Size Matters Kapitolyo

Another weekend rewards after Ace Water Spa :)

It is a good thing that they did not put any condiments on your burger. 
You are free to choose from these bottles on your table.
I don't like mine with mayo

I put a lot of ketchup on my all beef burger. 
Then the chili fries came so we tried it first, a bit soggy but good.
I can't decide how will I hold the burger, maybe the manong attendant saw me and offered me utensils.

All Beef Burger Php 129
Flame-grilled burger... it's been a while.
I think I like the bun to be a bit toasted. Some parts of the patty were a bit maganit.

Beef and Sausage Burger Php189

I tried M's sausage burger but I can't tell the difference.

I remembered to take a photo of their refreshing lemon tea.
Lemon Iced Tea Php40

With all that, I am imagining my pimple getting mad and threatening me that it 'll grow bigger.

 Size Matters
D'Ace Plaza Pioneer, Brixton St
Kapitolyo, Pasig


Ace Water Spa Review

Parking is at the 5th floor

Ace Water Spa at Ground floor.
View from the reception: the lap pool and the right side is where the hydrotherapy massages are located. 

Taking of photos is not allowed starting from the dressing room.
The staff will get your stub from the reception and you need to surrender your footwear, then they will give your locker key while reminding you to wear spandex swimsuit.
I wore a one piece swimsuit plus a spandex cycling and brought my own swimming cap.

We spent a considerable amount of time in the hydrotherapy massages, waiting our turns because every massage accommodate only a few persons at a time.
My favorite would be the hard shoulder massage and the chest massage that I used for my back instead.
They also have an acupuncture -like massage that prickles a bit, I'm afraid that I will lost my huge pimple on the cheek.

Me: uy tignan mo nga if anjan pa yung pimple ko
Mike: anjan pa malusog pa!

Then we went to the lap pool which is only 4.3ft deep and the water is slightly cold. 

We then realized that there are herbal pool, steam and sauna near the hydrotherapy massages.
I excitedly went to the sauna room, my first time. 
It was hard to breathe inside so we only stayed for a few minutes.
Beside the sauna is the steam room. And as I expected, it is much difficult to breathe in there than the sauna so I quickly went out lol

We also dipped in their hot herbal pools - lavender and mint. 
I love the calming hot of lavender pool at 40C than the mint pool with 36C.

We went back again to the hydrotherapy massages and lastly to the lap pool.

Back to the shower area, a bottle of soap is provided in each cubicle. I forgot that there is a separate dressing cubicle so I carefully dressed at the shower cubicle :/
I've seen some white sando bags that you can get for your wet things.
What I like most is that they provide hair dryer :)

I think our metrodeal voucher is sulit at Php349 instead of Php550 :)

I'm thinking if we should get a VIP card hmmm..

Ace Water Spa 
United St., cor. Brixton St. near Pioneer, Pasig City


Healthy Inspiration: Pre-Breakfast

Just sharing two of the healthy habits I learned from 52 Healing Habits.

1. Drinking pure calamansi first thing in the morning  
The suggested number of calamansi is 25 pcs! (Uhm pwede po 5 pcs lang, effort maghiwa)
I only use 5-10 pcs of calamansi depending on size and besides I really find it difficult to drink

2. Eating fruits for breakfast
Actually it is  better if you eat nothing until noon but fruits - kaloka
I do that sometimes but for weekends or some mornings when I'm extremely hungry, I usually have fruits as my pre-breakfast then I would wait for 30mins to 1hour to eat my rice brekky.

We feel sleepy after eating sometimes because digestion use up a lot of energy,
Fruits are digested easily without too much effort and nourishes our body right away so we have energy for our next body activities.
Okayyyy I read that from another health book (na gusto ng itapon ni mike)

Here are some of the fruits I usually eat:
papaya, pears, grapes, pineapple, turnips, mangoosteen, mango

During the first week, I felt like I'm on a strict diet and these looked lonely and sad.
 I can then relate to a friend who tried a calorie diet meal delivery and stopped eventually because she felt like she was punishing herself.
But then I persevered (tiis-ganda lang 'teh) I remember I had a skin breakout that time (kasalanan yata ng mga Piattos at chocolate)

So after two long weeks of adding these on my daily eats, I noticed that:
1. I no longer feel fatigue in the afternoon 
2. I have extended energy that keeps me awake until late evening 
3. and what I like the most: it balances my hormones because of fruits alkaline effect in our body

So then, I will continue to add these on my daily eats. 
I am not actually very strict, there were mornings that I don't feel like eating fruits so I just had calamansi or there were also times that I wanted to eat fruits only, either one. 

My sample routine:

7AM - Drink Calamansi
8AM - Eat Fruit 
9AM or 10AM - Breakfast with rice


7AM - Drink Calamansi
8AM - Eat 1st serving of fruit 
10AM - Eat 2nd serving of fruit
11:30 - Lunch

Or (if medyo gutom ;p)

7AM - Drink Calamansi
730AM - Eat 1st serving of fruit 
8AM - Breakfast with rice ;p

For me, the key to any diet or healthy habits is not to be hard on your self, just listen to your body :)

And since I've been doing these for more than a month now, if there were no calamansi or fruits around I really make an effort to go out and buy (hinahanap-hanap ko na siya ;p )

Happy Sunday and have a healthy week ahead!


Mr. Kimbob

We both ordered Bibimbap: Beef (Large Php119) for M and Chicken (Regular Php99) for me.
Our orders were served in sizzling hot plates with a paper on the side, mala Pepper Lunch.

Lots of veggie sidings - Kimchi, Togue, Carrots etc. For the taste hmmmm, the chicken tastes like minced pork tocino. I wondered if it was really a chicken or they made a mistake. 

On the other hand, M's beef bibimbap is a winner, it was very flavorful.

Mixed bibimbap :)

We're curious about the Korean Dumplings. It was served with sweet and sour sauce and tastes like fishball.

I would love to go back and try their Jap Chae :)

Mr. Kimbob is located at Megamall FoodCourt.


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