IL Mercanti Metrowalk

Hello Sunday!

Went here after work last night, at about past 10pm
so there are now banchetto, mercato and il mercanti to choose from ^_^
there were only few stalls at Il mercanti, mostly grilled foods

well that's ok, i just want some street foods (hello quail eggs!)

quail eggs Php30, squid balls Php30, chicken skin Php80
and also desserts...

From Med Chef, Red Velvet? Php80

satisfied cravings for vinegar dip, happy tummy!



Ma Chicken Mami House at FunRanch Pasig

Finally got to try this resto, saw this from January and also when we tried Chucks Grub earlier this month.
 I would say their price a bit steep bec of few servings P90+ for each meal plus siopao at P50+ (not that big)
Well, mike liked his rice w/ kikiam, not your usual kikiam, their original chicken mami taste like sopas but still perfect for gloomy weather 

and just realized our payong...

Umbrella Corporation! ;p

Happy Long Weekend! 
(even though it's not applicable for me..)
 but we'll have holidays next week... can't wait to see our furry friends and eat real home cooked meals!



Movie Review: Looper

With 90+% rating from Rotten,we have high expectations for this movie. 
Not that bad really but not an epic one.
This is a futuristic setting movie with time travel concept.
*Somewhat Spoiler* I also remember Naruto vs Pain episodes "Circle of Hatred" concept.

Well, we don't really like the unnecessary drama focus and intimate scenes, (this is R-16 btw) how could they add love scenes like that without so much art, eh? so common, If they made it to a fast paced movie with really great music maybe I'll like it.

But overall, still Ok, as a fan of Bruce Willis, it's good to see him again ^_^
When I first heard about this movie I thought it is not convincing for Gordon-Levitt to play the young Willis (aside from the fact that he looks patpatin!). Well, thanks to movie touch ups.


Watched @ Podium, (^_^) and oh, saw the Hansel & Gretel trailer, looks great BUT ehem ehem ;p

'til next movie trip



Food Court Finds: Kim N' Chi

Hello Sunday! 

Just sharing the korean fastfood we tried last week located at Robinsons Galleria foodcourt

mike looks like he enjoyed his Omurice w/ beef bulgogi (P145),  rice topped with super thin scramble-like eggs with mayo and ketchup
me? my japchae (P79?) was dry, gooey and hard to chew not to mention few veggies too =(
i hope they improve the quality of their food as their place looks really promising... 

I'm in the office doing overtime, 
work is stressful but when you get a hang of it you can't just stop eh? ^_^



Big Daddys at Ortigas Home Depot

One rainy evening @ Ortigas Home Depot

Big Daddy's Burger 

Chicken wings in Garlic Parmesan

mike said the burger taste just fine, nothing special (for someone who loves burger) 
The chicken in garlic parmesan (Php125 for 4 pcs)  on the other hand was so messy to eat but oh so goooood! Crunchy and juicy skin topped with generous parmesan. This is also their best seller.

PS: I'm working today, slept last night at 2AM, woke up at 6AM so I'm a bit sleepy... 
blogging for a while to keep me awake...

Happy weekend!



Chuck's Grub

Chuck's Grub at Fun Ranch Pasig (1st time at Fun Ranch!
We got a discount voucher from Ensogo ^_^

Shrimp popcorn w/ fries

Full Monty and fries
I can't taste the differences between the 4 types of fish, they were all soft ^_^
The vinegar dip does not go well with the fish as compared to Garlic and Ranch which was really good. I also ordered "Just Chips" Php 50 , which turned out to be french fries so we're having a hard time finishing all the fries lolz!  



Food Court Finds: President's Tea House and Mongolian Quickstop

President's Tea House @ Megamall foodcourt Dimsums at P50+
Mongolian Quickstop @ Robinsons Galleria foodcourt at P80+ 

a not so detailed post hehe, just sharing some food court finds weeks ago (as we seldom eat at mall food courts) and also used to drink milktea after meal eeek
Chatime @ Megamall
Serenitea @ Galleria

hmmm we should really stop drinking milk teas for now ;p

happy weekend! 



September in Photos

Hello October!
where did September go? 
So far, September has been a busy one at work and it will continue until October! aja!
Somehow, I was able to squeezed in some relaxation, what else could that be? watching movies and a  bit of food trips of course ^_^

1. on the first week of September I was able to meetup my bff len,  my classmate since elementary long time no see!
2. BubbleTea Honeydew Milktea lasang gamot
3. Sonja's Cupcake in our ref

4. Chocolates from mike
6. Toblerone and rice inuulam ko chocolate! ;p

foods from officemates:
5. my first time to try M&M's Dark Chocolate sorop!
7. SugarBowl Petite Brownies soooo goood! i googled and it is available only and S&R?
8. RPM PiliNut Garlic from Naga City, hong sorop!
9. grown up Bok

We also made a quick trip to E.Rod Sr. for some errands and dine at Panciteria Lido. mike was very happy with his breakfast meal.

On our way back, we passed by Connie's Kitchen and bought Joji's delight coco sugar and Connie's Kitchen Eggplant and Olive Sauce  (aylabit!) ^_^

I opened an instagram account but I was a bit lazy to use it XD
I've also lots of backlogs coming up too.  I'm just swamped plus our Globe tattoo is becoming not reliable lately.
I also received Liebster blog award from hanny and miss aileen a. I really appreciate it dear sissies. I hope to post a response really, really soon ^_^



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