Yamazaki at Little Tokyo

Went to Little Tokyo with classmates-jun,madonna and ayet! MY last day at AIEPro! woot woot! , will surely miss my classmates and instructors. I think I already overcome my fear of speaking in front. ;p

Here's a useful map for other establishments in Little Tokyo.

Yakiniku, these come with side dishes 

Yasaitame (Veggies) 

My curry rice! Yummy!


HANA at Little Tokyo
SHINJUKU at Little Tokyo


Movie Review: Green Lantern

Same with Clash of the Titans, lack emotions. It could have been better if they show why he decided or what inspired him to defeat Parallax, something like showing Carol, his bestfriend, his nephew, his dad etc, to make it more dramatic.

And why they focused a lot on Ryan's body?

Watched at Shangrila Cinema.
What i just dont like in Shang is that you can bring only foods from their snack bar. And there's no piattos! Can't bring Piattos hmp!

Sidestory: Our first time to ride MRT during rush hour from Ayala station. So many passengers! Gosh its so difficult to make your way out, I was really scared I might get pushed inside and not get off at Shaw. Good thing someone is also getting out from the back so I was pushed outside hehe. 


H.I.D. Burgers

 My treat this time hehe ;p

BLT Deluxe
Their Bun looks like Pandesal.
Mike said its good and juicy, he needs gloves while eating as the juice literally drips!

Menu List

Happy mike ;)
Would be better if the area is airconditioned.
Located in Phoenix Gas Station along Imelda Ave.


Yakimix at Podium

Mike's treat yey!

Tikim2x then kay mike na hihi

Blue Lemonade

Red Tea

Ice cream!

Yakimix, Podium
P580 per head
Store hours: 11am-2pm, 5:30pm-11pm
You need to reserve if you want a sure seat, they accept walkin also but you may want to come early so you'll not wait for so long.
Mike said its not allowed to take pictures of the buffet.


My First Day at AIEPro

I reserved a slot for this course last month for 10-12pm class:

C3 COURSE (C-Cubed) - Conversation Fluency, Critical Thinking, and Confidence Building
"This ongoing power-packed course is our most popular one as you will definitely improve your listening, conversation, presentation, and analytical skills through various modules including impromptu and extemporaneous speech, parliamentary debate, sales and marketing strategies, word web, and problem solving among others. Your content, voice quality, gestures, movements, and structure, and organization will continue to develop throughout the entire course. Furthermore, you will enhance your stage presence and develop your ability to synergize."

The place looks homey. I think there were just 3 classrooms. We're only 10 in the class. I didnt know that our teacher would be a foreigner. I felt nervous before the class and the whole time for our first topic - Impromptu speech. But after my turn of speaking in front, I feel excited for this class as I know I will learn a lot. Looking forward for tomorrow (^_^)

Mike just dropped me off in the place this morning, first time to ride MRT from Ayala to Ortigas alone on my way back home whew! I'm scared that I might get lost haha!
And goodluck to me on commuting via mrt from ortigas tomorrow, I'm on my own, I hope I can make it alone aja!

Will add some pics tomorrow.

Sa mga nais magenroll, let me know so I can refer you (^_^)
American institute for english proficiency
227 Valuepoint Exec Plaza, Salcedo st Makati city
(turn right in Gamboa St from Paseo de Roxas then 2nd bldg on the right when you turn left at Salcedo St.)
-walkable from Greenbelt


XMen First Class Movie Review

Mike bought na sa eastwood nung umaga for 840PM. He even bought Piattos na sa shopwise pero nalimutan naman niya dalhin haha! So sa 7eleven na lang kami bumili

Movie time with our favorite chichirya plus Sola ICed tea = Yey! Kaya lang I need to exchanged seat with mike parang may tumutulo sa bubong ng cinema! Grrr! not so eastwood image... We thought to watch GreenLantern na lang Shangrila (di pa namin nattry dun) Podium and Eastwood loyalist kmi kaya lang binibigo na nila kami  ;(

Movie is great! I'm on Magneto side hehe
That mystique actress looks familiar, (Renee Zelwegger look alike eh?)
We stayed afterwards waiting for the aftercredits scene pero wala naman. ;(

Bistro Mateo at Tiendesitas

Dinner at BistroMateo Tiendesitas, I like the warm Filipiniana ambiance of the place
Nilagang CornedBeef P280 (good for 2-3 persons) may carrots??

 Garlic Rice P35
Mike ate 4 slices of that beef  0_o
 I love the desserts!!!
Toffee Banana = the best! (it has banana slices inside)
Buko Pandan Jelly with vanilla ice cream = winner!


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