Audi's Inn at Cabanatuan

Ang cute ng chair.

Our breakfast - Tuna and Hotdog

Located inside Kapitan Pepe Subdivision. Php1440 - 12 hrs of twin sharing room, queen size bed. Breakfast included.

NE Cakes and Restaurant

After searching the net for restaurant in Cabanatuan, this video about NE Cakes made me excited.
We had sisig and mixed veggie from NE Cakes and Restaurant for our lunch - takeout. The sisig taste like 'dinakdakan' (like sisig but with mayo), yummy!!

After checking out Megacenter and checking in to our hotel, we went to NE Pacific Mall for our dinner.

 I chose to have Vegetarian sipao and orange brownies from NE Cakes Bakeshop. The cake slice is too big for me. (Calories overload!)
The siopao is big and filling for its price of Php21.00

Orange Brownies - Php16.00

I was intrigued by the orange brownies.

I was surprised it taste so good - like Mayfair flavored chocolates! Yum2x, I was thinking of setting the other half for bunchkin, but... but I can't control myself!

I also bought siopao asado and cheese rolls for our midnight snack.

Siopao asado - Php21 (Sweet bun!)

Cheeserolls - Php11 (Yum!)

NE Cakes and Restaurant is located inside NE Pacific Mall, Maharlika Hiway Cabanatuan City Nueva Ecija

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MegaCenter at Cabanatuan

From NE Pacific Mall, turn left along Gen Tinio, after Melanios


Cakeland, Cabanatuan

Edna's Cakeland! First time, previous  visit in Cabanatuan, we just made pabili.

Ensaymada P25
Mango Bar P30

We returned here on our last day. 
Brownies and blueberry - Php30 each.

Buy pasalubongs. Box of Taisan and Cheeserolls. Cute ng box. P170 each
Taisan - yummy! taste like a creamy chiffon cake

Box of bite size assorted pastries - Php230


Valentines Day At Enchanted Kingdom

After HS years, I was able to visit EK again! yipee! 
It used to be our HS default field trip destination  :/

Our wizard money worth Php200 :)

Our first ride, the Dodgem(BumpCar), since we were already in the MidwayBoardwalk.

Then spent our wizard money for the hat. Php190 then just addded Php5 for the pen w/c cost Php15

From the Midwayboardwalk, we went to the Portabello for the 4D theater. It is a paid attraction worth P60, no more current slot for 5PM so we enlisted for the 6PM slot which will be finished by 6:15, just in time for the HugAPalooza.

While waiting, we rode the RollerCoaster.

Then tried the SRRX (Shake,Rattle and Roll Experience), another paid attraction worth P50.

Still have time, strolled for a while, watched the KartTrak

 then spotted by She with his bf.

Just passing by the Space Shuttle, I wouldn't dare again to ride that. I remember my knees were shaking after I first rode that. (and the Condor, very scary!!! I didn't spotted it now)

At the 4D theater! 
We watched Journey to the center of the Earth, we both enjoyed the film plus the effects :)

Then off to eat. He ordered chicken and ice cream cake for me - choco overload!!! Actually he already ate Hotdog while waiting in photobooth!! 'o'

Before going in to EK, I already ate half almond snickers and half regular snickers which he bought for me '_' huhu irresistable!
Chicken Php70
Choco Overload Ice Cream Cake Php95/slice is heaven.

Ice Cream Cakes Php1000 whole

Fireworks again (^_^)

Then we watched the Grand Prix at Rialto. Few first person scene =(

We did not ride the Wheel of Fate, the same with Anchor's Away,  I remember they made my stomach churn.



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