Etude House Nail Polish

Haven't been doing a nail post lately... 
So this is the Etude House nail polish I talked about in here


What's in my bag

I joined BC Bloggers meme in today's post. I personally do like purse/vanity kit/bag post ^_^ so let's have all a nosy on what's inside others bags here as hosted by Cat .

What's inside my bag???

Not that much really for a low maintenance girl like me


Movie Review: Expendables 2

Last Thursday night mike flew me to Eastwood City haha, we were a bit worried that we cannot make it to the 11PM show, but we did! thanks to his superb driving skills lolz, we got our tix at around 10:40, bought our movie food from Mcdo (hello large fries!) and just in time for the trailers \^_^/

And oh before that clickthecity posted that Eastwood Mall has 11PM showing time but in EastwoodCity FB page and Twitter it was 10PM  that I had to text them to confirm, thank you EastwoodCity for a quick reply that it is 11PM indeed.


We've been waiting for this movie as Expendables 2 is a dream team! My fave action stars complete and of course my ultimate favorite of all, Arnold, is back! 

I love how they include their characters/lines where they are known for, you can relate if you've watched their previous movies, I don't want to spoil, all I can say it is a full action (as in to the nth level),  morbid, comedy and has a bit of drama. I soooooo love this movie! Chuck Norris too, FTW! Plus Van Damme was a really scary, perfect villain

we went home laughing and I'm still having a hangover up to now that I searched for my old high school diary , haha yes i'm a fangirl !  (≧◡≦)

Too bad I lost my wallet where I have a newspaper cut out of Bruce Willis in his Armageddon suit. ;p  Oh Armageddon I remember I was sad for a week because of that!  I think I have watched their films in VHS that are available at the Video City near our house (Arnold, Bruce Willis, Van Damme and Stallone) ooh childhood memories

And oh my new fave Statham, just WOW,  his fighting scenes were suuuperrr cool esp in that outfit ala Assasin's Creed fight (ang peg)

I just love this movie that I can watch it over and over again!
Expendables 3 please! 

Hope you are all having a happy and lovely weekend! 


Kung Fu Tea House

Last Friday was no ordinary day for us when we got stranded  (will make a  separate post about it)  For the mean time, let's talk about where we had our very late dinner .... 
at  Kung Fu Tea House Pasig , located along C. Raymundo Ave

live acoustic ... nice, and you can request a song

Garlic KangKong, Garlic Rice (huge serving, good for 2 - 3), Dimsums  

mike and i love the place and we'll definitely  go back :)



Online Shopping at Little Emily Shop

after sitting in my multiply shopping cart for like 3 weeks, i finally decided to buy all of these from Little Emily Shop that I discovered via Joyce :)
I also want to grab the opportunity of multiply free delivery promo  and finally give my hair some look,
and of course they are also affordable
all of them for P118

Magic bun P48, Spin Pins P30, another Magic bun (top right) P20 

I spent the morning trying them out and because of my under the ***t hair, the magic bun can't hold it all lolz 
hmmm i can use it when I trim my hair...
I'm loving the spin pins (keri naman)

oh this one cost only P20 \(^_^)/

i really hope to do some nail post soon...



Homemade Vegan Burger Patty

i found this recipe online and bec the procedure is very much the same as falafel, I gave it a try .

Just put them all in blender, mixed with spices and fry.
Serve with tomatoes, lettuce and ketchup.

Hmmm... I prefer the falafel compare to this, or maybe I didn’t put enough cumin that the black beans taste is very strong.
I thought I can prepare  and experiment a variety of pita fillings. I cooked too much  falafel and this veggie bean patty so my two pack of pitas from Green Grocer were all consumed with it.

'til next healthy cooking time!



Peri Peri Chicken, Shopping Weekend at Megamall

last sunday lunch, mike's treat at Peri-Peri Megamall, he ordered 1/4 chicken meal combo A Php125 and i chose to have a creamy meatless pasta at P98 , happy tummy!  ^_^


July Photos

August already eh?! Sharing again some of the photos I snapped and oh they are mostly food. We don't dine out a lot for the past weeks as the rain made the days very cozy you don’t want to go out.  We watched lots of movies instead and indulged ourselves with junk foods eeek, will go back to regular healthy foods for august, pramis!

1-2 One night mike brought home spag and Pichi2x from Ambers, i love their pichi2x
3 Jipan Green Tea donut
4-5 YellowCab pizza (while watching movies at home) Thanks for my honeybunch2x
6 Tea-riffic Wintermelon milk tea from SM hypermarket pasig 
7 Chocolates
8 9 My new flat shoes and cutey rainboots from SM only P299each! 


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