New Year 2012

Every year my relatives spend their holidays with us. They start cooking early in the morning. 

Our  Media Noche table

My two brothers ridiculously drove to Batangas for fresh seafood.

For the first time, Tita Rema cooked this rice cake delicacy which is really really good.
media noche

They also prepared Arroz valenciana, another version of paella
arroz valenciana

Macaroni salad
macaroni salad

Spent the day like this

my old study table now belongs to my youngest bro. I usually stay at the sofa but it was their videoke day.

i just went out if I'm hungry hahaha which is every hour ;p
Another reason to go outside, our cutie puppy! He started to walk! =D

Watched fireworks

i'm wearing rrj shirt (mom's christmas gift) and bracelet i've won from http://layeredvintageluxe.blogspot.com, ^_^

Thank God for all 2011 blessings!
Happy New Year! =D


HK Choi, Gong Cha

We went to work very early so we're able to leave early \m/. I chose to eat at Mesa first but they're full and we're 10th in line. We went at HK Choi just beside it instead.

Shirt from Jen, ilabit!

Congee Php 120 - Good for 2 =)
Shrimp dumpling (Hakaw) Php 110 =)
 It took them forever to give us our bill, we need to call their attention more than twice.
So next time, we'll ask for it right after they serve our orders ;p

Finally, we're able to try Gong Cha, located at Atrium. Their prices are similar to Happy Lemon.

Ooops forgot to take photo XD, we're very thirsty ;p we just shared large pearl milk tea Php90


Peri Peri Chicken Megamall with Jen

Catching up with bff Jen! 
It's been a year since we last met. After she shopped at Kultura where she bought a shirt for me (thankuuu!), she treated me at Peri-Peri for lunch. (mwahugs! )

After a year, she still looks the same. We still look young! ^_^
She looks blooming =D I'm happy for you gurl!

I didn't notice if the service is fast or not as we are busy chatting with each other ;p

Salad at Php175 if I remember it correctly XD

Peri Peri 1/4 Chicken Lemon & Garlic Php105 (looks like El pollo loco)

Peri peri Gambas at Php195, the garlicky sauce is goood!

Pichur pichur sa restroom lolz

Peri-peri Chicken
SM Megamall 3rdfloor Atrium


Holidays, Then and Now


Our intelligent dog, Brew

My chubby younger bro and cousins. These kids will do everything for pamasko hahaha!

I still remember them feeling astig na drinking Cali LOLz


Brew is now a dad!

We can't still think of a name...

His wife, Wang

Nagbibinata Lolz Time flies so fast!

Jewel's Ube Hopia

I love ube! I'm so happy there's ube macapuno in our ref last Christmas weekend.
But but but I'm eating a lot of sweets and I also find the ube uber sweet!
So baking some hopia cross my mind harharhar!

I baked my first hopia 2years ago, thanks to http://kusinanimanang.blogspot.com for  detailed steps ;)
This time, I just relied on what I remember haha! I did not make a perfect shape, as long as there's ube filling, I'm happy. =D

Because there's only flour+water, the result:

Mike said it looks like Siomai! 
Oh yeah it looks like fried dumplings hahaha!

My first hopia 2 years ago pictures below with monggo filling, somewhat close .... ;p

Christmas 2011

Mom set this up all by herself =D

 First time to taste Royce Marshmallow Chocolate (just a simple white chocolate coated marshmallow)

 Hehe sipag 

My mom's poinsettia, I thought it's fake =D 

Christmas food: Spaghetti, chicken bbq, pork bbq, buko salad, ube, leche flan, ref cake

Christmas celebration with relatives ^_^

I forgot to take a photo of all the gifts I received. 
Thanks bro for my Wishlist # 6 and 7.
Thanks to my tita for the gift
I forgot to add this in my wishlist but thanks to my mom! (wireless mouse), you gave me a lot of gifts =D

Merry Christmas!


House of Wagyu Podium

Christmas Dinner with officemates at Podium.
I really appreciate that they always consider me in choosing the foods they order :)

I like the ambiance of the restaurant, great for intimate lunch or dinner.

I just had pomodoro pasta and salad. The pasta serving is good for 2-3 already at Php350.  I didn't finish it all ha ;p 

I forgot to take a photo of the wagyu beef lolz, the steaks slice price range Php1000-2000 petot  ehem ehem!

When the waiter cleaned out the table, they "served" this magic towel, looks like a pill but grew large when they poured water. =D I hope to update this posts when I got other pics from them.

House of Wagyu
5th floor Podium

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapper

For officemates, I gave HumanNature Products with the HHN gift bag and tag

And these  for family, haha!

From Oatmeal pack, turned inside out ;)

I did not throw the cereal boxes and turned them to these ;) hehe


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