Healthy Inspiration: What I'm Loving Lately

I haven't shared some healthy inspiration post for a while eh?

Just wanna share some of what I discovered lately...

Adobong Broccoli!

I never thought broccoli would taste that good - adobo style, soft  and juicy!

Greek Yogurt
Hacienda Macalauan Greek Yogurt - available in SM Supermarket (how convenient!)
But a bit pricey compared to Rizal's Dairy Farm at Php185

Mrs. May Cashew Nuts with sesame seeds
I also love their walnut variety
(also available in SM Supermarket)

Nutsyriya Mushroom Chips from a colleague
available in Podium (bazaar like area in the 3rd floor if I remember)

Strawberry smoothies
I feel like I don't get enough antioxidant in my diet so I'm trying to add berries in my smoothies.
It tastes good and creamy smooth with bananas :) 
If only they are not a bit pricey, I could have them everyday..hmm maybe I should go to Baguio and hoard hehe ;p

Happy weekend and stay healthy! 



Life Lately: NBA, Man of Steel, Borough, Archipelago 7107

oh it's already midmonth!
here comes the rainy season too

well, what ive been up to this week ....

NBA Finals
mike paid for our live online streaming, NBA league pass for $13, not bad eh
it will be more sulit  if spurs will win the finals :)

@Eastwood, Man of Steel
at first I thought only if zack snyder is not the director I will not watch this
but then it was so good and that actor is not very annoying in this movie
i love the heavy CGI and I dont care if they didn't focus on the love story :)
Overall, it was brilliant and di ako nabitin! 

But before that, it took us almost an hour to get our tix!
We only had 10mins to buy our movie food at charlie's chicken which I have no time to take a photo 

@ Borough to celebrate our colleague's bday
I had Grilled Portobello Mushroom, I find it very salty ><
but we all love their chips with onion dip :)

Last night with mike @Archipelago 7107, El Pueblo
while waiting for the traffic to subside
Hot Sinigang perfect for the rainy weather ;D

Off to Laguna now :)
Happy weekend!


Lunch at Yakimix

I had a manic week so far, deprived of sleep and exercise.
I hope to recuperate for the next days. 

mike's yakimix treat yesterday was a great start for the weekend :)
Unlike our first time, (where we tried everything),  this time we only chose from grilled and japanese station

and salads too

grilled meat for mike

And then I loaded up on both fresh and grilled fish. It is seldom that I eat seafood in a restaurant, it is just recently I feel that I need some nutrients from fish like omega oils for a healthy brain function. I only had one hour sleep last Thursday. (oh my poor brain cells!)


For the dessert, I had  a few spoons of ice cream and half of mango mochi

while mike can't finish his desserts lolz

Yesterday's lunch fueled us to jog this morning for 30 minutes.
It was so good to get a sweat on after weeks of sedentary life :)

Have a great weekend!



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