Cure for Common Cold

My homemade remedy for common cold! Mike had high fever last night, but he's feeling well already today. But we opt not to go to the office, he still need a little rest. I think its time for me to take driving lesson. Thinking of it, T_T scarry!!!!Back to my concoction, I have tested this twice and it really works! About last month Mike got fever also. I wonder what he eats when I'm not around. >< Amazingly he was already ok the next morning after drinking this:Magic Ingredients:

Human Heart Nature

Bathroom Essentials
Here's a peek to what we are using… HumanNature Products! Yes both of us ni mike ;p
Shampoo, bodywash, facial wash, facial scrub, feminine wash (^_^)
I love their products! It has been months now since I started using HumanNature products
I started with their shampoo because of my hair fall problem.
I bought online,( I wish they accept Paypal also)
I ordered first the Baby shampoo, yes a baby shampoo , It has no scent for maximum gentleness.
Then eventually tried out their best seller peppermint strengthening shampoo. I love the


Legend of the Guardians

nice yung visual, details, details, details, esp. dun sa 2 scene na slow-mo at may ma-dramang background music - breath-taking indeed.

However it's Rated PG so what you can expect, no morbid scene and a not so bloody fighting scene, siya pa naman ang tipo na parang maganda pag may pagkabrutal hehe... considering how fierce-looking ng mga kalaban na owl... and so i'm bitin, make it R18! haha

Kahit na mas cool for me ang mga morbid at brutal scene, I still appreciate the fact that they make this a Rated PG movie, a different approach to war scene - un nga "gets mo na" - sa mga clashing armors, wings, natanggal na mask... making the war scene as "glorious" as possible. Thumbs up to that.

Tnx again to exclusive screening of clubzed with free snacks, And sa pagpapatry samin ng Winema. Sa uulitin!

@SM Digital Cinema


San Marino Tuna Paella

Di kc ako watch ng tv eh so nung sabi ni mike may rice yung san marino tuna paella di ako naniwala "cge pustahan tayo!" kahit di ako fan ng mga canned goods, so there meron nga ahihi! Salty nga lang...


Despicable Me

My favorite character: Agnes.

"Does this count as annoying? "(then tap her cheeks)

=How she make it sound like that? I have no chubby cheeks I can't try it ;p

She's so charming and funny, hyper when excited haha
Favorite line:
"It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!"

We watched in 3D at Glorietta. After scheduling it for Sep 4, hb can't wait and suggested Sep 1 (Opening day), after work we went to Makati, grocery for 30mins and then run to movie house for 9:30 schedule where we fattened ourselves with Burger King. We had Ayala privilege pass that's why we fly all the way from Pasig. 3D original price = Php300

3D Glasses in Glorietta were kinda small for honey coz he still needs to wear his eyeglasses.

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