Life Lately: Feb eats and happenings

Some eats:

my first time to eat Durian :)
So it tastes like a mushy langka and super bitter. 
I just don't know why it tastes bitter for me but M and the rest of my family said it's not :/

I also tried making it as a shake with lettuce

Tried this Bonuan Bangus Longganisa :)

Avo-sandwich for snack (avocado, boiled egg, lettuce)

Simple and super easy to prepare pack lunch : broccoli and carrots, brown rice, boiled egg
ipa-ibabaw sa sinaing and broccoli at carrots :)

Ramen ramenan sa bahay

Spinach, cucumber, ginger with Extra virgin olive oil and calamansi dressing 

Got this from Garlic Pretzels from Healthy Options, kinda salty...

 The week of Chinese New Year, we bought Green Tea Tikoy from Eng Bee Tin.
Tastes like pandan

And my Feb highlight ..
just a simple lunch with M's mom and lola in our place  
They brought lechon head, hardinera, pancit lucban (I'm craving again), embutido, biko.
On our side we just prepare inihaw bangus and tilapia and sinigang na hipon :))))
Exciting times ahead I'll blog about it in detail sooon :)


VDay 2015

 We woke up early to have our vday brekkie at IHop Centuriy City Mall :)
IHop is open as early as 7am.

143 price :)

 Good morning!

Pancakes love!

We ordered their Breakfast Sampler, House Salad and Garlic rice.
 M obviously enjoyed this plate. 
Breakfast Sampler plate: 2 Eggs, 2 Pork sausage, 2 Ham, 2 bacon, 2 hashbrown, 2 Pancakes

I started first with the house salad (healthy2han si ate)

I didn't use the salad dressing

 Then I tried the different syrup on pancakes :)

The blueberry syrup is good but what I love the most is their butter pecan.

And of course I did a bit of tikim2x everything on his plate ;p
It took them a while to served our order and giving our bill.
We also took our time to finish our meal :)

It's already 10:30am when we started strolling inside the mall.
Few shoppers aylabit!

We shopped for a few items in Healthy Options. 

And did our grocery in Rustans. I found a Probio chicken. Yey it's been a while since I cooked chicken adobo :)

In the afternoon, we drove to Cubao because M needed to purchase from Harbor Avenue (PC thingy)
On the way it was traffic, took a while to park and the malls we've been to: Farmers, Gateway and SM Cubao were all crowded to the maximum level! Valentines Day rush!
Valentines day pa niya naisipan bumili. Kalurkey!
Anyway it was still a nice view - many couples, friends and families spending time with each other during St. Valentines Day :)))

Happy hearts day! :)


Weekend: Movie break

Saturday night @ Galleria

The Imitation Game

Hello Cumberbatch!!!
Any nerdy role fits him.

Students (esp. Comsci/Math students) should watch this very educational film, based from the true story of Alan Turing who cracked the Enigma ,the machine used by Germans in sending cryptic message during war. Alan Turing built his own machine to decrypt the enigma (Whatta brain!)

This is such a superb film, stunning performance by Cumberbatch, inspirational, educational and wholesome. :)

We passed by Bread story Buy 1 Take 1 of any bread.
I had the blueberry one :)

Sunday, we watched The Interview via Netflix during meals (brekkie and lunch)
 I thought I'll cringe on a lot of scenes just like their previous tandem in "This is the End", but none, this is just a light comedy. Such a hilarious movie. James Franco is really good in comedy :)

We also 'tried' watching NightCrawler by Jake Gyllenhaal. but it was very stressful so we didn't finished it haha. I only want a relaxing Sunday. But still I think it is really a brilliant movie, will try to watch it again if I want a crime- thriller movie.

Have a relaxing weekend too!


Eri Curry Megamall

We can't decide where to eat so we strolled in megamall atrium to check out what restos we haven't been to. We haven't noticed before that Eri Curry is in the area, I read some blogs about it before.
 I thought it was in the new fashion hall.

They are playing anime songs on the background. We were guessing the titles while waiting for our orders, we missed one familiar title, we kept trying to remember it til we got home. 

very japanese atmosphere :)

M ordered their Pork Katsu curry (crunchy, tasty and juicy)

and Veggie Curry for me :)
(potato, carrots, beans and onions)

I love curries :) Even the ready sauce that you can buy at the asian aisle grocery stores.
So I am very easy to please when it comes to this particular dish :)

The curry here is good, thick sauce, moderately spicy and my veggies were a bit crunchy.
 It's been a while since we ate a good curry :)

I just thought that Eri Curry rice serving is very few. You can choose in 3 sizes: small, regular and large. The regular size that we ordered looks like half a cu p only.
But still their prices are reasonable. Katsu Curry cost P320, vegetable curry at P180  :)

Keep Calm and Curry On! ;p

Eri Curry 
3/F Megamall Atrium


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