Wednesdate: Adventures of Tintin, California Pizza Kitchen, Happy Lemon

At Powerplant Mall, Rockwell

Christmas is in the air!

May gumagalaw na reindeer

Watched "Adventures of Tintin" Php185/ticket

not emotional, not exciting or what but has interesting story and a bit funny

California Pizza Kitchen, we used our GCs worth 200

Pizza Regular Php295

Pesto Cream Penne Php195

Then we bought Happy Lemon's Roasted Cocoa Milk Tea Large Php95 before going home :)

Thanks for my honeybunckin's movie and dinner treat! mwahugs!!!! :)


A day without makeup retouch

Woke up early yesterday  (4 hours sleep only)

Face: HumanNature mineral pressed powder in Island Shell and HumanNature Pink skies lipstick  + TonyMoly eyeliner 
(hope that Human Nature come up with eyeliner)

no concealer ahehe 

Before and after lunch at Old Manila Coffee House , no retouch
From Makati to Rob Galleria and way back home, no retouch, traffic!!!
Afternoon at home playing with hair ahehe, no retouch, lipstick still there! ;)

Btw, Human Nature turned 3 yesterday ;) Happy Anniversary! More power!!!

Old Manila Coffee House

After our appointment in Makati, we had lunch at Old Manila Coffee House. I redeemed my P300 voucher from Metrodeal.

We ordered coffee, tocino +egg for him and chopsuey +rice for me.
Nothing extraordinary except the price.

Our bill cost Php501!!!! Ginto? 

Old Manila Brew Php75

Gintong chopsuey!

Gintong tocino breakfast meal!

Good thing I have voucher so we just paid Php201. :)

The place is cute, warm ambiance.

Located at Prince Plaza Condomininium, corner Dela Rosa St and Legaspi St. (Near Greenbelt)


Cereals for Dinner

I usually stay in the office up to 12am or 1am.
I already consider it early if I go home around 9 or 10PM.

So I eat twice at night, around 6-7PM and 9-10PM
I'm tired of eating Oatmeal or fruits! haha!
SM megamall is the only establishment near in the place, i also feel lazy walking out for dinner.

So just recently, for variety, I thought of eating cereals with powdered skimmed milk or soy milk. ;) Will go back to fruits in the next few weeks ;p

Fitnesse w/ fruits (Php150+/box) CornFlakes (Php60/box) 

Frosties Php70/box
1 box usually 3 servings for me.

My recent discovery, Green Tea soymilk! Yummy!

Washboi Waterless Car Wash

This green innovation product will clean and polish your vehicle’s bodywork, glass and wheels without water. 
With just “spray-wipe-buff” you’ll get a clean and shiny car. But it doesn’t only do the carwash; it also takes care of our environment.

We saw their booth at Shopwise Libis, got curious and searched the net when we got home.

I bought bf first set at EchoStore, Podium.
The car wash costs 395 pesos while the glass cleaner and tire cleaner are 295 pesos each.

Read more of Mike's review (oh he has a blog O_O)

Available at Echo Stores (Podium, Serendra)
Visit http://washboi.multiply.com/ for more info


Fashion Rev Manila: A Fashion and Lifestyle Bazaar

Long day for me and bf!
Sadly we weren't able to attend Humanity Fair of HumanNature ;(
Car service maintenance @ Wheels Inc QC finished 12nn.
We were there before 7am! and still 3rd in line?! @_@

But, but, but  we were able to passed by Fashion Rev, thanks to jessa's complimentary passes. ;)
thanks much gurl!

I didn't take a lot of photos. There are accessories, RTW's, makeup, gift items, beauty products and a lot more. There are also some food stalls inside.

Some stalls I stopped by:

http://www.cliqnship.com/ (I registered!)
- hmmm same rates with Xend, i like their collect and deposit feature

Cute Pillows, familiar icons/buttons?

There are items for men too (shirts, shoes..)

I will check out some of the fliers and calling cards online:

There are lots of stalls that sells accessories: clay accessories, feather accessories, connector rings...

I also checked out beauty stalls, selling beauty oils.

Absynthe carries essential oils of different kinds,will tell mom about this
My mom is looking for Rose Hip oil (oils that can help remove old scars)
Oh they are expensive pala. 
Rose Hip (almost Php600 for smallest container), other oils -Emu Oil, Argan Oil

Argan Oil, treat skin ailments such as skin sthma, psoriasis
also lightens scars and keloids, from The Souq Intl

And oh Im glad to see Zoya, OPI and Essie nail polishes ;)

This event is until tomorrow, drop by 10am -10pm @ Megatent, Ortigas.


IPL Hair Removal Experience

Of course I won't post my UA photo ;p

Just wanna share that I have undergone 5 sessions of Underarm IPL Hair Removal. I just want to stop shaving or plucking so I tried IPL treatment.

I bought 2 deals from Ensogo - Contours Podium and the other 3 deals from Metrodeal - La Estetica Ortigas (back of Robinsons Galleria).

I have naturally unruly, thick UA hair (-_-), but as I've mentioned here after using Human Nature's All Natural Deodorant, the hair grows slow, thin and short, plus it lightens the skin. I hope they come up with new formulation for men.

Before going to my first session, I've searched the net and read others IPL experience. They said don't shave/pluck a week before. But based on my experience (both Contours and La Estetica) they shaved the hair before treatment. I guessed they just want to check the condition of your hair.

Contours, Podium
- painless
- Php600 deal,session

Contours, Podium 

La Estetica
-Php300 deal,session

That's how I differ the two. Maybe they are using different machine. Session last for 10-15 mins only.

Result: 2 months now after my last session = Minimal and Slow Hair growth. Still not completely hair-free.
Hmm I guess my hair type needs more than 10 sessions vs. the suggested 6-8 session. XD
For now, I'll try to find some safe to use hair removal cream.


Nails: China Glaze Heart of Africa

Thanks to my bff Rochel who bought this from Singapore. mwah! miss you!

Color is amazingly gorgeous!  Photos are just taken by phone so the slight shimmer is not obvious.
It is already glossy so I didn't put any top coat.

I'll be wearing this for the next few weeks.<3
Cost  SGD18 or around Php500+ at Sephora. 


Icings: Cakes, Breads and Cafe

 We watched Puss in Boots at Eastwood Cinema and went out of the movie house laughing, cute movie!  :D
We had Piattos while watching so we are not very hungry afterwards.

Since we will also do our grocery, we went to SM,Tiendesitas and have our dinner there.
Icings is located inside SM Hypermarket.

 Cute place

My order - Ube Pandan Cake Php90
Amazingly Super moist and yummy!

                        Nyuk nyuk nyuk

Bf's order = Pesto Php185 (not good and expensive!!! hmp!)

Our bill, Php302 (with service charge). If ever we come back here, we'll just stick to their cakes.


Human Nature Personality Feature Post

Thank you to HumanNature for this feature post
*shyness* ahihi

Like their Page: https://www.facebook.com/humanheartnature
Follow http://twitter.com/HumanNaturePhil

I hope that my HHN user friends get a feature too so I can know more about them.

My apologies for a not so good quality photo. 
Here's the full photo of that. 

Side note: Last weight check : whooping 37kg  Woot! \m/

Learn more about HumanNature Check out their website http://www.humanheartnature.com/
You can contact me if you have questions on HumanNature ;)))))))


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