Eating Healthy Before the Holidays

With the holidays almost upon us, which means parties with family and friends plus baked treats and sweets that are very hard to resist, surely my jeans will not fit me again after the holidays hoho!

Although I have discipline when it comes to food portions, I don't want that feeling of guilt after eating a slice of cake (or two). Before our trip to Lucban, thank goodness I decided to start packing salads for work as my snack or lunch. I am not into salads and I preferred cooked veggies but thought I should try bringing some to work.

Here are some of my "operation healthy eats before the holidays" :)

boiled mustard

Falafel and lettuce

Boiled Squash 

Premix of oats, cinnamon, raisins and muscovado sugar for dinner :)
Basically, my salad is an assortment of lettuce, cucumber, basil, tomato, parsley or black olives. 
Romaine lettuce is my fave as it does not go bitter after a few days unlike the other varieties.
Well, I hope to continue eating fresh greens and reduce bread intake in the next few weeks.  Aja!



Saturday Salcedo Market

Went here yesterday at around 10AM after our errand in Makati.

I bought a bottle of Malunggay pesto at Pinoy Ordurvz. I'm planning to add 'em in sandwiches and as a salad dressing this week :)


Buddys at Lucban

It's Friday! Hope you all had a fab week, something to be thankful for. 
 I'm back with my post about last weekend's trip to Lucban and their (mike and his bro) treat to Buddys. 

Pretty and colorful kiping
I do love their interior, looks festive and bright

Kamay ni Hesus and Garden of Eden

Unplanned trip I would say, after mike "begged" me to come with him (he forgot his mom's bday) hehe, well, my dentist appointment finished late so it was only practical to went straight to his hometown instead of him driving me to San Pedro and drive back again to Luisiana.

And so after a long drive hours, 4hours? I felt restless on my seat and it feels like forever to reach his far, far away hometown! We need to pass by Caliraya lake because there's ongoing bridge renovation at Pagsanjan hence the additional 1 hour. We reached our destination at around 2PM.

Late in the afternoon, after a plate of spaghetti and a little coding on my laptop, we went to Kamay ni Hesus at Lucban with his family, around 20 mins or  less drive from Luisiana.

The Garden of Eden was open that time. Yey! The last time we went here it was closed. 


Momo Cafe Eastwood

Hello Sunday!

Last Friday, we had a lovely brunch at Momo Cafe Eastwood City.

mike must be really happy as he loves breakfast food.
And he's the one who influenced me to eat breakfast any part of the day.

And at the same time, he also started eating veggies because of me.

yunn oh! ;p

Our orders:

huge bowl of Salad

my plate - bangus breakfast

mike's plate - longganisa breakfast

The smell of garlic rice is just divine.
Each plate includes omelet, achara, salted egg w/ tomatoes and vinegar dip.

free bread

We enjoyed the breakfast and the portions were huge!
We have stuffed ourselves silly for the rest of the day. ;p

I chanced upon this deal from groupon :)
Momo Cafe prices are a bit on a higher side, but the servings are actually good for sharing.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend.
Happy Sunday!



My New Haircut


Thanks to my tita rems for my new short layered haircut.

So there really comes a time in your life when you've been itching to change your haircut and mine was last October when it feels kinda heavy already (after all these years?). It's now shoulder level, and it does have a bouncy look in it, fly away here and there but  feels very light and I feel like Alice in RE1 (wahaha RE much!)

-= jewel =-

October Photodiary

What a manic October!
I have snapped only a few pics from my phone, let us see...

1 and 2: Just Desserts Coffee Cake Bites, i ate a lot of this, seriously
3: Cukays Red Velvet bite size cupcake, wow, yummy, oh so soft!
2nd row: Puto Kutsinta and sweet corn that my boss always bring when we're doing overtime on weekends, how thoughtful :)

last row: 
7, New Jollibee crispy wings, hehe super small servings!
8. Bread Talk Steamed Cake, new discovery! it's like siopao bun + chiffon cake that mellts in your mouth goodness
9. Cat's shadow in our window

1. mike's new toy  (and i'm claiming it as my own too wehehe)
2. my human nature orders (nagkakaubusan ba ng toiletries!)
3. mom's pasalubong from bicol yey
4. i bought Bread Talk steamed cake for mike too, he agreed it's a really goood, sometimes it's not on display so you have to ask the counter for it
5. i  received EMS package from a friend and our EMS process here is really old fashioned and doesn't have a good customer service T_T whats new eh?!
thanks to M for claiming it

7. IL Mercanti, metrowalk
8. my bruised wrist :( i need to buy a new wrist rest
9. Bok's new bff, kitten Nyu

As for Halloween, well, we don't do trick or treat ever.
 My mom will just cook suman or biko every year as far as I remember. :) 

November plans?
hmmm well I'm very excited to go to Salcedo Market one of November Saturdays as we need to go to Makati for some errands
and I've been itching to have a new haircut since October so I'll be sharing all about that in my next post ^_^
via google images



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