping, as I rather have hair with a 'body' than with tangles sticking out from my head. So that's why I was really hoping to win them.

This makes a perfect gift too if you know someone with hair problems and for weddings too (now I know what to buy next time I'll attend one  *wink2x* )

Check out her full review here  and she has discount codes if you fancy buying one. And while you're at it give her blog a follow ;) I personally do love having a snoop on her hauls, pretty OOTDs, food trips and travels with great photos too. 

Thanks again!


Explorer's Lounge Podium

Another voucher we availed :) I grabbed a lot of deals last month as it really helps stretching out our moolahs. And as the spending months ended, it's time to replenish our depleted savings ;p Another thing is that I wanted to buy things for our unit little by little, making it look like a home :)

So this new place in podium caught my eye before. I thought it's a bookstore only. You can dine in here and browse/buy books, magazines and other gift items. Menu items are very limited, some are not available that time. I hope they add more. Some salads perhaps.

Mike had beef salpicao and he was happy with it, he liked that the beef was very, very soft.
I settled for a smoked salmon sandwich (as I am finding inspiration for sandwiches that I can create) and at the same time I'm wishing my tummy won't be upset bec of the fish. It has tomatoes, onions, capers and bitter greens I can't recognize, surprisingly.

Beef Salpicao
Smoked Norwegian Salmon on Baguette

I ordered Mocha (mixed cocoa and coffee) for our drinks which taste like milo and coffee hehe.
I also hope they add sockets/extensions in their place, we brought our laptops pa mandin as we wanted to stay until  their closing time. So we just went to Starbucks afterwards.

Before leaving I took a photo of their telephone booth. It's a real telephone booth btw. (sana pala nagpapic ako sa loob ;p)



My 27th birthday

 Feels like and looks like  I'm not 27 ;p

Last Sunday, we had a simple celebration at home for mike  (jan 4) and advanced for me (jan8)
pancit lucban with lots of vinegar  (simply the best nomnomnom)

Mike has been spoiling me lately,  bought me ube cake, got a copy of House of silk,  treated me a Yellow cab Dear darla pizza , how sweet?

his new hairstyle ;p
At work,  they "surprised" me with this creative cake ;p 
  Brazo mercedes topped with mini cupcakes that says happy birthday, it was funny that they thought I'm not inside the room so I heard all their  preparation ;)

My bday dinner with mike, at Explorers Lounge Podium after work which I'll be writing about next,
and we stayed a bit at Starbucks ortigas home depot afterwards.

I am touched by all the greetings and lovely birthday wishes , a massive thanks to y'all.

long PS:
I was asked by my boss "So, are you wiser?" (which I first heard as "are you huaweiser?" because we're talking about Huawei device before that (lolz!!!) so I stared at him blankly, repeating the question in my head and finally asked "uhm what do you mean?"), "Wiser, now that you're 27, did you become wiser?"   and because I don't have prepared answer and just want to end the conversation before my nose bleed I just said "uhm ah...i don't feel I'm 27" (ano daw?haha)   

Anyway, it is a good question to ask ourselves as we get a year older each year. Of course, I would love to say Yes I'm wiser generally,  but I'll pond over this thought starting now so I can tell  what areas specifically. hehe wuttt im sayin ba? O_o

Hope we all have a great weekend ahead! Happy Saturday!



Persian Square

i'm back to eating my greens but still throwing in some sweets because there are still desserts in our fridge and holidays seems not over until mike's bday (yesterday, 4th) and my bday at the 8th of this month :D

and so last night we just had a simple and lovely dinner at Persian Square.

I love the detailed interiors, minimal lighting and overall ambiance. :)

Persian Blend coffee, 2 meals, Buttered basmati Rice, Grilled Tomatoes
The discount voucher also includes a shisha, a smoking device which we didnt avail of course,
The place gave a calm feeling after a long day (^ v ^)
and  mike's fave Starbucks peppermint before going home



New Year 2013

 first time for my father and titos to try cooking lechon at home
12 kinds of fruits, macaroni salad, we also had pancit bihon and buko salad that night

my bro bought some fireworks
I told him not to buy fireworks/firecrackers anymore, bec. of the poor birds,
and his face went "wut r u talking about" :/
the Torotot I bought (2 years ago?), and my mom's traditional "throwing of coins"

I placed our puppies inside my bro's room and looked after them during the loud midnight :)
I hope you all had fun celebrating the eve of 2013.
Happy New Year!



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