HayWire, Nachofast, Johnny Rockets

Thanks for my bunchkin for the fridate treat at Eastwood City ^_^

We were way too early for the movie time so we ate our movie snacks while waiting ;p

Nacho Combination Php170

Watched Haywire. Gina Carano looks like Xena (the warrior princess =D ) BUT BUT nothing beats my Angelina Jolie and this is not even comparable to Wanted or Salt.
The movie was OK at first (fast pace, believable fight scene, tense and nice plot) but then... it just ended like .... eh?
This movie made me search self defense video in youtube ;p

Johnny Rockets afterwards

Mike's verdict: HID burger is better
Original Burger and Chocolate Milkshake Php511

Happy Weekend!


Weekend Summary

Loong weekend =D
Last Sat, we visited my grandmom. I think its more than 10 years since I last seen her. =)

4 Days vacation at  Laguna also means 'real' home-cooked meal! Yeah! 
I slept a lot and played with our puppy. I even took a video


Our adorable furry friends =D
I want to name him Ace, from One Piece hehe. He's soooo cute!
Here's Max, a very friendly dog, everyone is his master.

Worked at home and at the same time preparing for House of Silk (mike review2x) ;)

Last Tuesday, we watched the season finale ;( Something to look forward in 2013 (looooong wait eh?!)  Btw, I changed my ringtone, downloaded from Sherlockology, #Fangirl

Back to manila now, Mike brought a large pan of budin! (cassava cake) yumyum


Weekend: Banana Cake, Korean Food

Weee! I baked a really good Banana cake! ehem ehem but honestly I find the pre mix too sweet for my taste.
I know,  I know, it doesn't look appetizing (as if someone shot it lol)
I added the chocoballs 3 mins before I toasted it a bit (i love toasted sides and top =D)

Long weekend for me, work at home almost every friday (and weekends too). =D 
So basically spent it at home except last Saturday when we need to go to Globe customer service (Megamall) because our tattoo myfi was not working for 2 days. And as suspected, the sim needs to be replaced =( but it's free of charge 

Afterwards, grabbed these in the grocery to satisfy my korean food cravings. ^_^

I added eggs and leeks. In real life they are orange in color XD 
Last time when we dine at Kogi Bulgogi, I discovered that kimchi gets along with hot noodles *drool*
Every sunday morning means 'One Piece' though nothing happened much in the episode today. 
I am very much tempted to read the manga! grr!

Excited for Monday (Sherlock!!!) wee! though I heard there will be tears after Sherlock's episode finale XD



Sherlock, Chefs Quarter, Yogorino

Watched 2nd episode (The Hounds of Baskerville) before going to work (mood preparation ;p)
Overly excited for next week's episode!!!!
But the thought that it will be the season finale ... huhuhu
Farewell lunch for officemate RR
Finally tried Tessie Tomas Salad @ Chefs Quarter Megamall, hmm its good

After one year in the office,  was able to buy from Watsons and cafeteria! LOLz  
And also discovered the Echo Store in the convenience store toinkz!
Last year I only tried Fruitas, Starbucks and Figaro outside.

Super good yogurt ice cream! (doesn't taste like yogurt) 
Carmela's treat ;)

Something I need in my life ;p 
"New Sherlock Holmes novel by Anthony Horowitz out in November
The House of Silk, written as tribute to Arthur Conan Doyle 81 years after his death, is narrated in first-person by Watson.
The answer, Watson, is elementary. The reason Sherlock Holmes’ latest adventure, The House of Silk, is only being published 81 years after the death of his creator Arthur Conan Doyle, and 106 years after his final story about the tenant of 221B Baker Street, is that the story was simply too shocking to reveal until now." Source


Kogi Bulgogi at Eastwood Mall

Before we watched movie last Sunday...

kogi bulgogi

Bulgogi with rice 
kogi bulgogi
Mike said it lacks juiciness and flavor

Korean Hot Ramen (I chose level 5 spiciness)
kogi bulgogi

The kimchi is good and oh so hot! 

With the huge servings and spiciness we took our time to finish everything =D

Our view, dancing fountain =D
Our bill cost P333 only ^_^

mike is complaining he looks fat at the photo above, so take 2 lolz
Thanks for the treat! ;p

Kogi Bulgogi Korean Cuisine
2/F Eastwood Mall


My 26th Birthday

We had a simple  yet lovely celebration at home =D 
Mocha Cake, Pancit Lucban, Chooks To Go (hope to update this when I got the pics from mom)
Thanks mom for the gift, my wishlist #2!
Later that afternoon, mike and I dine at Kogi Bulgogi, braved some spiciness lolz (my next post) 

Tried Caprice Milk Tea at Eastwood Cinema, it's good =D 

then we watched Sherlock Holmes 2! =D Last friday, I repeatedly watched the UK Sherlock Season 2 series, I super love it. Sherlock overload!

JAW DROPPING Movie FTW!!!  I love the slow-mo pursuit scene!
Thanks to my hon for the treat!

And lastly watched the latest One Piece episode when we got home =) 

Thanks everyone for the greetings especially FB friends. I'm not into facebooking lately. It's really heartwarming that near and far far away friends still take time to greet. ^_^

Happy gal ^_^  Thank God!


Jamba Juice

mike shared this status of one of his fb friends to me before w/c I find funny:
  "jumamba juice ka na ba? hindi bumonchon chicken pa lang" ^_^

From Little Asia, Venice Piazza, we went to Bonifacio High Street for Jamba Juice. After a long walk from where we parked, wee reached 7th Avenue and can't find it. So we asked the guard ;p turns out we just need to cross the street. ;p I wished I could have checked their site first for the map XD http://jambajuice.ph/index.php/branches/branch-title-here/

Actually mike was not feeling well, he spent the entire morning in hibernation mode. He was on leave (2 days vacation leave) while I worked from home. We only went out in the afternoon. So I suggested he order Coldbuster (orange juice, orange sherbet, peaches, bananas, immunity and antioxidant) More info on their site http://jambajuice.ph/ I hope to try other products ^_^

We had a great day ^_^ (Mike was claiming that the Jamba Juice made him feeling well)

Again happy birthday =D

Little Asia at Venice Piazza

I can't imagine it's my first time at Venice Piazza LOLz 

At Little Asia

Kuchay dumplings P165 (they are big, looks like Gyoza)

Thai Eggplant P215 

Serving is good for two. The eggplants slices are big, dumplings size like big gyoza and I only finished 1/4 of the rice priced at P50/cup. I can't imagine mike finished his rice and mine lolz

Strolled a bit. Lovely day. I hope to get back there when their water canal is finished.

Before going home we search for Jamba Juice haha up next ;)
Just a simple celebration of mike's bday. ^_^

Happy Birthday! Mwahugs!

I decided to embed google maps ^_^. Going around Taguig (The Fort or McKinley) is very confusing! 

Little Asia, Venice Piazza Taguig City

View Larger Map


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