Ginhawa Spa and Dining Experience

We reserved a slot for a friday night. 
It was a holiday (Pope in town) so it only took a short drive to Makati from Ortigas.
The place is easy to find beause they have a huge ad that you won't miss.

Reception Area

The place has an old Spanish Filipino theme. The reception was filled with a calming scent and a nature sound music playing in the background.The receptionist was wearing a colorful filipiniana. 
After confirming our reservation, she gave us a form to fill-up with our details.
I placed an X on the lower back area, however we were told we still need to inform the therapist :/

We waited a bit to be ushered inside (about 15mins)
We were an one hour earlier but they already accommodated us :)

Couple's room

Massage Bed

Comfort rooms

Shower - Sauna - Shower - Massage - Dinner

So that's what we did in order. 
The sauna room was a bit small for two persons.
 The attendant said she'll be back after 15 mins but didn't so we stayed there for another 10mins  before we figured out how to open the door :/ 

For the massage, I requested mine to be hard and yun nadama ko hinahanap ko ;p
A bit painful when the legs were pressed hard but it was relaxing when done on the upper back and shoulders.

After our 45min massage, we were told to take our time to rest. But we didn't feel like staying in the room longer so we get ourselves ready to dine.


Creamy soup

Kani Salad


Ice cream for dessert

Our 4 course dinner started with a creamy soup (tastes like usual sopas). 
It was followed by Kani, lettuce, mayo and topped with seaweed salad. 
Then the pasta in tomato sauce with lots of bellpeppers and pepperoni.
Lastly, a small glass of ice cream (about 2 spoons)
After all of that, Im still hungry :/ must be the serving size and besides I didn't finish my soup and gave some pasta pepperoni to M.

We paid a total of  P1600 (additional 500 for the couple's room) 

relaxing experience :)

rewind,dine and unwind

Ginhawa Spa and Dining
High Pointe Bldg., 1184 Pasong Tamo, Makati


Triple O's Megamall

Late Saturday afternoon we were at Megamall, finally found a chance to used our voucher at
 Triple O's :)
I regret not buying a lot because their burgers are quite pricey.
But with the huge size, I think it's ok pa rin.

I tried their Chicken Supreme Burger - yummy!
Chicken Supreme

Up close

Juicy grilled chicken, crispy lettuce, tomatoes and mustard like sauce but sweet and salty 

We shared these large cut fries

M had Original burger with Cheese but he liked my chicken supreme burger than his order.
The huge patty was surprisingly bland.

A bit messy to eat but that's the fun in eating burgers ;p

I would love to go back for their yummy chicken burger!

Ttriple O's 
3/F Megamall 


JuJu Eats at Podium

Finally there's a branch in Ortigas :)

We arrived during the peak of lunchtime so there was a long queue.

Behind the glass counter, you can see how they prepare your order.
You can choose from their own creation of salads or you can also come up with your own.

I ordered Ceasar Salad wrap for M and Summer salad wrap for me.

The summer salad wrap is yummy sweet and very refreshing. All the ingredients tasted good together.
It consists of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, basil, corn, red onion, raisins, french beans, grilled asparagus and mango pineapple dressing.

The Chicken ceasar salad wrap: romaine, grilled chicken, parmesan, bacon, herb croutons,caesar dressing. This is also good, crunchy and creamy. 

I went back here for lunch with a friend.
I ordered their summer salad again but not the wrap. 
This is really good I should try making this at home.

I ordered Korean Kimchi wrap for me, spicyness!
(Korean bean sprouts, kimchi, tofu. carrots, cucumber, vermicelli, shiitake mushroom and korean dressing)

And my friend had the Pesto Pasta wrap:
fusilli pasta, cherry tomato, corn, basil, french beans, parmesan, black olives, pesto dressing

What I love: Reasonable prices (starts from P180 and above) plus it helps us include some greens in our food without making it look boring or giving you a feeling of punishing yourself with a diet.

We'll visit again for sure :))

Juju Eats 
Podium G/F

My 29th Bday

M just turned 30 and we quietly celebrated it at home watching anime (detective conan), sipping Bignay wine, drinking coke, eating cassava chips and had pepperoni pizza delivered.

my 29th birthday on the other hand was an attempt to get back on a healthy track at Earth Kitchen.
Then I ended the night with a spinach, cucumber, pear and banana smoothie :)

Then weekend was spent with my family where we had a small and simple celebration.
Lunch time with grilled tilapia and bangus and veggies

Then merienda time: buko salad, pansit, biko, graham cake and cassava cake. 

A little bit of everything is good ;p

Body, Mind, Spirit

Last holiday, my aunt was watching tv about healthy advice, some of which I already knew.
 The show still caught my interest because the two doctors were talking about achieving a healthy life by fulfilling the three elements: body, soul and spirit. 

If these three are not in sync we will feel incomplete.
Taking care of our body is not enough in improving our health if we don't instill good, positive and wise thoughts in our mind; and neglect our spiritual bond with our Creator.

They explained this in their website, you may want to check it out here

Now that I turned another year, I will try to give focus on the 3 important elements to live a healthy and happy life. I will remember these three : Body, Mind, Spirit 
It's easy for me to remember mind instead of soul ;p


Earth Kitchen

The good thing about this restaurant aside from serving fresh organic dishes is that they aim to support our local farmers and indigenous communities.

There are some items for sale inside the store.

hanging plants, wooden tables and chairs.

The walls are decorated simply with kids' artworks that you can buy to help the previous calamity victims.

As we were kinda hungry that time, I thought of ordering foods that sounds heavy- beef bulgogi and chicken kebabs with red rice.
We shared a glass of organic calamansi juice which was overly sweet for my taste.

I did not read that the bulgogi is served in small soft tacos :/
One bite was very flavorful, a bit salty yet good. 

Boneless beef ribs, kimchi rice, salad greens, seaweed

The Chicken Kebab has an option to order with tacos or with red ifugao rice.
The organic chicken was tender and smokey and just went well with the sauce.
I thought this one will make us full but the servings of rice was so bitin, it was like only 5 spoon
of rice.

Organic chicken, Tzatiki, grilled vegetables

I asked again for the menu and ordered the fish mango appetizer and pomodoro pasta.
Hindi naman halatang gutom kami

The fish, mango dish was served first. It smells good like kikiam.
5 servings of battered fish in a sweet sour sauce.

Loro Fillet, Mango, cilantro, chili plum sauce

Then the Pomodoro pasta came. 
Organic tomato sauce, basil, parmesan, spaghettini

I would suggest that they just improve on the servings, customers will surely like to pay a reasonable price if the servings are enough.

I would still love to go back and get inspiration on how they prepare dishes with real and natural ingredients. 

Earth Kitchen 
White Plains, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City


New Year 2015

Happy New Year!

The newest member of the furry family, we are still thinking of his name.
dedma sa ingay! 

Media Noche: (No lechon this time) Grilled Fish, Pork BBQ, Pancit, Salad greens and Buko Salad. 

When I dropped my hair donation to Papemelroti, I also bought this mini planner.
I started writing down dates to remember and to-do list :)

2015 Bring it on !


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