Baby Ianne's Christening

Some photos from my niece's christening :)


My plate (I'm not that hungry as I ate a lot of tikoy on the way :/)

and OOTD :)

and then on our way home, we passed by Cakeland, we also bought Longganisa (aka Batutay) and ate tupig that we bought earlier on the trip :)


Rediscover: Army Navy, Dunkin, Eng Bee Tin

Tried again Army Navy, there's a branch in Megamall Atrium :)
I thought I haven't tried their chicken burrito (P165), I read again my old post about it here, (natikman ko na pala), chicken is still bland for my taste but the serving size of burrito is big and very filling. Mike's order is Starving Sailor sandwich (P215) - very cheesy and there are lots of huge bell pepper slices 

We went to Dunkin Donut afterwards, I learned that there is now a Red Velvet donuts.
We bought some munchkins together with our favorite Choco Butternut. It has been a year (?) since I last ate this Choco Butternut.  The red velvet taste is somewhat similar to butternut, better I think :) Now I have a new favorite!

On our way home, we passed by Mr. Ube along Ortigas Ext. (which I blogged here) for the tikoy (nakiki-chinese new year lang) and I wanted to try mochipia. It took me a while to realize what it might be. (mochi!)

Anyway we did not go to a place something new but there were something new we discovered ;p

PS: Have you tried the Dunkin's red velvet? or Eng Bee Tin's mochipia? 

Have a great weekend!


Weekend: Family Mart, Highlands, Mr. Parks

Finally visited FamilyMart in Ortigas. This one is in Emerald st, I also saw one along San Miguel ave.

Very few meal choices at that time. We tried this flavorful Oyakodon (P125) and Onigiris (P39 each)

There is also a nearby Highlands coffee where we tried mint iced coffee. We love everything with mint☺

Beside Highlands is Mr. Park's bread shop. Below is a chocolate scone which is a dry and crumbly type of bread and the other one has sweet beans filling. I love their Garlic Stick, (sweet toasted and garlicky). Will go back again for that ☺ 

Have a great week ahead!



My 28th Birthday

My 28th (jan8) and his 29th (jan4) bday :)

Last weekend, we had a simple celebration at home where my mom prepared pancit (her specialty), unpictured graham cake and sisig. I also prepared the penne pesto pasta (using fresh basil leaves), salad greens and baked a small chocolate cake :D

It was my first time to cook pesto for them and they liked it. (as expected ;p)

I used a simple recipe for the supposed to be 'cake' - rye flour, eggs, dark chocolate and oil. It did not rise because I did not put baking soda. I melted some dark chocolate truffles for the 'icing'.

We also watched some netflix movies - End of Watch (slow-paced movie) and the Escape from Planet Earth which is a funny animated movie. 

On the day of my birthday, I was treated with cake and pizza by my colleagues.

And then mike surprised me (making up for greeting me late), I thought he was at work all day.
 I came home with some food from Ambers.
Snowbell had a tasty dinner too, she loves the BBQ.

Another treat while having our Ambers dinner was watching Sherlock: The Sign of Three - light, funny and brilliant just like last week's comeback episode, had a good laugh. After 1 year of waiting, they finally released the season 3. 

 I have to remind myself that this is a different (modern) Sherlock adaptation, being the fictional character I respect the most, there are some scenes I don't approve esp. on 'The Empty Hearse'.. But this 2nd episode ended very well and I was really touched, I bet other audience would also say 'awwwww' :)

I love the camera shots in this scene:

Very nice that I saw this on my bday ^_^


Healthy Inspiration: Dr. Tam's Miracle Tea

Finally I found a time to do colon cleansing =D

I already blogged about Dr. Tam before here when I tried the Live Green.

Dr. Tam's Miracle Tea (Regular price is Php1500.00, they have a Buy1Take1 a week before Christmas)

-Thick consistency and taste a bit bitter but tolerable, just drink before bedtime or one hour after dinner
Within 5-8 hours, you'll feel the "urge" - (works for me) 

At first I tried about 1/4 of a cup as opposed to 1/2 cup recommended, the next day, I felt  it as soon as I woke up. 

Second day, I tried 1/2 cup... good thing it was Sunday because I felt it throughout the day! (as in I'm so tired na at nawala na ang tiyan ko ;p )

I did not drink it everyday, I skipped about 1-2 days before drinking again, I also shared it with my aunt and she also experienced how effective it was ;p

Highly Recommended! :)

Tip: If you don't need this urgently, wait for the sale. Based on previous years, they usually have a sale during the Holy Week. ;p


New Year 2014

I woke up early on the 31st, prepared potato salad (again) and kamote salad. ;)
I over boiled the kamote, it became a bit mushy :/ 

It is the first time I contributed something, I still remember my bro's face while eating them.
"Ano ba ito??.... kamote?!!! O_O"   

The kids used that torotot na di na hinihipan, meron na palang ganun.
There were only few fireworks being let off in our area and we did not buy one which is a good thing bec our dogs were not very scared as compared last year.

I've tried this local Bugnay Wine, tolerable taste and kinda sweet.

My mom also prepared buko salad, suman and pansit. My uncles cooked the lechon and dinuguan. 
Our table spread is not complete if there's no tray of fruits. :)

I hope you all had fun celebrating the eve of 2014 :)



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