Tagaytay: Mahogany Market, Gourmet Farm

Tagaytay trip again! This time M and I went to Mahogany Market :)

I didn't notice their tarp while choosing where to order.
We only realized when we were seated, lucky for us to be able to try the "best".

Our order arrived immediately, Bulalo which is good for 2-3 persons.
The lady attendant helped us served the bulalo into to two bowls.
Our total order of bulalo + 3 rice costs P395

While waiting, I prepared our patis+calamansi sauce

Lots of Pechay! 

This is the first time I tried bulalo in Tagaytay so I can't say if this is the 'best'.
For me, Nilagang Baka is similar to Bulalo in the way it is cook so I prefer a very, very soft meat and a very flavorful soup.
Alegre's version has a flavorful soup and a bit chewy meat or maybe it is because the meat has a lot of litid.
I thought we will not be able to finish that huge serving but the patis+calamansi sauce will 
made you eat a lot of rice, sip the soup and just enjoy everything.

Alegre's staff were also very attentive to ask our needs and refill our bowls, how was that for a carinderia service ;p

Then palengke time :)

We bought: Tuyo and baby tawilis (3 for P100) ,
a pack of lettuce for only P30!

and Pinyapples. The jolly manong gave us a 3 for P100 deal from his usual price of P45 each ;p 

and I bought a pot of sweet basil for P30 :)

I thought we can spot some coffee vendors in mahogany market but I can't find any so before going home, we stopped at Gourmet Farm for a cup of coffee.

We also went home with 2 packs of Manila Blend coffee and lettuce chips :)

We took the Silang road to exit at Carmona (first timers). :)


Laguna Stopover: Ted's, Lety's

After our Liliw trip, we stopped at Ted's along Sta Cruz hi-way for coffee.
We didn't order anything aside from that. 
I just snapped some photos of the place while waiting for our order ;p

If coming from Pagsanjan, Ted's is on the right side of the road.

Pretty place :)

We also checked out their separate store for takeout. The cakes ranges P600 and up

Long black coffee Php55

The coffee drinks are very affordable but I find the other items on the menu  a bit pricey (Manila price ba

We also stopped at Lety's in LB, I prefer Lety's over  The Original's and Collete's.
At 3PM their buko pie were all sold out :/
I just bought cassava cake which is equally good. \(^_^)/


Liliw Laguna: Arabela, Footwear Stores

To celebrate M's mom's birthday, we drove all the way to Liliw for Arabela and slippers shopping :p
My first time :)

M's Shrimp Pomodoro (Php230)

My Plain Pesto (Php220)

Both were served with a plain, hard toasted bread on the side.
I love everything pesto, so I'm satisfied with my pasta.
M's pomodoro was a bit spicy, it was a bit bland for me but there are seasonings on the table that you can add to suit your taste.

The serving size looks small in photos because the plates are really HUGE!
Same with our bill! ehehe

Low ceiling :) 

The place was already jam packed at lunch time, 

For our desserts, instead of ordering, we had Mernel's Pandan Cake (with Yema filling Php430) we bought from their branch in Bay. We just need to pay Php100 corkage fee.

Afterwards, we checked out the stretch of footwear stores at the other street.

At the famous Badongs: Php150 for all items only on this rack, mostly are large sizes.

I hope they put some price tag because it was a bit hassle to ask the attendants who were servicing other customers. 
Some items I asked ranges from Php120 - Php390

Belts at Badongs

Other stores has 3 for 100 slippers.

 I got tired checking out the entire stretch of the street looking for a flat black sandals.
After hopping from one store to the other, I still can't find "the one".
When I'm shopping for sandals, I wanted a "love at first sight" feeling.
Or maybe I'm a bit overwhelmed..

Since I don't want to miss the opportunity of buying a Liliw footwear, I bought 3 (pambahay) slippers for Php100 and also another sandals for Php240 \(^_^)/

 Liliw is only about less than 30mins from Pagsanjan, short segway if you are in the area.
I would love to go back! :)


Muni Market at Capitol Commons

"MUNI Market Day v2.0 is a continuing effort to bring together a creative community, and create a culture of conscious consumption and mindful living – or being more socially and environmentally conscious of our lifestyle."

Some stalls: 


 unfortunately they don't have the products I wanted to buy from their website

Plantex, local, environment friendly products

Lotus Pod


Vegan foods

Gawad Kalinga

The Greenhouse Project

Take Root, I also spotted a stall in Salcedo Market

Pipino Vegetarian products 

SOOC Project Zero bags

Here are my Muni Market finds:

Pipino Taro Chips (Php100)
Pipino Kale + Malunggay Pesto (Php130)
Green Plantex Toothpaste (Php175)
Luntee Reusable Straw with cleaner (Php110)

I discovered a lot of new eco-friendly products.
Thanks to Muni for organizing this kind of event. v3.0 please?


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