Recent Eats: Aveneto, Napoleones, Sbarro, Happy Pao

 One time, I was craving for pesto pasta, I can't think of any resto in Megamall aside from Aveneto located at Megamall A G/F. We ordered again their plain pesto and also a pepperoni pizza.
It is not as stellar as their seafood pesto but it somehow satisfy my cravings for pesto :)

Aveneto Plain Nut Pesto - Php200

Double Pepperoni Php85

I love this huge frame on their wall. Can you spot Arnie? hehehe

When we watched Rurouni Kenshin at Galleria, we first dined at Sbarro and ordered our faveTomato Sauce and Pepperoni pizza. Why they don't have pesto?

When we don't want to be adventurous we order the same dishes over and over again

Now onto something new, we also tried Roli's Napoleones for the first time, I bought it as a pasalubong when we went home in Laguna.

Hmmm the sugar glazed topping and custard filling are way too sweet for my taste.

We also tried Chowking's cutie Happy Pao :)

Chocolate Panda Pao

Asado Piggy Pao 

Ang kyut!

Look at that, oozing with Choco!

I wish they come up with another 1 character to fit their 3 pcs for takeout.


Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends

When I wrote the Part 1 here, Part 2 seems a long wait!

Well, I still have a hangover from last night. What an epic trilogy, I remember why I love Japan, for bringing us brilliant animes and live actions. :)

The story deviated  from the original but I appreciate and was satisfied by the movie adaptation.
The nostalgia that this movie brings hit me big time.  When I was in HS,  I can't wait for my class to end and I'm excited to go home to watch it on TV. I even try to memorized the anime song by just listening to it lolz.

Takeru Sato portrayed Kenshin perfectly and his acting - flawless. As if he's an anime character that was brought into life. And I think that alone is the reason why the legions of die hard fans accepted the movie and embraced the new story interpretation. So it doesn't matter if Shishio and Sanosuke are chubby ;p

The action scenes are still breathtaking. As if I haven't seen them in the 1st and 2nd movie. I'll never get tired watching their sword fighting style. It looks natural and not exaggerated.

While M doesn't like the battle between the main characters vs Shishio, I appreciate the lesson that it wanted to share with us. 

 I'm happy that I did not feel Kaoru's annoying character in the third installment. I almost squeal for the two of them when the movie ends. ;p

And the soundtrack Hiten plays infinitely in my head!

Have a great weekend!



Happy 60th Birthday Tita

We had a simple lunch of our favorite foods - pinakbet, grilled fish, liempo and the green salad that I prepared  ;p

Then an early afternoon merienda of Calamansi Cake, buko pie (thanks M), and my mom's specials: pancit bihon, biko and buko salad :)

My simple gift - some book sale finds from  Books For Less sale last month :)
I reused a kraft bag to wrapped it, sealed with a cute tape (from Divi) and my own handwritten typography ;p


Happy Birthday Tita, you are God's blessing to us. We luv yah! :)


Lia's Cake Kapitolyo

For my dear aunt's birthday, I bought her cake from Lia's Cakes in Season located at Kapitolyo, Pasig :)

Actually, Lia's Cake is famous for their avocado cakes.
 I was able to buy a few years ago when they still have a stall in Tiendesitas and when the price was  not yet 1k++
I already forgot the taste so I bought a cupcake together with my calamansi cake.

Avocado Cupcake P85

Pretty cupcake! 

Generous light and creamy avocado frosting hmmm , I wished I bought 2.

Their calamansi tea cake is quite intriguing. 
Everyone in our house were surprised when they heard it's a "calamansi" cake.
The taste, tangy as expected and the citrusy glazed over the moist cake was overly sweet but in a good way bec it was chilled. My lil bro said it tastes like Rebisco biscuit filling or maybe you can relate with Hero biscuit too ;p


Healthy Inspiration: 52 Healing Habits

52 Healing Habits Program of Bro Bo Sanchez

Remember when I posted about 52 Healing Habits last year here?
52 weeks have passed since then and finally, I finished learning all about these healthy habits compiled by Bo Sanchez.
Every week, I received an email, a few pages of explanation about it. Sometimes they also send an extra Happy Healing E-Magazine and an inspirational talk by Bo that you can listen to.

I already knew and practiced some of the habits and there are also habits that I knew but forgot to apply especially the proper food combination when eating.  There are also some new to me and I'm also skeptic on some.

But honestly, there are new habits that I find hard to incorporate like
why you should drink calamansi first thing in the morning and why eat fruits for breakfast.
After a year, I finally started doing these little by little and discovered how my body reacts.

Subscribing to 52 Healing Habits is a good way of reminding me to live a healthy life and teaching me ways to achieve it. It was like someone is gently checking on you every week if you are nourishing your soul and body. It's not only about what we feed our tummy but also what we feed our mind and soul.

If you are interested in learning the 52 Healing Habits, you can click here to subscribe.
First 2 months of subscription is free and there is a fee of P499/mo afterwards, You can opt to stop your subscription if you want.
But why pay, you may ask. It will help support Bo's foundations so I think of it as a donation.  (Honestly, I haven't been to any of his live talk/conference/preaching. But I do read his books and I like his beliefs pertaining to health, wealth and religion)
And also, if you are one of the people like me who tend to ignore healthy advice that are given for free, then paying for it will oblige you to follow. Heck I paid for it I might as well try it. ;p

PS: I also enjoyed reading GodWhispers everyday. Subscription is FREE.
Something inspirational to read in your email every morning.
Good vibes is healthy for us ^_^


Foot for the Gods

Last Friday, we tried Foot for the Gods at 5/F Megamall using our voucher from Ensogo :)

, I thought I can read a book but it was dark inside :/

I was wearing skinny pants so they asked if I wanted to wear a short because they will massage you up to your knees. I was given a white short and changed in their small CR.

They first cleaned our feet with hot towel and left it wrapped for some time.
It was followed by their foot reflexology and then hand, shoulders and head massage.
Lastly, a back massage. I was lucky to have a good masseuse named Fe.
She has a heavy hand which I prefer and she was able to put pressure on the parts that needed most.

I put my gadgets away and did nothing but felt the massage. Very relaxing \^_^/

Reflexology is a spa treatment where the therapist works on "reflex points" on your feet, hands, and head (especially ears). The theory behind reflexology is that these reflex points relate to specific organs and glands in the body, and stimulating those points with finger pressure promotes health in those organs and glands via the body's energetic pathways. - Foot for the Gods FB Page


Three Sisters Restaurant

We checked out the Sogo Home and Office Furniture sale in Pioneer. There are few good deals. We haven't found what we wanted so we just went to Tiendesitas.

We bought SoySauce from Dr Tam

and ate lunch at Three Sister's Restaurant.

I haven't been to their kapitolyo branch.
 I remember someone told me that their food are great especially the pansit and bbq.
M tried their Pork BBQ meal (P100).  The pork was sweet, juicy and soft but the sauce does not goes well with it, better eat the bbq on its own. 

I ordered bihon (P80), which took time to serve because they will only cook it upon ordering.
When it came, M already finished his food. I think it only has cabbage and LOTS of chicharon.

The servings are quite generous at affordable price :) 
Hmmm, maybe we should visit their main branch to really taste the original. 


Furry Love: Happy Birthday Snowbell

It started with a piece of Pita bread that I turned into this:

 and a ground liver plus a candle

Happy Birthday!

She's such a sweet and friendly dog, behave girl but a picky eater. 
She hates the word "Ligo", loves the word "Labas" and "Food". 
We love her character and everytime I stroll her outside, she reminds me of life's simple pleasure  :)

Btw, she finished the "liver cake" that I made ^_^


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