Royal K Buffet

For our post valentine celebration (^_^) , we tried this Eat all you can buffet. We bought discounted coupon from ebay. 50% off, we only paid P214 each.

@ Royal K Buffet, Blue Wave (2 streets before MOA)

So how's the buffet vs. us? 
Me: Oh they added new item, i'll try it!
Mike: Stop!!!! you're just making me eat your left overs!!!

I love the beef with sesame seeds, excellent, dunno the name.
Pork Adobo is good.
Few dessert selections, chocolate fudge, 2 cakes that looks like from red ribbon(?) and somewhat a banana bread (4 types only)
Few Korean food selections (2 kinds of kimchi and im not sure if the beef with sesame seeds is a korean food)

BlueWave turned into a 'gimik' hangout at night. Some bar/restos are open until 2AM. There are also 24hours fastfood restos like chowking and KFC. We just wondered why their parking is flat rate for 5 hours only and then after that you need to pay P150 already.

And oh before that, we played in Timezone (still in BlueWave)


Cello's Donuts

We availed our CashCashPinoy voucher, only P105 for 15 assorted cocktail donuts. Such a sinful treat!

What I dont like =  they made us wait, first they said just an hour so we decided to stroll in the mall  But they said there were still no stock when we came back, so wait for 30 mins....... but turns out 1 hour... total of 2 hours Hmp!!! If they gonna have a discount from group buying sites they should be ready for the bulk orders from customers. 


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