Movie Review: Avengers

As much as possible, we really like watching movie in Eastwood Cinema  and Podium too (my fave!)  but based on experience in Eastwood, for a superhero/kid friendly movie there'll be a chance to be seated with a babbling, all-knowing, noisy kid :/

Podium on the other hand would be jam-packed for sure (2 cinemas only) that I wouldn't risk sitting beside someone who loudly slurps their drink -_-

Next choice - Robinsons Galleria. I don't remember someone sat beside us everytime we watch movie in here :)  They have 10 cinemas and I don't have anything bad to say on the quality :) 

And so we brave watching Avengers on its opening day after work.

mike would be coming from makati so I went ahead and bought our tickets that took me one hour in line! I stood there for an hour (but I'm not complaining :) it just the feeling of imagining someone would announced that tickets were sold out already (noooo!))  

I was surprised that our tickets are handwritten LOLz. I got the 8:40 time. It was 7:30 already, mike was still stuck in traffic and I thought of checking out Cinema 9. 

As expected there's already a line for 8:40!!! So I thought of staying there instead of going somewhere and forever loose my hopes of getting the front seats. mike arrived past 8 while I was busy amusing myself by reading ebooks.

So finally after a long wait, movietime! We seated in front and no one sat beside us weeeee!

And all I can say is that we enjoyed the movie, mixed emotions here and there, and amazed again by Loki and Thor.  I do really wish they put a mask on J.Renner! what an awful acting! 


Still Avengers is epic!!! What a night :)


Chic-Boy: Chicken Liempo and Pork Sinigang

there's a new Robinson Supermarket near us (not new actually, a couple of months ago, just our first time) with ChicBoy, Mang Inasal and Mr. Ube- will try here soon! 

Our dinner after we bought something at Robinsons,  

Yummy photos :)

So we literally try Chicken and Baboy :) actually I just ordered sinigang for the veggies :)
mike said ChicBoy tastes good than Mang Inasal
I forgot the price, the chicken cost Php90+ and Sinigang for P50+ 

For complete prices check out their site: http://www.chic-boy.com.ph   :)


Discovering C6 to Bicutan

mike and I went to DOST Bicutan to request for temporary scholarship clearance. 
We were kinda excited to try out this C6 route from Rizal (no traffic, no toll fee)

c6 route

Well, at first I thought it would be scary because of the Laguna lake view, but it's not.

View on my left

View on my right 
Destination reached in 30 minutes :)
DOST bicutan

alternate route when we go home to Laguna ^_^

since we haven't been to SM Bicutan, we chose to have lunch there and also bought our groceries

@Classic Savory (i luv d' pancit!)

Good for 2 Combo Php295

chicken savory


I won Flower Collection Online Shop 1K GC

Yey! Thanks to manilashopaholic.com and The Flower Collection!
For someone who doesn't shop for clothes for like a year now, I deserve something like this ^_^
And  besides some of my favorite office clothes are now starting to fade, :/ I badly need a new set of office wears.

I placed my order before the holy week holidays and added instruction to them to ship it on the week of April 10. I paid a total of P1,179. I paid the remaining P179 via credit card.
My package comes with paper bag, clothes were beautifully wrapped in this flowery paper (middle photo) and a free notepad. Thank you!

I chose 2 items on sale @ P589 each  (photos from their online shop)

I just wish that they have smaller sizes, XS or XXS perhaps as I find their smallest size like medium for me, but then, I'll just have them alter according to my fit.


Mann Hann at Megamall

Last Saturday, I need to work and left my poor, sick bunchkin at home where he only ate noodles for breakfast and dinner @_@. 

So for dinner, he ate 'real' foods:

@MannHann Megamall, they have their own taiwan milk tea :) I think their menu price is just same as HK Choi..

And oh last Sunday, he claimed that he feels good already after I made him drink my healing concoction. And finally (we bought this several weeks ago), he installed this in our door :) #paranoidgirl

Masuki, Happy Lemon Megamall and new Shoes

Last Friday bunchkin's treat @Megamall, new Masuki and Happy Lemon branch :)

Masuki is located at the lower G/F near timezone and Happy Lemon near Tokyo Tokyo at 3rd Level. Our first taste of Masuki  was 2 years ago.

Mike and the big SIOPAO ^_^
Masuki Siopao Php85, Wanton mami Php125

And so untimely and not in budget, my sandals started to say hello to the world so I bought a new pair...  it was already past 9:30PM, mall will close at 10PM :/ thanks to Parisian affordable shoes hehehe 
my new Parisian pair for only P599 \m/


The Buchi Story

I love buchi, the one with sweetened monggo filling. But I dunno where to buy here in Manila, I like Chowking's version but it's still different.

When mike brought some 'real' buchi from his hometown (photo above), I searched the net on how to cook it. 
It was very simple to my surprise. All you need: rice flour and the monggo filling.Deep fried. Simple than Hopia eh?! 
After watching and read some instructions online, I am finally decided to try it. 

me: I will make you some buchi!  It's very easy! \m/
mike: honey please... leave buchi to the experts



Panciteria Lido

Our whole Saturday was spent waiting for car air blower replacement at Wheels Inc. E.Rodriguez Sr  :/
Nevertheless, it served as our resting day. Mike's lunch treat at Panciteria Lido ^_^ although initially he was nudging me to go to Burger King. 

Mike ordered Lido Sepo rice,as usual he was attracted to the breakfast meal look. The meal includes their specialty pugon roasted pork with asado sauce.
 And Chami Special for me, I missed Pancit

It's our first time here, mike's order cost P199 and mine at P120, kinda steep, well, the serving is just right and  it really taste good.
Panciteria Lido is just a building away from Wheels Inc and in front of Trinity College.


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