Baby IJ's Christening at Max

This is my first time to become a "Ninang" :)
Time flies as my nephew is almost 7 mos, a heavy little man.
We celebrated it in Max LB Centro Mall (may ganun na pala sa elbi) and the event was attended by just a few close relatives and friends. The short dedication ceremony was  held in the same place where I just observed that there were a lot of singing. (first time to attend a Christian dedication)

Some Photos:

Welcome to the Christian world :)

Later in the afternoon we went to Lucban. We visited Kamay ni Hesus, which has a lot of changes for the tourist like those huge letters where a lot of visitors were taking their photos and a canteen area. We scanned the stores of pasalubong and we bought 3 packs of Pancit Lucban 3 for P100 :)

Then we went to Buddys for dinner.

Pancit Lucban yey ;p

and ehem2x I already know how to cook this :)

My version without meat :)

Happy Weekend!


Furry Love: Soleus Run for the Aspins

Another furry love post eh?

Well, we registered for the Dog Race 2K  :)
(Technically, M and snowbell only, I just wanted to be their photographer)

Front Shirt

Back of the Shirt

Despite the weather (typhoon Lando), Soleus announced yesterday that it will push through.
We were a bit hesitant to go and thought it's ok even if we don't run, it serves as our donation.
But we thought it would still be nice to pop there for a while.
 Snowbell always love the car ride and stroll.

The assembly time was 6:30AM for our category. We were up by 4:30 and was there at 6AM.
The Foot Race already started. It was raining and a bit windy. Several dogs and their owners are already there. Snowbell met again some PART furkids. Booths were setup but then eventually they cancelled the dog race.  So we just availed our freebies and checked out the booths. 

Barkin' Bakes offered free liver muffins.
 Snowbell liked it, we just need to hand-fed her in small sizes. 
I also bought a pack of their Beefy Gnoshers at Php138. 


Soleus announced in their FB page that the event will be rescheduled. 
I'm a bit worried, I hope they will still be able to generate funds for their beneficiary - Phil Animal Rescue Team. Maybe they should accept more participants in the new schedule and I hope we still be able to join. Please join if Soleus Run for Aspins will open again the registration.

"Yay, it's okay.  I enjoyed the rain,  freebies and this bandana looks good on me!" - snowbell

Let's have more pichur2x snowbell 

Nice one

"i'm tired na ha" - snowbell


Furry Love: Pet Blessing, TeeTalk

The annual Pet fiesta in our neighborhood to celebrate the feast of St Francis of Assissi :))
This event is also celebrated around the metro. 

Cutie and cuddly chowchows :))

Snowbell was very shy haha

And another thing, our Tshirts from Tee Talk arrived.
We supported PART's campaign, good to know that they've reached their funding goals :)

"Not to hurt our humble brethren [the animals] is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission: to be of service to them whenever they require it." ~St Francis of Assisi


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