Prince of Persia

We were very excited for this! Friday night @ Podium (cinema is much better than EastwoodCitywalk I think, sitting in front is comfy!).
Movie is great!!! We're familiar with the games. Mike played all 4 and he played it smoothly that it seems I'm watching a movie.

Fast-paced movie, breath-taking, intense!!! I could hardly remember the details...
soo fast that my brain took time to process and remember.

the scene of imbaka vs sands assassin(dunno the spelling) is a nice one... emotion filled which is lacking in

"Clash of Titans"

The prince we knew in the 3 games (Sands of Time, Warrior Within, Two Thrones) has a serious character. But in Prince of Persia 2008 (with Elika), the prince has sense of humor just like the movie adaptation.

I like first person games but when I saw this game, I was amazed by the concept, the Prince can run on the wall, jump on roofs, I like the acrobatic skills used in escaping and battles. My fave is that speed kill in 3rd (Two Thrones). It was a really nice game.

But ratings in rotten tomatoes were low 41% when we checked last thursday hmmm? (Well if reviewers did not play the game.... & some really don't like movie adaptation of games...)
Should I register at rotten tomatoes and give my review?? ;p

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