Human Nature Mineral ColorCreme Lipstick in Coral Charm

When we went to Human Nature concept store in Pasig a few weeks ago, I grabbed some of their new products - sunblock and this new colorcreme lipstick (Php295)

I haven't changed my lipstick ever since I discovered that their sweet nectar shade suits me very well.
I noticed that the corals or pinkish nude shade looks great on me.

100% Natural :)

Bottom - "Coral Charm" LipCreme,  Up - "Sweet Nectar" Lipstick
They look almost the same but a closer look at the coral charm seems it is more pinkish.

The coverage is amazing, even though I have pigmented lips the color still shows and no need for a lip concealer. It also glides smoothly and has a shiny/glossy finish, makes my lips look soft and moisturized.  aylabit! 

This is the same lipstick I used at my friend's wedding and this is now my new everyday lipstick :)



Lent 2014

How's your  looong weekend?

I was able to eat some of my favorite foods while staying in Laguna: Veggies, Ginataan Bilobilo, Laing, Champorado, Pancit ...

I also bought some  fish hotdog in the supermarket, in fairness it taste like hotdog naman

Snowbell stayed in M's house so someone was happy to have my attention  =)

 Last Friday, we watched the traditional Siete Palabras (7 Last Words) on TV and the movie Son of God.

 At the beginning of the movie, it feels like watching some modern movie because of great effects and powerful soundtrack that I immediately googled when it has been shown, I'm not aware that this was released only Feb of this year.

I am surprised actually that this turned out to be a very good , inspirational movie adaptation.

They portrayed the image of Jesus that I imagined when I read the bible who looks very, very kind.
Even the scene in the temple where He overturned the table of the money changers and vendors - He doesn't look furious or extremely angry. In other movie adaptations, they portrayed this scene with madness.

This movie also has their own interpretation of other scenes in the bible but I would say it is well thought of and it gave me a wider understanding of those scenes.

If you haven't watched this, I guaranteed that it will make you glued to your seat from start to end even you already know how the story will unfold. =)

Checkout the trailer:


Batangas Pasalubong

Aside from what we bought from Cafeñowe also bought Tablea and Kape Barako from San Juan Pasalubong Center which is I think about 1 KM  away from the municipal hall of San Juan. 

This shop sells lambanog, panucha, coffee, tableas, keychains, TShirts, handicrafts and other sorts of pasalubong.

Kape Barako (php140), Both tablea w/ or w/o sugar (php100) 

The tablea packaging is not very appealing to me but the taste is ok. We had it for 3 mornings already :)

We also stopped by Cafe De Lipa in Petron STAR tollway. 

It has a different packaging compared to the mall or I don't know if they completely changed it already. I thought the price is lower too but it's almost the same at P170 (If I remember it correctly supermarket price is P175) so we just bought 2 packs only. If the price is lower as I imagined then we would've probably hoarded ;p

So this is the final post from our Batangas trip :) We love to go back again. It is really nice to pause and breath with nature sometimes and then feeling recharge and ready again for the busy city life.

PS: Where do you usually buy pasalubong from Batangas?


Batangas Trip: Cafeño

I spotted this cafe on our way to Laiya, I suggested to M that we'll have our lunch here on our way back. It is located just a few meters away from municipal hall of San Juan.

No parking space, just park on the side

M's Batangas Tapa w/ Barako Shot (Php145) 

I tried their suman tamales w/ kapeng barako (Php90)

The suman is bland so you need to pour the coconut syrup. Surprisingly, we didn't find the barako coffee strong nor bitter. The batangas tapa taste like beef steak (somewhat).

We bought: Coffee Bun (na lasang uber sweet monay) (Php60), Panucha(Php40), CacaoBalls(Php120)

Cafeño is a quaint, home and a bit pricey but decent place to satisfy your Batangas food curiosity :)


La Luz Beach Resort

We booked La Luz initially as it is the original venue before it was changed to Klub Keluarga. It still fine with us because Laluz is only 10 mins away from the venue.

After a few hi and hellos to the couple and fitting my dress (I just texted them my measurement), off we went to La Luz to check in.


P1250 per head is required for the meal buffet package (lunch, snacks, dinner, breakfast) but I requested if we can only pay for 2 meals(lunch,breakfast) and they agreed. So we only paid P700/head yey!

It was around lunch time when we arrived so they ushered us to the dining hall.

Our room, I love the native look (feel mo na malayo ka sa kabihasnan

 That's a bamboo speaker on the side table. And in fairness, they have wifi. (btw, wala phone signal sa kota keluarga)

We left the wedding at around 7PM. We bought toothpaste at the nearby store in Laluz (it was not provided pala) then fell asleep as early as 9PM.

A good 8 hours sleep! the next day we immediately went out at around 6AM and mr. sun was already out.

Then time for breakfast (7-9:30AM). I'm so full I was not able to try everything.

Then time for reviewing what we learned from our swimming lesson! We just stayed in the waist-level area. Just 4-5 meters away from the shore the water is already deep. 
yung outfit eh kala mo ang gagaling lumangoy!

going home outfit

we enjoyed our mini vacation :)

Laluz Accomodation - Php3490.00 (booked via Agoda)
Food = Php1400 (2 person, lunch and breakfast) 

(approx 1.5 hours from Lipa City)

Beach Wedding at Kota Keluarga, Laiya Batangas

First Time - to be a bridesmaid and to go to the beach \^_^/

The venue is approximately 3 Hours drive from Manila, or less (if we didn't get lost somewhere in Lipa City...) After we turned right from San Juan municipal hall, we needed to stop to pay P20/Tourist.

Then Kota Keluarga is approx. 15KM or around 20 mins drive.  My bff Jen's wedding was held at Klub Keluarga which is approx 10mins away from Kota Keluarga's entrance because  3/4 of the way is a dirt road.

This view gives me goosebumps but at the same time I am excited, our swimming lesson gave me at least 25% confidence lolz

 We stayed in the shade as it is extremely hot that noon.  
The sand looks white pero brown siya in real life. I'm dreaming of having a house in this residential resort. :)

my bouquet

 NOTD (GirlStuff nail polish)

with my silver wristlet from GKonomics 
and a simple makeup by yours truly (reading my friend Jes (MakeupLove) blog helps a lot)

I'm so girlalooo that day, with flower crown effect

I'm so happy for my college bff Jen, we got all teary eyed with their vows (good thing I didn't put on a mascara)
lovely wedding!

During the wedding, nagsshooting pala ang Dyesebel dun sa paanan ng hill

Congrats to jen&alex! 


Healthy Inspiration: March Healthy Eats

I concluded that this is definitely the time of the year wherein I feel excited to eat pancakes and breads every morning. 

I used either spelt or rye flour for the pancakes.
It tastes good with white onion too!

I also made several attempts at baking ;p 
I tried baking without butter and refined sugar, using Buckwheat and Soy flour only so it was a bit tricky to get the correct proportion, which means they were all imperfect hehehe

I'm also loving omelet at the moment (just eggs and onion)

One midnight, I tried to make onion rings using soy flour for midnight snack. 
It came out too oily :/

I also tried Malagos Feta Cheese for our sandwiches. (P290+ for 150g)

For dessert, we always have dark chocolate bar in the fridge. ;)

And then I prepared salads at home as much as possible.

This one was just topped with fried onions and then I added a squeeze of calamansi

I really find it hard to choose a "perfect" avocado. It's either overripe or extremely bitter. If it is only as easy as choosing bananas then I'll have one everyday. 

Luckily I managed to choose a perfect one for this salad: Lettuce, Avocado, Egg sprinkled with Garlic bits.

This one is just a lettuce with pan fried chicken 

and one of my fave - a simple pineapple with greens salad that is perfect for summer :)

March, in overall, I listened to my body and I gave in to what it craves. Instead of calling them "cheat days", I call them "reward days" ;p. I updated my March highlights post and realized I ate huge slice of cakes. (I hope my bridesmaid dress still fits!)  

 I also hope that I can hone my baking skills using healthy alternative ingredients so I can share the recipe here and also come up with some tasty and appealing green salads  :)

'til next healthy inspiration post!


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