A trip to HumanNature Cainta Store

I wasn't able to attend the opening of new HHN QC concept store because of busy sched ;(
I really hope to visit them soon and also try Enchanted Farm Cafe's organic and healthy food.

So today, after lunch, we went to Human Nature Cainta store (nearest HHN store in our place) to replenish daily HHN product - facial wash and pressed powder. ^_^ 

Our first time at Rublou Market Place, didn't know there were lot of stores,restaurants to try in that area. (next time)

Lookie! affordable delivery fee if you're near the area. 

I would really recommend availing of delivery service, traffic is really, really bad currently along Ortigas Extension because of some major road repairs.

But here's a map if you like to visit. If coming from Ortigas CBD, after you pass by Robinsons Cainta, Rublou Marketplace  is on the left side.

Meanwhile, blogger Ruthilicious is having an awesome giveaway where she will be giving away Human Nature gift pack, 3 Theo and Philo Chocolates, 3 bottles of Enchantea, 1 pack of Sulu coffee 6 pack of Golden Eggs salted eggs. ^_^ Join her giveaway here (Ends April 6 noon) Share this giveaway to your friends too!

Btw, If you're interested on HumanNature Products/ information on how to register, I'll be glad to help :)
Email Address:


Join BC Bloggers

As I love reading and discovering other blogs, I signed up today for BC Bloggers, it has been a long time since I subscribed via email and forgot to join  ^_^


BC Bloggers is here to help you connect with other bloggers, you will enjoy reading new blogs and at the same time connect with them.

Anyone can join!

For more info or if your interested to join click here 


Hunger Games vs Battle Royale

My hair is just too long to braid :/

I only read the Hunger Games book synopsis last year and it sounded to me like Battle Royale so I didn't bother to read it or even got excited for the movie. I already fed up myself with too much morbidity films in the past so the thought of another 'Battle Royale' made me cringed. I think I saw that movie twice.

But then it's a hype movie and that's already a very good reason to see it in big screen (twilight is an exception). But still I'm contemplating, but then again we have free Ayala movie pass so why not. And as if that's not enough, I decided to read the book as suggested by wonderwomanrises blog

I read the first few pages and when I get teary eyed, I put it down and decided to reserved my feelings for
the movie. Yep I can cope up with that as I love surprises.

Good thing I did read the first part for it is one of the 'part' they did not focus in the movie that I think they should have done so.

I can't blame those who said that this is very much like 'Battle Royale', for me it is indeed (the entire idea of fighting til one survives, the announcing of 'the fallen' and the tracker thing. Of course there are still distinct difference esp. the technology, plot and time setting. I really like the idea of the presenting the tribute, I find it awesome. I also like the first person experience and unusual camera angles. It was pretty good. But don't get me started when it comes to the love thingy (roll eyes. ack!)

And yes I cried, hate it I already know I will for I didn't put on some eyeliner hahaha mike is making fun of me  and oh it's not as brutal, bloody and gore as Battle Royale as I thought it would be.

Overall, I'm glad we saw the movie. Now I can read the book and wondering what's the story of the other two books. :)

For those who are still hesitant to watch this because of BR, let just appreciate the art. :) There are numerous spy, agent stories, vampires, drama, love story and action movies with almost same plot after all. :)


Red Nails: CP Trendies

Got this CPTrendies nail polish from my aunt last December, also comes with orange color.
It's my first time to try this brand, I don't know if it is available here in Manila.
It has a glossy finish and is shimmering a bit. 3 coats and it'll be a deep dark bloody red. 
It looks very gorgeous and I'm impressed that the consistency is smooth and coats evenly :)

So there, just a quick post of my nail polish fave of the month ^_^


Weekend: Mini Pizzas, Cornetto Disc

I made some effort and prepared super simple mini pizzas last weekend for snack  (for a change because we eat Pancit Canton every weekend hehe)

super simple ingredients : (onion and red bell pepper not in the photo) 
I skipped the cheese and sprinkled Garlic powder and pepper instead

As usual we ate packs of our ever favorite Piattos =p , watched the admirable Sherlock (in between work) and One Piece (not so good episode hmp!) and we bought Cornetto disc (^_^) but I like their Hazelnut more.

I thought of the next series to watch when we finish Sherlock, any suggestion? Or should we go back to watching Naruto or Bleach...hmmm (stopped a long time ago because of fillers)

I got curious of BBC's Doctor Who and watched the episode 'The Impossible Astronaut", where mike and I find it good as everything with 'detective' theme is awesome. =) It's just that after one episode, you don't feel 'I want more' very badly...next episode can wait :)

And also, got a copy of Walking Dead (recent season?) wherein after the first 4 minutes, I thought I'm not yet ready to watch it LOLz, scaryyyy

Looking forward for the next weekend ^_^


Shi Lin at Podium

(oops forgot to post about this when I mentioned it here)
These are the days when I craved for noodles.
Large hot bowl of noodles with vegetable dumplings that mike and I shared =D

Reasonable price, if I remember it right the noodles cost P130+ and iced tea for P60+
I hope we could get back here and try their dessert dumplings.

Shi Lin, Located at Podium 3/F


Friday Treat: Komoro Soba and GongCha at Megamall

mike treated me to a dinner at Komoro Soba ^_^

Beef bowl Php92

Plain buckwheat noodles (Soba) for me Php80

We passed by BreadTalk afterwards where we both have a good laugh because someone took the last 2 pcs of the bread he wanted Lolz

Then I treated him with a large Winter melon tea from Gong Cha =D

Happy Friday!!!


John Carter and Magnum Truffle Sunday

My ever loving mike treated me to a movie date last night complete with our fave Piattos chips ^_^

The movie is a mix of comedy, action adventure and touching story,  though I find Lynn Colins bulky for the princess role (but I like her) and the fact that I sometimes feel heavy and lonely with the very deep imagination of the author (maybe I'm just weird)  And we would have a perfect movie experience if not for the annoying noisy kid behind us grrrr

I find it way better than the much hype Avatar. I mean, Avatar.. haller!!! @_@
Andrew Stanton directed John Carter, who also directed Wall-E, Finding Nemo to name a few
as Gambit
With Taylor Kitsch ever mysterious look (that I noticed since his Gambit role in XMen Origins), I hoped to see more of his film ^_^ They said there will be a sequel for John Carter! ^_^

I remember some of the trailers, my excitement died for Avengers (bec Jeremy Renner is ewww) and for Spiderman (bec I dont like the way they styled Andrew Garfield) but still I have to see both of them on big screen :p 
The Wrath of Titans trailer looks promising but I'm afraid it'll be like Clash of Titans that lacked emotion.

And when I thought  Magnum Truffle were already sold out everywhere... 7-eleven at Eastwood City Walk still have stocks :) I think this taste good than the other 2 flavors(classic and almond).  I would normally go for coned ice cream like Cornetto than the one in popsicle because I find them messy to eat, speaking of which, I haven't tried Cornetto disc!

Whew I can feel the summer!  Happy Sunday! 


Weekend: Noodles, Magnum, Champorado, Sherlock

I just thought I would share what I have been up to this weekend ^_^

After we ate noodles from Meylin, I craved for noodles so I cooked this Lucky Me instant noodles at home twice, i'm sooo love it with kimchi!
Lucky Me Chicken noodles, with greens and Kimchi =D

Tried this Mi Goreng, hmmm, tasted bland though

Champorado that becomes like sinaing?haha! I added lots of milk to make up for its dryness. @_@ (mike: why there's a lot of milk???!
Whenever I'm cooking something, mike will be nosing around with his questioning + sarcastic look, opening the pot lid and asking, "ano naman ito?!!!" or sometimes... "ano naman yung naamoy ko?!!!!" LOLZ

Last Saturday, we were out all day, car service apppointment at ERod took like 6 hours, we ate our extremely late lunch at Podium Shin Lin (will have a different post on this) . 
Mike have some work related gatherings later that day, I waited for him at Starbucks and also at Ministop where I was able to taste this Magnum Classic that I find very scary to eat because it might break If I take a bite 

Hello relaxing Sunday :)

I finished this bar of chocolate in one sitting while watching One Piece, gave just small size to mike wehehe. 
One little square of this fell on the floor, I washed it and "we" ate it (the horror!) hahaha

We also started watching BBC 90's Sherlock series, wherein Jeremy Brett looks exactly the same as I imagined Sherlock in the book!! ^_^

(Gone are the days of series marathon, nowadays we usually watch in tranches, during mealtime, if you happen to wonder how we squeeze something like this despite busy schedule ^_^ )

With all of that sinful food, I made some fresh apple+carrots shake =D

Happy Weekend!!!!


I won Alaska Kremtop Best Change for the Better 2012

Wala pa ring tatalo sa Alaska!

A million thanks Alaska KremTop! weehee! 
and to mike for claiming my prizes from their Makati office ^_^
I would really like to thank them personally but I'm not available so I have to send mike.
I owe mike a lot, he knows what I mean (wink wink)
I promise to post my adventure on 3Rs (Reduce,Reuse,Recycle) for this year!

Btw, the Alaska Evap is just in time as I grabbed some cocoa from our house last weekend and planning to buy one. Hello champorado after n years!


Meylin Pot and Noodle House at Megamall Atrium

Mike treated me to a yummy dinner!  <3
I didn't know there is a Mey Lin Hand-Pulled Noodles conveniently located at SM Megamall 4th Floor Atrium.
Because I'm dying to eat some Chinese goodness and haven't tried Mey Lin, I chose it in an instant.

It feels like I can still smell the toyomansi with chili (that I mixed with the noodle soup) while writing this XD nomnomnomnom *drool* 

The texture of the noodle is just right (is that al dente?).  I am so messy when eating this, I admit that I slurped it with much gusto ^_^

Mike ordered this Adobo Rice @_@ (biglang may adobo? =p)

The snack size noodle came in a HUGE bowl (I wonder how big then is their meal size!). And it cost only P110, the dimsum at P95 and Adobo rice at P70. No service charge =D

 Really wish we could go back here with mike and taste other noodles that they offer. Note: Noodles only. ^_^


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