Kiddie Party at Teresa Orsini Homes

my niece turned 2 and we celebrated her birthday at Teresa Orsini homes.
I love her DIY sweet buffet arranged by her mom and I was surprised that even the food buffet were all home-cooked.  Good job to all of them. :)

Special guest..... Jollibee!!!

Some games..

Lolz these letters (Dear Happy Birthday???)

Celebrant wishlist: adult diapers, foods, cleaning materials and school supplies for the kids.

It was a great feeling seeing those kids very happy with the event, games, Jollibee and giveaways.
I asked one little girl where's her mom, she answered "nakakulong po". Aww sad reality...

Teresa Orsini Homes is located in Muntilupa, which is a home for the elderly and children, they also accept elderly paying clients who wish to stay here for retirement. I told M, when we get old, there's no problem with me staying in this kind of place because I don't need to worry about household chores. I just don't know how much one need to pay to stay here. 



Movies and Eats: Banapple, Mr. Holmes

Friday movie night @ Galleria (again!)

We ordered Chicken parmigiana and a slice of Apple Pie :)))

We just had a "light" dinner so we still have room for fries :))))

hmm matamis

Mr. Holmes

Not the movie I expected with its slow paced-drama.
 I thought it was exciting and thrilling. I really don't like when other authors make Sherlock Holmes a normal human. He's exceptional in my imagination ;p  But still this movie was creative and good on its own, that kind of movie that leaves you a feeling of questioning or reflecting your own life's journey and purpose. :)))

weekend! relax, breath and reflect, right snowbell? :))))


Movies and Eats: Pho Bac, AntMan

friday movie night at Gallera :)))

Dinner first at Pho Bac. 
Fresh rolls with peanut sauce for appetizer, then we both ordered a bowl of noodles: 
Chicken noodles and Beef Noodles
Vietnamese noodles are very flavorful with fresh ingredients and just perfect for a chilly weather.

Then movie! very light and funny story, kids will love it for sure :))

PS: I recently followed some inspiring accounts on my Social Media (instagram, twitter, fb).
Sometimes we just need reminders from experienced people :))

Yay weekend! :)


Movies and Eats: Terminator, Masuki

Fans like me would probably feel the same nostalgic feeling while watching this movie Terminator Genisys. Arnie is now old period. But I still want to see him in his Terminator role so when I first saw the trailer and felt like pinagpilitan lang yung movie eh? hehehe, but still it was one of my awaited movie for this year. 

It was a good movie. I can't help but become emotional on some scenes, reminiscing my childhood fave actor and movie. Batang 90s lang. I'll never get tired hearing his "I'll be back" line. :)
On the other hand, they were able to get a Sarah Connor look alike but the Kyle guy? sino ba yun?

It was a rainy sunday so our late lunch fits the weather.
Chicken Mami (130) and Special Asado Siopao (85) from Masuki :)
Their mami still has that weird smell and taste hehehe but it's their siopao that is really a hit.
So big and the lots of asado fillings, it also comes with lots of asado sauce that you can also pour into your mami. yum2x!

Happy week ahead!


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