Shanghai Fried Siopao

As if we're not yet satisfied, we bought fried siopao before heading to the parking along Ongpin St. Trying out the Shanghai Fried Siopao, a small takeout shop.

Fried siopao is not fried all over as you may think, only the bottom part.
the filling taste like lumpiang shanghai and doesn't taste like fried.

Fried siopao at Php16 only
They also sell other Chinese deli.

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Salazar's Bakery
Eng Bee Tin
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Salazar's Bakery

After Eng Bee tin, we went to Salazar's bakery for additional take home goodies! We bought hopia ube, monggo, lotus cream, cheese rolls, asado roll, chicken roll, chiffon. hehe,

I think the Salazar's bakery is still located in Ongpin St. just a few meters away from EngBeeTin.

Eng Bee Tin Siopao

For me, their asado siopao is better than Masuki. I like the sweetness of the bun and the asado filling is not dry.

Asado siopao Php42

A loud musical sound when you press this button.

@ EngBeeTin Restaurant, Lakers Theme hehe

Located along Ongpin St.

We also buy mooncake and hopia from their goodies store nearby.

Our next stop: Salazar's Bakery

Binondo FoodTrip: DongBei Dumplings

Best dumplings in town - according to some writeups.
Dumplings are made freshly in front of their store.

Kuchay dumplings and Pork dumplings. Fried Php100 for 10pcs, Steamed Php100 for 14pcs

Hmmm..for me the sauce (soy sauce & vinegar, I think) does not match the dumplings well.

Herbal Tea - taste like C2 Green Tea Php25 each

Located at Yuchengco St. (turn left if coming from the church) We walked all the way the other side of the street just to find out its on the other side, whew!


CROCS MegaSale

We arrived at around 1PM.
Long queue before entering MegaTent.

Some items are still in boxes, some are just scattered on the floor.

I really don't have intention of buying for myself but as I was looking on the Lena style, I find it cute somehow so i started looking for black size 5. I got hold of the left pair and have difficulty finding the other half. The saleslady said there are no more stocks for that. (?)

After searching boxes and checking almost all the black lena style, I almost gave up. But I heard the other lady asking the sales attendant for the left pair size 5 black and she was holding the other pair! (aha!) I quietly waited for her to let go of the other pair as she searched here and there, checking out the piles and boxes, asking again the attendant....searching... searching...

Until finally! she gave up (nyaha!)
Lena style Buy 1 Take 1 (^_^)

We leave at around 3pM.
More info:


Jewel's Cake

For my father's bday (^_^)
Topped with crispies + white and semisweet chocolate.

...will post ingredients soon!


Archie's BBQ at Tiendesitas

Our favorite bbq! The only food stall we frequently dine at Tiendesitas. After eating siops at mami in Masuki. Their BBQ is only Php45 but their rice - Php30!

Located at Tiendesitas Food Village, stall fronting Pet Village.

Masuki, Greenhills

Famous MaMonLuk, now Masuki, has branch in Greenhills corner Madison Street (bldg after Madison Square).

( Big Siopao!) Asado Siopao Special @ P65. I like the sauce but I want the bun a little bit sweetier like Myra's Siopao in Lucban.

Bolabola siopao @ 46Php
Original Mami at Php95. (just an ordinary taste for me)


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