Kyochon at Megamall

Original Wings (Php149)   Garlic Butter Rice (P50)

Grilled Chicken Salad (P160)

Blueberry dressing

Plum Sparkling Tea (P70)

We finally tried Kyochon last Friday. It took us a while before we got seated and then they were not very organized in determining who comes first. One group got ahead of us :(

Anywayz, a friend told me their chicken is better than Bonchon.
And I agree, the wings were flavorful and crunchy!  However, Bonchon is more sulit.
It says in the menu small plate of Wings = 5pcs. We thought 5 pcs of wings, but it's only 2.5 wings.

My grilled chicken was also flavorful, smokey but a bit salty. The Blueberry dressing does not go well with it good thing I didn't pour it all.

Maybe next time we'll just order their chicken for takeout and then eat unlimited rice at home ;p


San Juan: Eat Fresh, Lasting Impression

When we were in San Juan last week we tried Eat Fresh Hongkong Street Food :)

Hongkong Fried Noodles 

Fried dumplings, fried siomai, fish tofu


Nai Cha

Our total bill Php389. I like the fried noodles with the peanut and soysauce and also their deep fried goodies., the fish tofu tastes like squid balls \^_^/. The tausi spareribs however was not very tasty and the Nai Cha was too sweet for our taste.

And then I checked out the craft store located just a few steps away from Eat Fresh. The physical store is not visible outside the street and the direction according to their FB page:   turn right (V.IBANEZ ST), 2nd yellow house on the left side of the street (dark brown gate). Press Doorbell “A” located on the right side of the house.

And so it feels so weird when I was waiting outside the house after I pressed the doorbell. 
A guy opened the door and led me upstairs where the store is located.

Endless of interesting items to check! Unfortunately, they don't have the items I'm looking for but I still stayed and looked around to check other items.

Me: "Ate titingin tingin lang po ako ha?" ;p

Lookie the Martha Stewart punchers! 

The rubber stamps price starts at P300

Actually, I find everything expensive except from a pack of wooden clip that only cost P50 so I got one pack (10 pcs). But if you are planning to buy from Amazon like for example those Martha Stewart punchers, you may want to check first this place because the prices are almost the same or cheaper if you will include the shipping fee in the computation.

Happy Birthday Lil Bro

A simple celebration at home for lil bro :))

Would you believe it is the first time I bought a box of JCo? (hirap kasi bumili, lagi mahaba pila)

The only one I like:
Avocado DiCaprio

His ninang's homemade puto :))

my message for you lil bro, in mala -desiderata style..

*Take care of your body while you are still young*
* Just because you can afford it, doesn't mean you have to buy it*
* Live simply*
*Turn off the TV*
*Read inspirational books*
*Be faithful to the one you choose to be with*
*Make good memories*
* Listen to your Big Sis, she already walked the path you are taking * ;p

I'll add more on your next birthday! ~^.^~


Quiznos at Robinsons Galleria

We dined here on two occassions we went to Robinsons Galleria for our movie trip. Their proximity in the cinemas makes it ideal to dine here while waiting for the screening time.

When we watched Expendables, these were our orders:

Peppercorn steak sandwich for M 
Steak, mozzarela cheese, sauteed onion, mild peppercorn sauce
the name sounds yummy though it was bland and nothing exciting about it really

Veggie Sandwich for me. I really don't mind the toasted edges, I love toasted burnt breads ;p
Now this one is good! maybe because of the vinaigrette. Crunchy veggies on crunchy bread :)
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, mozarella, cheddar, white onion, red wine vinaigrette

When we went back again to watch Rurouni Kenshin last Thursday, these were our orders:

Sisig Sandwich, wow that's new it tastes sisig on your first bite, then later on you'll realize it also taste more like Asado siopao, maybe they should add a zest of lemon and more onion.

Chicken Basil Pesto

I love everything with pesto so I am pleased that they have this on their menu, I didn't notice it immediately on our first visit. The herby pesto flavor dominates which makes this sandwich interesting. 

The price range from Php140 above and their sandwiches comes in 3 sizes. Our order was just the smallest (5") but it is already filling.

Happy weekend!



Movie: The Expendables, Rurouni Kenshin

The 3rd installment of The Expendables!!!
Hello my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger ;p

To be honest I like the 2nd movie which I blogged here 2 years ago pa pala yun.
Maybe if the new female recruit is the likes of Mila Jovovich (Resident Evil) or Kate Beckinsale (Underworld), it would have been better. This one also has a lot of drama or more like "emote" scenes. And there were lots of explosions involved.
Nevertheless, Arnold Schwarzenegger lines are still funny, Banderas got a funny character and the story line is somehow good. ok na rin.


Finally a sequel of Rurouni Kenshin! 2012 pa pala yung last that I blogged here 
And I was amazed again by how good they rendered the fighting movements of Kenshin. It looked fast yet you can still see the details. Amazing!
The only scene I don't like were Kaoru's scene, I'm really annoyed by her character ever since! lolz affected much!

This is only the Part 1 and yeah it was super duper bitin.
I can stay in the cinema to watch even if it takes 6 hours ;p
But the good news is that the Part 2 will be showing this September! how cool is that!

Part 2: Rurouni Kenshin, the Legend Ends (September 24)  \^.^/

excited much!



Healthy Inspiration: May to July Healthy Eats

My last healthy inspiration post was last April so this post is a rewind from May to July

Champorado with Almond milk

 the milk tastes a bit weird because it has a mix of coconut

Bangus Tinapa, from SM grocery

Tortang Talong

Kamote and omelet is a really good combination

My usual meals:

Black rice , Boiled Sayote and Carrots





Tinola for rainy days

Simple Salads

Avocado Shake

But because of the weather, I stopped preparing fruit shakes recently...

Bellpepper Sandwich

Egg Sandwich

Almonds, Dark Chocolate and Apple combos for afternoon treats ^_^
(This is my last bar of dark chocolate from Subic, we only bought 3 bars, should have both 12 ;p)

It is really helpful for me to document my eats for inspiration later on and to assess what I ate. Comparing this to my previous healthy inspiration post, I have few fruit intake and my salads looks like rabbit food. And I also observed that the weather affects my mood for food, my approach is just listen to my body and keep looking for healthy alternatives :)


Fridate: Izumi Curry, Guardians of the Galaxy

 Happy Friday!

We went to Podium to watch Guardians of the Galaxy :) 
I was not very excited to watch this because the trailer was very lame. 
We just feel obliged because it's a "Marvel" film. I was then surprised when M told me that it has good reviews.  

And yes, we enjoyed it very much! It was funny, witty and best of all -wholesome! There were also bits of emotional scene or is it just me who cried lolz 
In short, pampawala siya ng stress :) 
And also, we keep on playing the soundtrack ;p

We used our ePlus card, we need to reload it soon because there are lots of movies to watch for this month :)

Before that, we dined again at Izumi Curry.
M was not in the mood for spicy food so he just ordered the Chicken tonkatsu.
I am feeling sleepy that time and I thought eating a lot of rice will make me feel more tired so I just ordered salad and then we shared an order of Gyoza.

simple and good :)


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