Hana at Little Tokyo

After having ramen and Gyoza from Shinjuku, we went to Hana which is located inside Little Tokyo when you enter the arches. They starts cooking their Takoyaki at 5pm. I forgot the taste of Takoyaki in Japan. I remember that it was serve steaming hot during the Hanami so I only managed to have a small bite.

Takoyaki Php100 for 6pcs

We ordered melon flavored snowcones. Wee! So yummy!!! (^_^)

We enjoyed it outside Hana while watching the Japanese kids running around the place while someone is ordering them to stop, "Yameru! Yameru!" he yelled. Lots of Japanese are going in and out of the restaurants around so it really feels like we are in different place.

Some pics inside Little Tokyo:

Shinjuku at Little Tokyo Makati

I've done my research before going to Little Tokyo which is located in Pasong Tamo beside Makati Cinema Square.

Foodie bloggers has been talking about Shinjuku for best Ramen and Gyoza so thats our first stop.

We wandered around the place and nearby Japanese grocery stores before entering Shinjuku restaurant.
Little Tokyo is just a small place but feels like being in another place (stranger in my own country) since there are lot of Japanese people around.


While waiting for our orders, we get some manga books to view.

Here is what we ordered:
The Ramen is big and is good for two. - P375

Hmm... I was just wondering why their noodle is curled like instant noodles, I was expecting like the one I've tried in Japan. The toppings is good though - soya beans, spinach, nori, egg.
Same for Gyoza, big and filling. P95

I don't eat Gyoza often so I really can't say if its the best Gyoza around. But it indeed makes me go back again there for their Gyoza.

Next we headed for Hana which is famous for their Takoyaki and Kakigori!



We are so full after having our dinner here.

We loved the pepper rice and it gives me an idea how to spice up our meal at home, I was just ignoring our pepper.

When ordering, fill up the order form given to you and when ready flip up the "Move" sign in the table.

The video instructions helped a lot on how to enjoy your meal.

Cook the other side of the meat before pouring the sauce and mix it afterwards.

Here is our order, we loved everything except the Watermelon juice (so sweet eew!)

Beef Pepper Steak Php195

Pork Pepper Steak Php155

Extra Pepper Rice Php45

Watermelon shake Php65 (huhu this is very very sweet and after seeing boxes of juices in their kitchen, we concluded this is not a real/natural fruit shake)

Located @: Robinsons Galleria 4th Flr near MovieWorld, they also have branches at SM Megamall Atrium and I see one in Eastwood City.

Astroboy Movie

Astroboy Movie

After a filling dinner @ PepperSteak, we watched AstroBoy. We thought it will be showing on 3D, well it doesn't really matter.

Even though I love animes, I have never been a fan of AstroBoy - I don't know the original story.
Although I remember someone told me that he is made as a replica of a scientist beloved son.
Huhu We cried. Touching Story. Another movie that made us cry after UP.  I went to the comfort room after the movie, my eyes and nose were red, it was so obvious that I cried!!!

We watched it at Robinsons Galleria Cinema 5 front row middle and somehow satisfied. I loved Robinsons Cinema 10 because the front seat is near the screen.


PinoyDon at Podium

Located at 5thFlr in Podium. We tried here after it was featured in Jessica Soho (about their tinapa Maki)

PinoyDon offers a fusion of Pinoy and Japanese food.

Accepts credit card (^_^)

Here are some dishes that we tried:

Tinapa Maki (oopps sorry forgot the price, our orders ranges from Php140-180)

Nothing special about the pasta and rice bowl but the Tinapa Maki is heaven!!!

Pasta tuyonesca


Haven't tried their ramens, but according to some blogs they taste great.

The place is simple and not themed or pricey - looking.

Hope to get back soon. (^_^)



Both dishes that we tried were kinda sweet which we are not expecting.
Hmmm... we haven't tried their expensive meal P200++ so we don't know the real score. We hope to try them soon.

Nothing to rave about the dishes we tried though. Serving time took 5 mins or more.

Php 70

Php 60

Located @ Robinsons Galleria Groundfloor Besides Yoshinoya


CockTales at SM Megamall

Our healthy option aside from coffee shop when we need a place to stay for a while.

They have outlets for charging. (^_^)

We stay here during the typhoon ondoy and totally clueless about the typhoon.

Located at 5th Floor in Megamall.

They offer fruit desserts and juices, tea, coffee, pasta, sandwiches at very affordable prices.

You can also check their multiply site : http://cocktales.multiply.com

Tuna sandwich w/ potato chips @ Php75

Chamomile Tea @ Php50

Coffee @ Php60

Mango Daiquiri @ Php75

Pinya Colada @ Php75


District 9 Movie Review

"Technically brilliant, emotionally wrenching"

Good thing we watched it on big screen.

The trailer is not exciting though.

If wala kami free movie pass, magdadalawang isip ako panoorin ito, saw the trailer once - pero di maxado tumatak sa isip ko.

Ang ganda ng story!!! The best! (Transformers+GIJoe+Ironman)

Nakakastress panoorin dahil siguro nadala kami sa kwento hehe.

Neill Blommkamp is a director we would surely look out for in the future.

Can't wait for the sequel.

But wait, bakit may part sa trailer na di pinakita??? May namiss ba ako?
yung iniiterview ung isang alien? (If hindi ito pinalabas sa Galleria lang GRRR strike 3 na sila sakin)



We had our dinner here just to try it out as I read a lot of them from other bloggers. You can see them making their own pasta.


August Movie Trip: GIJOE & UP

We have free movie tix worth 120 from Citibank's credit card promo (spend P1500=1free movie tix @P120).

GI Joe @ Eastwood Citywalk

We went there around 8pm. Ang HABA ng pila. Ang natitira na lang slot is for 10pm.
Ang masasabi ko lang Action packed ang movie and Great! May part 2 pa kaya?

UP @ Robinson Galleria

Eto mejo undecided, out of the blue eh nagyaya itong si mike, nabasa namin sa mga review na nakakaiyak daw and we're like really?kala ko comedy and for kids. Additional 170 each for the 3D. At may FREE snacks. Ok naman yung cinema nila for 3D.

Btw ung free movie pass di pwede sa SM cinemas. Ayala,Robinson and Eastwood malls only.

9:30 PM kami watch, sabi ko di ko na iinumin ung softdrinks ko at di uubusin ang popcorn kasi gabi na, kaso di ko mpigilang uminom at ubusin ang popcorn dahil sa naiyak ako. Pinipigilan ko ang hikbi ko baka marinig ni mike kaya umiinom na lang ako. Haha! ang babaw ng luha ko hehe.

Cute ng story. Nakakatouch.


Comic Con 2009

Creativoice Panel

We were able to meet:

Director Danny Mandia - dubber director of a lot of animes since our childhood - "his direction and supervision includes some of the most beloved animated films in Filipino including, Inuyasha, Zenki, Dog of Flanders, B’Tx, Rorouni Kenshin, Starship Operators, Capricorn, Saber Marionette, and hundreds of others.. "
asian novelas - for Meteor Garden and the latest Boys Over Flower.

and hear the voice talent of:
1. AJ- Dubber of JunPyo from BOF. (*crowd screams as he deliver a sample*)
2.Clarice (dunno the correct spelling) - could you believe the dubber of Ash in Pokemon is a girl? She was also the dubber of Tenma in School Rumble and also in Reborn. I was so amazed hearing her voicing ash!
3. Pocholo Gonzales - voicemaster, I forgot all the characters he voice sample, I remembered he voiced Kuru chan and also puppets in Bibbo hotdog commercial.
4. Sean - dubber in digimon

Huhu! I lost my video coverage of their samples (accidentally deleted, I think...) WAH!!!!!

and my photos were very far :(

I learned a lot from the experience they share in dubbing industry.
Dubbing is not that easy as I thought. They are doing about 5-6 episodes a day...
There are differences in dubbing anime and real people (asian novelas).
abs-cbn anime dubbers are really good. (^_^) somewhat close to the japanese version.
More info on creativoices.net


Dr. Tam's Vegan Haus

Buti na lang dinala kami dito ng mommy ni mike at for sure dito ko na ggustuhin tumambay sa weekend hehe at mamili ng healthy fud. Nakita ko ang pledge ng vegetarian at naku di ko kaya maging full pledge vegetarian.
No to chocolates? di ko kaya yun ;(
Pumunta pala dito ang mom ni mike dahil nabalitaan daw niya na marami ang gumagaling sa Miracle Tea at LiveGreen ni Dr. Tam.

He was also featured in Salamat Dok.
Veggie Spag
Veggie Siopao - may veggie meat sa loob
Pineapple juice at Sugar Beets Juice

Talbos ng Kamote
Veggie Meat - lasang Kikiam
They offer free health seminar. May tinda din dun tinapay and organic veggies.

Dr. Tam's Vegan Haus is located at: #433 F. Legaspi St. Maybunga, Pasig City http://www.drtam.org/


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