Happy Birthday Deo

Part 1 of Deo's Bday
Pizza Hut, (mas gusto daw niya ng pizza instead of cake), Buko salad, Spaghetti,
Then they spent the day playing computer games, playing PSP, videoke and watching dvds - Toy Story 3 and Tekken.
More Pics:


Hana, Little Tokyo: Kakigori

Ramune and Melon 

Chel was craving for some ice cream dessert, dinala namin siya sa may Hana, Little Tokyo instead, just across Makati Cinema Square...

Good for 2 naman ung shave ice dessert... maxado pa maaga closed pa ung ibang establishment dun, masaya sana mag-okonomiyaki

Mas masarap pa rin yung melon flavor kesa sa Ramune (the one in blue-bubblegum soda)
Melon yung inorder namin dati.

More pictures:

Jethro Shooting Range


Its my 1st time to hold a real gun and heard a gunshot. Nakakagulat pala, sobrang lakas... tunog pa lang feeling mo may tama ka na.
3 Kg yung gun 50mm, mabigat and parang tatalsik na ako pagpull ko ng trigger. Pero actually magaan na raw yun for beginners.
Even the place is creepy. ;(



this lens's photo
Wee.. Jolie, I really love her figure! I love her look in that black outfit, so cool.
Hmm reviews are right, fast paced action, nice story, unexpected twist (some of my predictions are wrong hehe),
you'll never knew what will happen next and why.... I'm not bitin but I want part 2!!!! more2x!
I still see Liev Schreiber(Ted Winter) as Sabertooth and Mike didn't even remember that 0_o

Watched it with Arianini and Mis Anji @ Podium. I love Podium cinemas.  (^_^) Hmm for the nth time, the teller confirmed that the seat I chose was in front row, near the screen... "Mam front row? malapit po sa screen???"  >.<


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