Lucban Buhusaya + IJ's 1st Bday

We celebrated my inaanak's party last Easter sunday in lucban :)
His parents chose the date to have a pool party theme as the town celebrate the "Buhusan" festival. 
When M told me about this tradition, I thought there are people throwing water along the road. 
I didn't know they also setup inflatable pools in front of their houses, kids having fun with waterguns and most of the people are wearing rashguards / swimmng outfit. :)

I love our traditional pinoy birthday parties - with hotdog on sticks + marshmallows, home-cooked foods and games like Pabitin and basagan ng palayok, neighborhood kids -  it brings back childhood memories ;p

Kids having fun :)

Happy Birthday IJ!


Casa Verde @ Megamall

Celebrated our friend's birthday @ Casa Verde Megamall :)

Huge servings for affordable price (about 200+ per dishes). For a group of 4, (3 of which are heavy eaters ;p), I would say sulit naman na.

Warm and woody interior

Chicken fillet plate
I'm the only one in the group who ate the veggie sidings 

Mini Burgers and Fries
I ate the fries 

Tried this fish too (soft and juicy)

I only ate the potato boats. They said the wings is too spicy. 
That was mozarella sticks in the middle

They say the steak here is good (you can request for additional sauce), though I did not try it. 
pero di ko pinalampas ang carrots and corn ;p

I was not able to keep track if they serve fast as we were all busy chatting for like 2 hours. 
The place was packed during dinner time but we were there early so we got a good seat in the corner.
We were not able to finish everything so the celebrant had a take home  :)

Casa Verde
G/F Bldg B. Megamall
(near Ace Hardware, beside Shakeys)


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