Brasas Podium

The first time I ate here (lunch treat) I've tried their Chicken Salad(P190) with Lime Cilantro dressing and Chicken Wrap (Php250). I love that tangy dressing! It goes very well with lettuce, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes.

 The charcoal grilled chicken in salad and wrap were so flavorful :)

We went back last Friday, long queue because it was lunch time. Luckily we still managed to get a table :)

This time Beef Salad (P230) with Lime Cilantro dressing. It was so good! Juicy, tender and very tasty beef!

And Chicken wrap again, bec I wanted M to taste it. Maybe because the beef was very tasty, I can't taste the chicken wrap or maybe I poured a lot of their yummy chipotle. ;p

 Cheese or Chipotle sauce can be added in your wrap. But I think Chipotle alone is already good :)

Small dining space inside but there are larger tables outside

We will definitely go back here to taste their beef wrap :) 


Healthy Inspiration: Organic Produce

I haven't gone a big switch to organic. I choose organic for those veggies that can be eaten raw or with their skin. Limited choices in supermarkets but at least they are available :)


For meat/poultry, grass-fed/organic/free range assured us that these products are not genetically modified and free from hormones. 

After N long years, I finally bought a chicken. I am not very strict now in what I eat, but still trying to be wise and to strike a balance  :)  But I do still get paranoid when I'm the one who purchase. 

Available at SM Hypermarket price starts at P200+

Organic produce are a bit pricey but it gives you a peace of mind knowing that they are toxin-free and pesticide -free :)

I just shared this post to let others know that these products are not hard to find.  As I say I haven't gone a big switch to organics veggies/fruits. Some are hard to find like apples, so I need to peel it. For other produce, we can just wash them thoroughly. :)

In case you miss my previous healthy inspiration, click here :)



Weekend: Edible Gumamela

My mom prepared this salad, I thought it was so girlaloo with all the flowers. then she told us it is edible. Really?!  It is somewhat slimy and taste like lettuce. I googled it and turns out  Hibiscus or Gumamela appears to have anti-inflammatory properties and rich in antioxidants. :)

First time to try this cassava cake from Lety's Buko Pie Store. It is very filling because it is very thick and not very soft, I like that it is also not overly sweet :)

Weekend with the family, simple celebration for tita's bday.
I missed eating pancit with a lot of squid balls and my fave 'kaong' in buko salad ;p

Happy birthday!

KB Products

What is KB?

Kyusoku Bihaku is Japanese for "PURE WHITE" 

KB is known for specializing in skin care which has over 10 products on its roster.  The line is popular for bringing ingredients that have knacks in cosmetic and skin care industry. As makers partnered with biggest cosmetic laboratories abroad, they always assure each user that they followed the standards set by cosmetic and soap industry.

With over hundreds of agents around the world, KB is continuously gaining clients’ trust.    

These products were kindly given to me. I was excited to try the teeth whitening pen. It was very timely as I have started reading tips/products on how to whiten my teeth. It is in transparent liquid gel form that you apply after brushing your teeth.


Recent Eats: Longganisa Sorpresa, Aysee

I know there are a lot of food establishments to try at kapitolyo yet we haven't tried any of them, O_o
so this will be the first of our kapitolyo food trip fridate :)

My breakfast lover bf suggested to try Longganisa Sorpresa

Nakakasorpresa ang serving size! ;p

But then I guess that's ok, bec. these types of longganisa (recado) are very flavorful and tasty, just enough for the rice

This Adobong Kangkong doesn't taste like adobo, but that's fine with me, (basta may gulay lang) ;)

Vigan Longganisa w/ Iced Tea (P150), Alaminos (P99), Adobong Kangkong (P50) Plus 8% Charge Total bill of P322 

Btw, they also sell frozen longganisa.

Few spaces for parking, but we noticed that parking is also allowed across the street.

The next day, Saturday we were in Tiendesitas, we hope to try Three Sisters Pancit but we are told that it is not available, so then I bought from Pancit ng TagaMalabon, while M bought from Aysee, I told him they are famous for their Pork Sisig (P130) , he said it was just ok.  

 I love anything pancit , maybe bec I grew up eating pancit more than spag ;p



Weekend: Elysium, Lingnam

We've been waiting for this movie when we learned that it will be directed by  Neil Blomkap = who also directed "District 9", one of the unforgettable movies I've seen.

As for the Elysium, I already prepared myself for 'stressful' impact it will have, fortunately for me it was not as stressful as District 9 where I already wanted to pause the movie just to breathe. Neil Blomkap must really like those scenes where the lead actor seems hopeless.

Elysium has stunning CGI, fast paced and no unnecessary love scenes yehey! Though as you reflect on it afterwards there will be a lot of questions (well, in all sci-fi movie, I think).

My movie food. Mcdo Shake2x Fries ;p
I did not use all the sour and cream powder, just a half of it was already salty.

And then Sunday, we had our lunch at LingNam, Frontera Verde, near FunRanch after doing our grocery. I remember Ms January feature it many times in her blog post, or else we will end up again in Kanzhu :)

I had beef noodle soup and m ordered beef rice. If I remember both were priced at P150+ each.

Noodle Soup! Noodle Soup!


Recent Eats: My Singapore Food Street, Kanzhu

Our order: BokChoy in Garlic and Oyster Sauce (P145),  Hainanese Chicken with rice and soup (P195), Satay Chicken ( 2 sticks P70) , extra rice (P25) total of P435 but we have a discount voucher from Ensogo P199 instead of P400 (yehey!)

My only comment is that they should serve a lot of ginger for the Hainanese Chicken.

My Singapore is located at 2F Megamall bridgeway, former location of Orchard Road. Reading again my old post of Orchard Road, we ordered Hainanese Chicken too at that time ;p 


Well I've blogged about more than one of our eats in Kanzhu everytime we do our grocery in Hypermarket Tiendesitas. 

They have ongoing promo wherein you can get a sidedish for half a price with any order of noodle soup. 

We chose their century egg together with the other variant of beef noodle soup, I think I like the other variant of this, I forgot what it is called. 

We'll keep coming back to this place, we just can't get enough of their flavorful noodle soup :)

PS: Start of  -BER months! and Off to watch Elysium later :)))


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