September Bday Celebrations and our new Kitten

Work days madness again, somehow I have a relaxed weekend.
So last Friday, mike's  movie treat to me, we watched this awesome movie Dredd ^_^ 
Then we both spent our weekend with our families. It was my aunt's bday last Saturday and my bro's bday this wednesday. Happy Birthday!

I ate way too much sweets! 

It's also good to see our naughty dogs and played with them in a while. And the newest addition to our furry friends, my younger bro's adopted kitten which he named Nyu, she's sooo tiny and cute. She follows everyone who enters the room, walking in her tiny steps and when she gets tired, she goes back to her box. She also loves to cuddle. 

last week of September! so fast! 



Movie Review: Dredd

I've seen Stallone's Judge Dredd before (when I was in grade school?), I already forgot the story but surely, it is completely different from this new Dredd.

I would say it is a nice and awesome movie, one of must-see movie!! I do expect a lot on how it will end, so it just feels like it lack something. Only that and everything else was fine. ^_^  

But oh, sadly, lots of deleted scenes because it is R-16. We really wished that they make it available here in both R-18 and R-16. We'll definitely watch this again without the cuts when the copy is out.

I love the effects (surely one of the great reason to watch it on big screen!) , sounds and the somewhat chaotic futuristic setting which is like District 9. Simple story and goal, (di siya nakakastress). If you've seen "The Raid: Redemption" (which is btw another must see movie) ...  you will know which is better clearly. (i won't spoil hehe

Side Story: Maybe the first time for mike and I to watch movie without movie food as we want to catch the 7:50 PM (bec the next is 10PM na) show and only have 5 mins left  O_O we hurriedly made our way from Robinsons Galleria basement to 4th floor, bought tix, tried but left the line for food at BK and KFC, dashed to comfort room, and the show started just in time we seated, haven't seen the trailers!! lolz 

Happy Monday!


Movie Review: Resident Evil Retribution

I love the  RE movies, esp. the first 2, the 3rd and 4th was good but left me with kinda lonely-ish  feeling. For the 5th installment,  I suggest watching it in 2D na lang bec. not enough eye popping scenes for 3D naman. 
 Nevertheless, Resident Evil' movies are all awesome. I will never get tired of Alice even if the series goes on until forever haha!

So the RE 5 starts with a jaw-dropping scene (yes napa-nganga ako sa uber ganda!) And you know that feeling when you thought that it will be the finale, mixed joy and sadness,  so I really tried to watch without blinking lolz!  

My favorite would be the fighting action scene in tokyo/umbrella hallway was just awesome to the nth level that I want to enroll in some karate/krav maga/ boxing lesson or whatever as long as I can kick like a badass.

Another thing I love in RE movies is that Alice is kinda emotional when it comes to her friends,  you don't feel that the story is empty. (ah basta ganun!Would have been better if Ada Wong looks fierce though (she looks maamo) and Jill Valentine's hair is black.

so cool, awesome, lahat na!

*spoiler alert* can't wait for next! pwede bang wala na lang katapusan?! 

happy and excited!  \(≧∇≦)/ 


I won: House of Luxe x WonderWomanRises

wee! \(*^▽^*)/
a big thank you to


I won: Food Reviews Manila X Cupcakes by Sonja

After claiming our bag from Ensogo office, we also passed at Cupcakes by Sonja at Serendra to claim and used the GC that I won from Food Reviews Manila. Do check out her blog for food/restaurant events/reviews with great photos.

wee thank you (^ v ^)  

A Trip to Ensogo Office

We went there to pickup the trolley bag we availed.
Details of the deal here.

The Ensogo office is located at W building at The Fort, just across Serendra.

As early as 10-11, lots of customers already who were also claiming their items.
We're #59 in the line. mike and I were like "ang OA!" (O_o)

waterproof carlsan trolley bag comes with a vanity kit, also function as a backpack

As my last year's wishlist I really want to have a wheeled bag for my laptop. We decided to buy it because it is waterproof and affordable at 52% off.  So there's no more 10mins (of agonizing pain lolz) walking in and out of the office. I'm a happy potato. 


Dimsum Love: Gloria Maris and Super Bowl

last week when I'm craving for dimsum goodness 

Super Bowl @ Megamall Atrium  (Dimsums at 50% off Promo) \(^_^)/  
Hakaw and Siopao

Gloria Maris @ Podium  
Hakaw, Japanese Siomai, Spinach Soup, Jasmine Tea

And what makes it good .... the toyomansi sauce... *drools* 

Finally it's rest day sunday!  What a manic work sched again. I have lots of post coming up to make up for my backlogs. ^_^



August in photos

1st "Ber"  month!  (I'm thinking of creating an Instagram account but afraid it would end up like my Pinterest account that I don't use....hmmmm )

 Let's see what i've been up to last August in addition to what I've already posted:

1. J.Co Donuts Avocado (yumminess, i really hope to try all flavors)
2. Crukitchen Cake  chocolatey!
3. Yogorino yogurt the best yogurt i've tasted

4. Mernel's ube cake (may ube cake pala sila and masarap)
5. Sophie's mom spanish bread
6. EngBeeTin hopia
7.Conti's Cheesepuff
8. Chatime Wintermelon
9. Pasta from Pancake house (i gave the bacon to ofismate)


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