Glympse: Share your Where

I have a label 'Tech' in this blog but haven't post something related on that  :/
Actually, I have  another secret nerdy geeky blog related to work , with all woes of a developer too, pm me if you want to see it ;p

Back in here, just thought of sharing this app called Glympse.
To start with, I'm drooling on mike's htc windows phone ftw!

It has a different look and feel as compared to android and ios.

We've installed this mobile app to our phones called Glympse weeks ago and it works like this:

Mike will send me a Glympse link and  I can receive it via email or view it in my  mobile phone 

then I can check/view his current location in PC :

The arrow is moving (you'll feel like a spy watching the 'target' move =p).

In android when I viewed the glympse the next day (in satellite view):

 It's quite accurate when driving. He can set the time expiration for his glympse link. This is quite useful when I'm waiting for him to pick me up. ^_^


Healthy Lunch Ideas

Just want to share some of lunch I usually brought to work =)

 My friends know me well as extremely health conscious. Oh if they only knew what junk I ate during weekends aha! and oh I eat chocolate "almost" everyday (glared to bf)    Well I believe you should give in to your cravings hehehe. 

Hope these can give healthy inspiration despite the boring look. ;) 

Basically any veggie combinations will do =D

Except from the adobong kangkong, others(beans, potato, carrots, sayote, squash) were just plainly boiled, no seasonings. For taste, i sometimes add ginger ;) If I eat rice, it will be just 2 -3 spoons. 

Also,i love my tub container, it is very easy to hold while your other hand is holding spoon, or on the the mouse or keyboard hehe

I'll post some of my healthy snack ideas soon =D


Human Nature Shampoo with CreamFoam Technology

It took me ages to post another HumanNature product review :/
I just wanted to try both variant of their natural shampoo w/ Creamfoam technology before sharing their goodness.

Here's for a scare =P
Me and my long hair (+ mike's phone)

Meanwhile, here's my simple look for my date with mike last week  (photo below not above =p)

I already emptied the moisturizing shampoo and currently using their strengthening shampoo.
The strengthening shampoo has strong scent as compared to the other (which I like because it stays on)

Consistency is not that thick as compared to other brands. I prefer their dispenser type container before for the shampoo and bodywash. Plus, the clear container is somewhat helpful as just one look on it you'll know if you're half way thru the bottle.

First of, I don't have that perfect 3D, shiny, straight tv commercial hair. I stopped going to salon and shy away from chemical treatment for like, 4 years now. I wear it in ponytail every now and then so there's a visible 'body'. I love that the HumanNature shampoo makes it soft, manageable and not frizzy. It looks straight naturally and shiny.

I super recommend these gentle and mild shampoos especially after you have your hair styled or treated from the salon. (it will not make your hair buhaghag =D)

100% toxin-free!!!

Affordably priced at: 
50ml = Php44.75
200ml =Php134.75
500ml =Php289.75


Po Suk Jung

Happy Valentines day!

Today is just a regular working day for us... will spend til 12MN in the office  (True Story)
Busy as a bee always so we both agreed to have our simple pre-valentines date last Sunday :)

It was drizzling a bit that Sunday afternoon,  after carefully checking out the map before we left, mike  still made a wrong turn on our way to Po Suk Jung ;p ,which is located in Oranbo Pasig, a street after Ynares Sports Center if coming from Shangrila.

We were surprised to see a  resto like this hidden in the busy city of Pasig.

The place is quiet large and has ample parking space

Mostly spicy appertizers, their kimchi is good :)

Must try Japchae! Mike and I both agreed that this is just yummy :) Serving is good for two
Greens to go with the Sam gyub sal (grilled pork belly) below

I also had fun taking his pics ;p 

It was not yet dark when we left, we thought of passing by Pan de Manila for our snack later that day.We bought pandesal and tried their new "Bananamon" =D

Last night I received this from him :) , one of the chocolates I like  = Dark Toblerone (which I'm munching on while writing this) 

And from my boss, Ms. Ellen :)

Again Happy Valentines Day!

I know there are folks out there who call this commercialized or overrated day.
These post in twitter I saw last weekend is a good read. (thanks for darlene for sharing) I like what is written there because that is also what I believe:

"We celebrate the harvest. We celebrate the spring. We celebrate birthdays and death-days and the beginning of the year and the end of the year. We celebrate our parents and labor and Presidents. What in the world is so terribly wrong with celebrating love? I know not all of us have partners, but it is a rare soul who is without love of any kind. What kind of shrunken, sour heart does it take to insist that everyone else stop delighting in ritual and love? "


Midnight Snack

Our sleeping time is totally altered, usually wakeup at 9-10AM then sleep at 2-3AM O_o 
But during weekends or off work days, i dont know maybe we get too excited that we wake up an hour earlier and still sleep at very late hours. 

 Midnight snack last Friday

AND My Epic Fail Oatmeal Cookies!

So I was trying to make cookie for midnight snack even though the ingredients were incomplete.
Originally planned to spoon them out in normal circle shape but i can't just make it perfect and hey it is easier to make it heart-shaped :)

Smells good.... but when we popped it into our mouth.... can't help but burst to laughter as it is really taste inedible! ROFL! I can still remember mike turned to red when we were laughing ^_^

Texture is soft and cookiesh but it actually taste extremely salty and bitter  for i dont know reason, maybe because its a bit burnt?

And so there's always a next time hehe



 I post about me eating cereals for dinner last few months

Above photo: Honeystars w/ skimmed milk (Athena)

Got bored eventually so one day i bought... 
  Cerelac lolz 

Well, di pala siya nakakabusog ;p

that box cost P55+ and yields 2 servings. It was just like drinking nesvita :)


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