Happy Lemon at Eastwood

After Adobo Connection, we went to Happy Lemon 4/F of Eastwood Mall.
But before that we went first in Beauty Bar for me to apply a free eyeliner hehe

Back to Happy Lemon, long queue! Well always every time we pass by their store
"Please proceed to claiming area when I buzz and light up"

We shared large cup of Milk Tea w/ Black Pearl Sago P85, hmm for us 7-11's mineshine taste better

Adobo Connection

Mama's Adobo - sweet and salty 

Mestizang Adobo - sweet and sour

Located at Eastwood City Food Junction
Meals cost P99 with iced tea
Adobo Connection's version is kinda sweet and has thick consistency ;(
Having just the Adobo sauce is enough for me, (sabaw pa lang ulam na) I like it watery and a bit oily but 
sadly i'm not a fan of sweet style adobo ;( 
i like it with just the soy sauce and vinegar with the aroma of laurel leaves and pepper

So we went to Happy Lemon. afterwards even though we just had iced tea.


Chucks Deli at Eastwood Mall

Yey Fanta Grapes P65
Waw with sanitizer!

Mike chose Chips and me -Onion rings - free with the order of slabwich

It says, "French Kiss = You will start speaking the language of love after you try this"

My vegetarian slabwich P185 with tomatoes, eggplants, zuccini, bellpepper, cheese

Mike's French Kiss slabwich P195 with Corned Lengua, Sauerkraut

Those half slabwich were big already, enough to share for petite lady like me. =p
Went home with a full tummy XD

Chucks Deli G/F Eastwood Mall


Maybelline BB Cream

I thought I should learn how to put on makeup by myself haha
So there bought BB Cream and eye shadow palette at Watsons.

Thanks to http://kikaytrekkie.blogspot.com/ where I read a lot of stuff about bb cream. She mentioned that Maybelline BB cream is great for starters.

This is my first try of BB cream.  I liked the matte finish, although it did not cover all blemishes in one application (you need to put powder foundation / concealer to achieve the clear smooth finish ). It suited my morena complexion. I used Human Nature for the pressed powder foundation and Barenaturals concealer.

I have a combination/ oily skin. Without retouch it lasted for more than 4 hours.


Haiananese Delights

Had dinner while waiting for HP7.

Condiments - Soysauce, Ginger, Chili oil

P120 Unlimited Rice and 1/4 chicken  

Regular Suf and Turf Noodles Php95, this taste bland so I add lots of ginger and soy sauce =p

didnt realize we emptied the ginger container O_o

Located at Robinsons Galleria in front of Watsons.


Eat Well Delicious Kitchen

Dinner and chat time with Jackie =)
Delicious Kitchen By Eat Well located at Robinsons Galleria Veranda

I forgot the name ><

It has "sabaw" inside =)

Steamed Rice P45


Jatujak Megamall

Last Friday night, I went to Watsons to avail my Megadeals Wheatgrass P280 instead of P330 for 10pcs  with 1 free sachet of honey&wheatgrass. =p I just started trying this wheatgrass as I feel unhealthy working everyday for almost 12hours a day ;( the effect was good for me for the last 2 days I tried it. At around 8PM, I already feel tired and uneasy but after drinking a glass, I felt good and energized.

It was past 8 already, late for dinner at Jatujak (Thai food), just a few steps away from Watsons.

This is the Binagoongan Rice that Mike and I shared, serving is good for 2 already. P160
I like the thin mango slices =)  And oh there is one green I don't like = cilantro (that leaves on the top) XD


Thuk Thai at Rockwell Business Center

Had dinner last night at Thuk Thai G/F Rockwell Business Center Ortigas
1st time in RBC, we saw Cafe Mary Grace, Buon giorno, Kimono Ken etc... will definitely go back here to try those. =)

Back to thuk thai, unforgettable... the two dishes I ordered were both hot and spicy!!! wah! haha! I thought the curry will be just mild hot but whew! we both have teary eyes haha! and oh the Thai Iced Tea tastes like Mineshine so its good!

Their serving is good for two already, we didn't finish the second pic, we have it for take out. Total bill of P295, affordable prices =)

Red Curry P135

P95 w/ chicken bits... soo spicy

Thai Iced Tea @ P65

Movie: Transformers 3

Perfect Time: First screening of the day at 1PM on its opening day last wednesday = Few people, no one sat besides us so no "noisy eating" seatmate. ;) I hate those who eat their food noisily and drink with that loud slurrrrping sound ><

So what can I say about this movie?

At the very start, i'm not expecting a lot from this, aside from the fact that Megan Fox was replaced, plot is always confusing ever since the first movie. I don't care about the story as a whole 'coz the effects were great, it just these two things irritated me:
1. over focused scene on that falling building while the main cast were inside (long scene yet not very thrilling, duh)
2. carly still look clean after all that rolling, crawling, etc etc  O_o

'butt vs bunny scene conversation'
Jewel: If I'm a guy, that butt scene is not even 'eye-popping'
Mike: Yeah, it will be eye-popping for me if they reattached the bunny in the end

@Greenbelt 3 cinema, 06/29 1:15-4PM (way too long!), Thanks for my honey for the snack treat at NYFD, fries pesto dip was so good! 


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