Healthy Inspiration: October Eats and Discoveries

a round-up of my eats and discoveries :)

I bought this malunggay pancit canton in Echo Store, Podium

Turned this into:

spanish sardines, olives, malunggay noodles :)

black rice is now a part of my diet
lettuce, carrots, black rice

I also tried to include legumes
my "Taco in a bowl" Lentils, tomatoes, olives, onion

Just plain bold pinto beans with lettuce

I bought some garlic bits and sprinkled it on almost any food ;p
Turmeric lugaw with Egg

radish, carrots, broccoli

Organic chicken, spinach, rice with turmeric

I discovered Malagos :)
Champorado (using Malagos Unsweetened Chocolate)
I'll do a separate post about Malagos :)

I also snacked on carrots at around 9PM almost everyday this month. Sometimes I include yogurt.
yogurt and carrots

and discovered a way to bring excitement to a plain boring oats
oats, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, honey and chocolate :) 

Have a great weekend!

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Weekend: SM Aura, Yakitori One

We decided to do our grocery at SM Aura, (first time) ;p

It was a bit traffic on our way there because of baranggay election campaign :I

The good thing about their supermarket is that they include aisle of organic products :)

But what I like here is that there are few people and no long queue \^_^/ or maybe because that was only 12ish. And Healthy Options is just nearby too

We had our lunch at Yakitori One. Rice topped with seaweed P48, Miso Soup P30, Yakitori sticks at P50 each (chicken thigh, chicken with onion leeks, chicken garlic)
We like the chicken thigh which is very soft and juiciest among the three. 

We also decided to check out the Sky Park. 

We passed by Human Nature on our way home and had a milk tea at Tea101 just beside HHN store :D



Weekend: Massage, MaDeCa, TooCute

Saturday, we started the day with a 75 min. soothing massage at Mont Albo Spa, Ortigas branch. M purchased a deal at metrodeal for the two of us :)   It was a 60 minutes Whole Body Swedish and 15-minute Eastern Foot massage. 

While M make it a habit to have a monthly massage, I prefer having a massage at the comfort of our house and just ask my aunt, so I can ask her where to focus. Her 1hour back massage is still bitin for me! So imagine how I wish that mont albo massage focus only on my back. But then, I would say that their therapist is good and skillful, I requested for a hard massage and she was able to find the lamig on my everyday-aching-back and focus more on that. :))))

"Sir ano pong pressure? moderate/hard?"
"him: moderate"

"Ma'am ano pong pressure?moderate/hard?"
"Me: hard" :))

Then for lunch, we headed to Podium and tried MaDeCa, a mexican and pinoy fusion.
I love their chips and the tomato salsa goes very well with it and with the chicken in soft tacos which was very tasty too but difficult to eat because the sauce tends to drip. If only the beef in salpicao burritto is soft then we'll keep coming back for it. Maybe we can try their fish burrito next time. 

At night, we watched some episodes of Animal Planet: TooCute about puppies and kitties :)

The next day was spent in Laguna :) Julia's litter now at 4 weeks old. These 3 puppies are extremely cute, fluffy and so adorable!
Too Cute!


Healthy Inspiration: Black Rice

I chanced upon on this tv program 'Healing Galing' that my aunt was watching that BlackRice is good for those with  iron deficiency. "Kahit walang ulam"  So I thought of including it on my grocery list :) 

Black rice is available in all leading supermarket, this vacuum packed cost around P120+

They take a long time to cook, you need to soak it first for 30mins and double the water measure when cooking. They turned into purple color when cooked.

I don't have a fancy recipe for it, I thought I can prepare it with salad or in a veggie wrap. Its nutty taste makes it easy to pair with any kind of veggies.

Aside from vitamins and minerals, black rice is also rich in antioxidants. :)


Escape Plan, Brasas, Sebastians

I had a tiring, busy but productive week. The last quarter of the year will always be the busiest. Must recharge during weekends (starting Friday) ;p

We dined again at Brasas Podium, ordered Beef Wrap (P290) and Patacones (P160).  Both were very tasty but I think I'll stick to their Salads where the grilled meat are more flavorful and the serving is generous.

Patacones - crispy plantain chips topped with pulled pork, tomato salsa and cheese.

While we still have time we tried another ice cream flavor at Sebastian's. We tried their Sapin-Sapin.
It has some bits of those biko toppings. (forgot what they called). It tasted like eating your childhood dirty ice cream with all flavors mixed. 

And then we headed to cinema. My favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger weee! partnered with Stallone and we have a brilliant prison break movie.

Action fans rejoice!

Super like the movie! I love that the story is a combination of thriller, action, may kurot sa puso, plus a sense of humor. It still has a feel of their old action films especially when they show off the skills they are known for. I will never get tired of Arnie going to the choppa with a big gun!

 I can't wait to see them again in Expendables 3.  

Hope y'all recharge this weekend ;)


Saturdate: Sebastians, Pasto, Gravity

Finally weekend! Saturday plan was to buy from Human Nature Pasig (they have some discounted items and promo!), then to Podium, lunch, watch movie and just grocery.

We were early in Podium after we passed by Human Nature to stock up on essential things. We thought of trying out Sebastian's Ice Cream.

They were known for that unusual ice cream flavor like Green Mango with real bagoong and Sapin-Sapin. But we chose not to be adventurous and just ordered the surely good tasting flavor - Chocoholics Anonymous (P100/cup).

Dark chocolate ice cream with Dark chocolate chunks and fudge!

Then lunch @ Pasto, we shared that thin crust pizza topped with salad and one pasta, very filling and so good, yummy, tasty lunch :) (a steal from Deal grocer 50% off (P250 instead of P500)wee!)

Mango Fruilatti

Maria Pizza topped with Salad


We really have no plan to watch this movie, we saw the trailer when we watched Elysium, Sandra Bullock was there and I thought it'll be just her usual feel-good movie, but M said it got high ratings from Rotten.com so taralets.


Let's say I'll rate this 6/10. Slow paced movie, something I can just watch at home and won't regret that I didn't watch it in big screen. M said there are "nakakaantok" scenes while I am distracted by Sandra Bullock's breathing.

But wait! it made me feel uneasy on my chair not only bec. of the slow pacing but because it also gave suspense and made me curious how the story will unfold. Overall, they successfully conveyed the risk of working in space. I always marvel and thought it must be really cool working out there but that changed now. :)

And also, we saw the trailer of Escape Plan, I am excited to see Arnold and Stallone next week weee!


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