Tagaytay Side Trip

We left Canyon Cove early at around 10 to have our lunch in Tagaytay.
Finally visited Bag of Beans :)

I told M to order me Vegetarian pie before I went to the washroom and was amazed by the bird, is that a parrot? 
 When I got back, M was smiling because he was able to order this big breakfast sampler plate without me making him guilty. Anyway, we're on holiday so forget the diet for now ;p

2 Eggs, Bacon strips, 2 Pork Sausage Links, Ham, Hash Browns and 2 Buttermilk Pancakes P390

Vegetarian pie P115, not sure if the filling is potato. It has carrots and a bit of greens inside too.

Forgot to take photo of the place...
But it was lovely and my kind of woodsy and rustic place.
While waiting for our orders, I also bought some pasalubongs from their bakery, i love their raisin bread :)

Then we also passed by the Good Shepherd store to buy some Ube jam :)

There are lots of new establishments in Tagaytay and here we are just starting to explore the place ;p


Canyon Cove

2nd part of our summer in Batangas :)

We left Stilts at around 12noon. It took us an hour from Calatagan to Nasugbu.

Canyon Cove's check in is 3PM, we were early at 1PM but they allowed us to check in our room :) 

Hotel Lobby

our room

Shampoo, conditioner, soap but no toothpaste

beautiful view from our window

Afternoon walk around the resort

Very relaxing view, next time I'll remember to bring some sand blanket to sit on

Afternoon merienda in their Island Cafe, that serves Max's food

Later that night, we got hungry at around 9PM so we called their cafe to have our food delivered in our room. We spent the night watching movies. :)

The next morning, we were up early for breakfast.

Chicken tocino breakfast :)

M's took a dip while I just enjoyed doing nothing just like in Stilts ;p
There are lots of activities offered in the resort but I don't like to feel tired. I just wanted to relax and enjoy the view.

The good thing about our wedding anniversary date aside from the fact that it is always a holiday, it falls on summer days, now we have a reason to go out every summer. 
We would love to explore more beach in Batangas :)


Stilts Calatagan

Summer at Stilts :)

This beautiful beach is 2 hours away from Tagaytay, but I actually didn't feel that we are travelling that far. Maybe that can be less than 2 hours if it didn't rain.

Souvenir shop at the lobby

Our "Passion" cottage is right in front of the beach with this relaxing view.

Our hut named "Passion"


Outside our hut fronting the beach

M's afternoon snack, Stilts Burger P195

Lots of quotes :)))

Afternoon low tide

Ala carte food we ordered for dinner and requested to be delivered in our hut.
Everything cost Php530 and it was too much for that night. We placed the leftovers in the mini fridge and ate it the next day :))

The next day...

Camera shot with our trusty tripod :)))

Breakfast buffet :)

The beach and pool was not crowded :)

I love the  native, secluded and natural look of the place, nothing fancy.
 I really felt that I am far away from the city. This quiet and peaceful place only cost us around Php6k+  :)))

This the first part of our mini-moon.
We don't travel a lot so let's say Batangas is already a major expedition ;p


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