2010 Movies

Lots of nice movies for 2010. Thanks to some of my free movie pass and invites.

Here's my top list:
  1.  Inception
  2.  Prince of Persia
  3.  How to Train your Dragon
  4.  Sherlock
  5.  Ironman
  6.  Salt
  7.  Harry Potter
  8.  Legend of the Guardians
  9.  Despicable Me
  10.  Predators
  11.  Clash of the Titan
  12.  Social Network
  13.  Toy Story


House Blessing

House Blessing and Mom's Bday celebration.

I love the puto cake and dolors kakanin! Kalderetang kambing, papaitang kambing and sisig kambing!

Hokki Rice Pizza

Located at 3rd Floor Robinsons Galleria
We ordered their meaty pizza Php95.

The rice is flattened into thin layer.



We bought voucher from Ensogo so we only paid Php280 for this Php700 worth of food!
Clawdaddy at Shangrila

Seafood Pizza

Char grilled butter oyster


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